$ 70 discount on Apple Watch Series 7 at Walmart and Amazon

This is the day of the Apple Watch deals. At Walmart and Amazon, you can get the Apple Watch Series 7, Apple’s latest smartwatch, which has a larger screen than previous generations, and charges faster. Each retailer has limited color options with GPS on board in sizes 41mm and 45mm. Usually at $ 399, you can get the blue, green or red variants (with matching case and pants colors) for $ 329 – the best price ever.

If you prefer a 45mm size box, the price drop is equally pleasant. Instead of paying $ 429, the green, red or blue aluminum 45mm watches on Walmart and Amazon cost $ 359.99 (the blue option is not strictly discounted on Amazon). Read our review of Series 7.

If you do not want to spend so much on a smartwatch, there is good news. The Apple Watch SE, a smartwatch that fits Apple’s budget, is much smarter to buy than the older Series 3 watch, and is seeing a price drop.

The 40mm GPS model is usually priced at $ 279 on Amazon and Walmart, while the multi-color variant is priced at $ 229, including aluminum case and sport band. One caveat, the color selection at Walmart is slightly better than Amazon. This price is a shame $ 10 more than its best price, which happened on Black Friday 2021. The 44mm size with GPS is also a $ 50 discount, even on Walmart and Amazon (again, the color choice is better at Walmart). It has dropped to $ 259 instead of $ 409.

Compared to the Apple Watch Series 3, which comes very close in terms of price to Apple’s lineup, the SE is faster. It has more sensors for more complete health monitoring and does not require this horrible, arduous process to update its software. Read our full review.

Apple Watch SE (40mm, GPS)

Apple’s midrange wearable, Apple Watch SE, goes one step further from the Series 3, with features and a design similar to the Last-Gen Series 6.

Apple Watch SE (44mm, GPS)

Apple’s midrange wearable, Apple Watch SE, goes one step further from the Series 3, with features and a design similar to the Last-Gen Series 6.

We highlighted this deal yesterday, but it’s coming back again if you pick up the Apple Watch today. If you buy the Beats Fit Pro from Amazon for $ 199.95 in your Apple Technology package, you will receive a $ 25 Amazon Gift Card for free. This is not price reduction – only value addition if you are in the market today.

In our review, Chris Welch called this model the “Sporty Airport Pros with the best sound”. Another quote from that review may persuade you: “These are the best earbuds made by Beats.” They provide an excellent fit with their ear pads, and they also boast excellent noise cancellation. In addition to seamlessly integrating with the iPhone, Apple Watch and more, they are also compatible with Android. Read our review.

Beats Fit Pro

Beats Fit Pro earbuds have integrated wing tips to help keep them safe during the run and workouts. They also have excellent noise cancellation, and the right amount of bass and kick in their sound will keep you motivated.

Yesterday, I released a review of Hori’s new Split Pad Pro attachment, the brilliant wired controller for the Nintendo Switch. It actually makes the pre-existing Split Pad Pro look like a big, comfortable Joy-con alternative. I do not think the connection is great value as it is priced at $ 79.99 and does not include useful features such as wired listening beyond the headphone jack.

At the end of the review I suggested that most people should get the Split Pad Pros, which usually sells for $ 59.99 (sometimes less). But you can still get the best deal on the Best bag, where you can get the translucent black set of Split Pad Pros for just $ 39.99.

Hori Nintendo Switch Split Pad Pro

The Hori Split Pad Pro is here to loosen the grip while playing on your switch. Although these controllers are slightly larger than your standard Joy-Cons, they are very ergonomic. One note: they have wireless support and no rumble and no NFC for the Amiibo.

Some other offers for you

  • Anker’s 5,000mAh USB-C Power Bank, which can be snapped on MagSafe-compatible iPhones, is priced at $ 36.54 (usually $ 55) on Amazon in a variety of colors. While you can get high-capacity batteries for that price, its unique ability to stick with the iPhone 12 or iPhone 13-Series phones may be worth buying for some (especially if you consider Apple’s expensive MagSafe battery pack).
  • JBL Clip 4 Portable Bluetooth Speaker, $ 20 off Amazon with strong IP67 protection against water and dust. Usually $ 79.95, which is $ 59.95. The speaker charges via USB-C and with its built-in carabiner clip you can easily clip it in a backpack.
  • If you do not notice, prices on graphics cards will start to fall (in the long run). While not necessarily cheap, Zotac’s RTX 3080 Ti, which usually costs $ 1,899.99, has dropped to $ 1,449.99 on Amazon. Newegg has many GPUs in stock, prices have been slashed, which is nice to see.

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