After winning his second title, will Kansas coach Bill Self compete for a third championship next season?

New Orleans – Confetti falling on his hair, a long hug on the floor with his recently widowed mother, a crowd of media who take every word he gives.

Here’s Bill Self, once on top of the game. Keep in mind everything involved in college basketball training, and you can clearly see that the self is the best. Monday proved it. You may ask about anyone in the college coaching profession; Self-name will always be included when listing those at the top of the list of best coaches. He often slot number. Occupied 1.

His No. 1-seeded Jayhawks made history Monday night with 72-69 wins over North Carolina in 1952, 1988, 2008 and now.

Self became the first Kansas coach to win several NCAA Tournament titles. Fourteen years later, Mario Salmers hit a 3-point lead over Kansas to recover from a nine-point deficit against Memphis – then won in extra time – and Self brought his team back to the summit. He did it in a vintage self-style, coached the masterpiece of the second half and did what no one else has done in a title game in the more than 80-year history of this massive event.

Kansas trailed 38-22 in the first half, and its 15-point half-time deficit (40-25) appeared to be a threat after North Carolina revealed long runs 29-13. Instead, it’s on the verge of a Kansas victory, with its hit title being recorded as the biggest comeback in game history. Jayhawks made it a well-rounded player performance; Five men for the Kansas team finished between 12 and 15 points. This is a classic self masterpiece. In the third straight game, Kansas scored more than 41 points in the second half. Adjustment, adjustment, adjustment.

He is at the pinnacle of his craft, where he has maintained a position for more than 15 years.

“I think we can all be a little over-spending and over-spending,” Self said. “Whether it’s Miami at Elite Eight or this game, I’ll never know if we’ve flipped a team script like we did in the NCAA tournament. But it’s special to win regardless. I thought it would be better. It’s better than I thought. Both.

This success comes with a stigma attached to self and Kansas. That uncertain future has the potential to affect what the self can or will do. Kansas is awaiting sentencing from the NCAA (via IARP) and sources say the damage to CBS Sports will be severe – coming soon. Judgment on Kansas is likely to occur in the future.

This is certainly preceded by the FBI scandal because the NCAA has committed five level I violations in self and his program. He guarantees suspension, and its length can be anywhere from low double digits in games to sitting in the whole season. He will fight everything and the university will definitely try to sue him, but since this is the IARP, there is no appeal process.

Kansas is likely to be banned from the post-2023 post-season.

Here is the question. Title No. 2 in hand. I win the game again. Will he choose to go above and beyond? I did not suggest that he should. I did not predict that he would. But if he decides, who can blame him? We already know from Self’s and Kansas’ own prior statements how little they care about how the NCAA handles this case. This is the opposite of a situation between a school and the NCAA – as we have seen for a long time – probably always. But that person has five level I charges against him and his program. Something catastrophic awaits Kansas later this spring.

No one knows when Self’s next game will be, but it’s safe to say he will not be training for college basketball in November, but not when he will be suspended at this point. At 59, he has a lot of training years. How does he choose to spend them?

What to do if an NBA call comes in? Jobs are changing at a higher rate in that league. Some candidates may have self-certification. He has been considered before and is respected at that level. Like many college coaches, there is a natural curiosity that lasts for many years. He should be offered a job, of course, but if he is … who says he will not take it? Or not?

Maybe it will only refuel him. The DNA of college coaches is usually to fight against the NCAA rather than reject punishment and seek success. That seems to be the most likely path. Kansas won a national title after living in Limbo for many years. A national championship is as encouraging as it sounds, especially when it comes to more uncertainty in its content. If anything helps to overcome recruitment barriers, a title will do it.

After all, if Shelf could do this under a cloud of uncertainty, what products would be waiting for Kansas to come to the other side?

It took him 14 years to win the second. He was one of 16 men who did this in his game. If it is not too late for a few years, it feels normal for him to be at this point. He is so good. It’s basically a numbers game with Self and Kansas, and he’s going to go there if he keeps it for a long time. He may have been there in 2020 when Kansas had the best team. If this epidemic never goes down, this Tuesday after the title game we talk about three-time champion Bill Self. It is very difficult to win an NCAA competition, but a coach’s self is the best. It doesn’t feel like an achievement because getting two is a natural improvement in his career – even if his boom comes with the alleged breach of rule that will turn Kansas and its immediate breach cases into one of the season’s biggest stories.

“They’re hard to get,” Self said of the national championship. “No one put pressure on me to win another, but I think I put pressure on myself knowing that this place deserves more than we won. This year, I do not know how they are. I feel about myself more than I did this year. I never felt so attached to the team. ”

Just a few weeks ago he lost his father Bill Self Sr.. Title flow combined with major life events will stimulate you to think about bigger things than training in sports. It was a special group. Ochai Agbaji grew up to be one of the best four-year-olds ever in Kansas, and his development speaks volumes about his ability to create an environment in his project. Every year is better and better.

“When you encounter things and individuals encounter things, everyone deals with nonsense,” Self said. “But I did not say a word to them about anything I experienced, but they raised me to their own position as a stumbling block. This is what makes training great, because players can learn from coaches, but coaches can certainly. Learn from players.”

He has won 763 games in his career. I would love to see him coach in his 60s at KU, but have nothing to prove to himself in college in the big picture. Winning multiple championships gives you enough to fit some more. This man has won 14 consecutive regular season championships. It will not be copied again at the power conference level. He can continue to fight the NCAA, take the suspension and endure it with obstacles and restrictions he has never had before. Has been self-employed for 19 seasons. If he sticks to it, another championship in the future could happen in a year or two. But this is not on the table in 2023.

If ever there was a window to try something different, now is the time. Maybe even last time.

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