Bob Paulsby will step down as Big 12 convention commissioner later this year

Big 12 conference commissioner Bob Powellsby led the league a decade later and announced today that he will step down as commissioner at the end of this year, defending its long-term future as one of the five major college athletic conferences. Bowlsby, a consistent, influential voice for interim athletics, will serve as Big 12’s commissioner until a new commissioner is appointed, who, at the request of the conference, will, mutually, switch to the conference’s new interim role. Bowlsby and the new commissioner deal.

“After more than 40 years of leadership roles in intercollegiate athletics, including the last 10 with Big 12, I’m reached out to college sports in general and the Big 12 in particular, especially considering the key issues that will be addressed over the next few years. There was, ”Paulsby said.

“Big 12 will soon bring in four of our new members and negotiate new rights and media rights deals. I truly believe that Big12 and our member companies are in a strong position now and looking to the future. Therefore, this is the right time for me to step down as Commissioner so that the next President of the Conference can intervene in these significant matters that come to the fore before the expiration of my employment contract. 2025 will set the stage for the future success of the Big 12.

Bowlsby was appointed commissioner in 2012, and under his supervision, Big 12 saw tremendous growth in its national brand, television exposure, distributable revenue to its member companies, and competitive success. Most recently, he guided the recruitment of four future members of the Big 12, BYU, Central Florida, Cincinnati and Houston agreed to join the conference after the 2024-25 academic year.

During his tenure, the Big 12 25 NCAA team has won national championships, including the University of Kansas men’s basketball title game win last night. The Big 12 5 NCAA team won the national championship in 2020-21, including the Baylor University men’s basketball title. Also, for four consecutive years, the Big 12 men’s basketball team has been in the final four. In football, the Big 12 has featured teams in the College Football Playoffs New Year’s Cup throughout its seven – year history. The Big 12 is home to two of the last five Heisman Trophy winners, and the only conference to feature a team in the final four and the CFP Semifinals in 2017-18 and 2018-19.

“On behalf of the Big12 Conference, I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to Commissioner Powellsby for his outstanding leadership over the past decade,” said Lawrence Scovenek, Chairman of the Big12 Board and President of the Texas University of Technology. “Bob continues to drive distributable revenue growth for conference organizations, has been strong during turbulent times in the college sports world, has led innovations in college athletics, and has worked tirelessly to ensure the stability and future of the Big 12 Conference. Bob’s leadership has contributed to their success beyond the opportunities presented to our students and their athletic experiences. .We hope the conference will continue to be better and have a brighter future.In this transition, I appreciate that Bob and the new Commissioner will continue to be a credible source for the conference in any relevant role mutually agreed upon.

The conference involves interviewing an administrative search consulting firm to assist in the comprehensive national search process for the new commissioner starting in the next few weeks.

As one of the first achievements of his tenure at the conference, Paulsby finalized a 12-year comprehensive media rights agreement with ESPN and FOX Sports, one of the most lucrative television deals in college athletics. Subsequently, he oversaw the expansion of the ESPN relationship with the 2019 launch of the Big 12 Now digital distribution platform on ESPN +, in which hundreds of additional big 12 sporting events and original programs are distributed globally each year. Paulsby was instrumental in the formation of the college football playoffs, which began in 2014-15, the first season playoffs in the history of college football. In addition, under his leadership, the Big 12 Football Championship game was relaunched in 2017.

In 2014-15, PIG introduced the “State of Collegiate Athletes” forums to explore some of the pressing issues facing college athletics. Seven events were held in cities across the country, with team members of respected experts addressing topics such as “Race and College Athletics,” “Sports on Campus,” and “Where We Are Going: The Future of College Sports.” The award-winning Big 12 Champions for Life program is another initiative of the conference, which, in its seventh year, features more than 400 students and alumni from the sporting events of its members. Athlete Scholarships on their stories of personal growth and success.

On the national stage, he served as a member of the United States Olympic Committee from 2007 to 2014, as a member of the NCAA Presidential Task Force on Federal and State Legal Issues, and testified at congressional hearings on a number of issues related to college sports. . He has served on the NCAA Men’s Basketball Committee, including chairing the 2004 San Antonio tournament and the 2005 tournament in St. Louis. He was appointed to the inaugural NCAA Division 1 Council in 2015 and served as chairman of the Football Oversight Board, which oversees all aspects of college football and reports directly to the NCAA Division 1 Council. He has held leadership positions on several NCAA Committees and Working Committees.

Prior to his role in the Big 12, Paulsby spent six years as Director of Athletics at Stanford University, having previously served as AD at Iowa University for 15 years and at North Iowa University for seven years in that role.

The National Association of Athletics Directors named Paulsby the Regional AD for 2001-02. The Sports Business Journal selected him as the Director of National Athletics this year out of four regional award winners, which celebrates the commitment and prestigious contributions made by the recipients of this prestigious award to the campuses and the surrounding communities.

“I’m proud to serve the members of the Big 12 Conference, and I’m very proud of the extraordinary coaches and extraordinary professionals in the athletics field at our conference office and our member organizations. Participate in our member sporting events,” Paulsby said. I also miss the daily conversation with student-athletes, but I welcome the opportunity to spend more time with my wife, my kids and my ten grandchildren. I continue to strive to align my professional activities with the best principles of athletics between higher education and college. Now, I look forward to the next chapters of my personal and professional activities, and in doing so, I look forward to a vibrant, highly competitive and prosperous future for the Big 12 Conference.

Report Big 12’s press inquiries to or (806) 742-2136 to Board Chairman Lawrence Scovene.

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