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We have not seen the NFC East team return as a division winner from the Philadelphia Eagles since 2001-04, and that trend will continue until next year. The Dallas Cowboys have lost enough talent without changing enough talent to fall from first place in 2022.

They may have avoided some seasonal mistakes, but Dallas made a bad decision on the wide receiver. On top of that, if the front office does not pass the premium draft exam or uses its cap space wisely ($ 15.5 million) wisely, the team’s position in the contract structure will be reversed.

Owner Jerry Jones and COO, Executive Vice President and Director of Player Staff Stephen Jones agreed to two key draft requirements, according to The Athletic. John Machoda.

“When asked this week, Stephen Jones referred to the broad receiver, the tight end and the attack line. Jerry Jones mentioned the pass rush and the attack line and the tight end,” Machoda wrote last Friday.

Let’s start with the biggest miscalculation of Dallas in the Whiteout.

According to Ian Roboport of the NFL Network, the Cowboys thought they could retain Michael Caleb and Cedric Wilson Jr. as the team planned to split with Amary Cooper:

Ian Rapoport Rob sheet

From our integrated coverage: #Cowboys believe that moving from Amary Cooper could hold FA WRs Michael Caleb and Cedric Wilson.

The Cowboys enjoyed the project. In exchange for the fifth and sixth-rounders they traded Cooper and the sixth-round pick to the Cleveland Browns and re-signed Caleb on a five-year deal worth $ 57.5 million, but Wilson signed a three-year deal. $ 22.1 million deal with Miami Dolphins.

Quarterback Dak Prescott has a goal in the CeeDee Lamb, but lost the receiver through two more than 1,100 yard campaigns and two Pro Bowl years with the Cowboys in the Cooper. Tell us what you like about his 2021 campaign, but he stepped up the team’s offensive attack immediately after the club bought him from then-Auckland Riders before the 2018 trade deadline.

In the second half of 2021, Wilson established a relationship with Prescott, creating more than 100 receiving yards at 12 and 18 weeks. Dallas number him. 3 will miss the whiteout, especially the number. Point with question mark in 2.

Gallup tore down his ACL in January, and the team brass thinks he could sit in several games to start the 2022 season:

In the current list, James Washington, who has signed for Club Free, will get a chance to fill a huge vacuum in the Whiteout. In 2019, he released a decent number with the Pittsburgh Steelers, pulling 44 passes for 735 yards and three touchdowns, while the fifth-year pro recorded 54 catches and seven touchdowns for 677 yards.

With 52.3 percent Capture rateWashington may need substantial target stock to produce due to his pass-catch incompetence, which is not ideal given Lamb’s growing into a leading role and the team’s investment in Gallup.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schifter, the Dolphins “expressed interest” in Cowboys Devante Parker before trading him for the New England Patriots:

Until the gallup returns to operation, Tight End Dalton Schultz should fill the lamp as the No. 2 option in the air attack. Dallas could probably add another pass-like tight end to insurance. Regardless, one can expect the Cowboys ’2021 second-ranked passing offense to win without Cooper and Wilson.

Perhaps the front office should have grabbed Cooper, restructured Ezekiel Elliott’s contract, overcame Tyrone Smith’s contract and saved the team $ 17.4 million. Above the hat.

The Cowboys lost a couple key players in the attack line. Left guard Connor Williams signed with the Dolphins, and the team released Loyal Collins, who had signed with Cincinnati Bengal. In 2021, two attacking linemen played 1,619 attack photos And allowed Three excuses Combined with one of Pro Football Focus.

Although Williams and Collins have struggled with penalties and the latter have missed 21 games in the last two seasons, the Cowboys have to rely on Connor McGovern and Terence Steele respectively, which is a gamble.

As a swing tackle with extensive experience on the right side, Steel has made 27 starts in two seasons, but will have to settle into full-time role. It hurts the depth behind Smith, who has missed 23 games since 2020 and at least three games in each of the last six seasons.

If Steel does not move uninterrupted full-time or Smitha continues to have injuries, Prescott will have to use his legs a little more to compensate for the trembling bass defense. On top of that, ball carriers can be seen running tight around the back and around the edge.

Adam Schifter AdamSchefter

One of the teams interested in getting WR Devande Parker before New England was the Dallas Cowboys, according to league sources. Dallas has not started adding another WR.

In addition to the key departures for the offense that amassed more points and yards last season, Dallas lost a pass-racer to Randy Gregory, who changed his mind and signed for the free agency with Denver Broncos.

Via ESPN’s EdWerter Jeff LegvoldGregory Cowboys made an exception in the contract structure.

“Gregory objected to the termination of his contract if he was fined / suspended for any drug offense or breach of the NFL’s Code of Conduct for Personal Conduct.

Because of Gregory’s suspension history, the Cowboys made the right decision to stand with language in their contract. On the other hand, they fully guaranteed Demarcus Lawrence’s new contract (three years $ 30 million), which increases the team’s need for a defensive end.

Edge-Rusher Randy Gregory

Edge-Rusher Randy GregoryTerence Williams / Associated Press

When Lawrence recorded 10.5 sacks in his 2018 Pro Bowl season, he didn’t come close to matching pass-rushing numbers. 42 quarter pressures. In 2021, he underwent leg surgery, which will cost him 10 games. Lawrence finished with three sacks and 12 presses.

Dallas approached Lawrence about the pay cut, but he refused Calvin Watkins Of Dallas Morning News. At the time, the Cowboys should have designated him a post-June 1 reduction, increasing their savings on his previous contract.

Instead of dropping the pass-rusher entering his 30-year-old season, they could have double-reduced at the defensive end within the first four rounds. If the hat space is saved, the front office will have an opportunity to pursue experienced pass-rushers (after June 1) on fair and flexible deals.

The Cowboys retained Torrance Armstrong and signed Dont Fowler Jr., who recorded 4.5 sacks. 17 pressures With the Atlanta Falcons last season. It’s a band-aid in case you need extra help.

Head coach Mike McCarthy Said After 2021 defensive player Mike Parsons led the team in sacks (13), the coaching staff will not move him to the defensive end. Pressures (47) Last season. As a result, when someone on the opposite side comes out instead of Gregory, who recorded six excuses, the Cowboys Lawrence has to jump back. 29 pressures In 2021.

The Cowboys can attach their front seven with another pass-rusher or two through a draft or free agency, but they have plenty of grounds to deal with the ball’s attack. Unless the team trusts Steel and McGovern brass in full-time starters, the Dallas offensive line and broad receiver should be on the lookout for the start of the 2022 draft, which reduces the margin of error by making a potential choice at the defensive end.

Meanwhile, in the division, Washington commanders improved at quarterback with Carson Vents, and the Eagles, from the playoff appearance, added a pass-rusher to Hassan Redick, who recorded double-digit excuses in repeated campaigns.

Cowboys league-leading scoring offenses will not be the same from the 2021 season, and their defense will need a consistent front-line pass-rusher to complete Parsons. With those pressing issues, Dallas could lose its grip on the NFC Eastern title and fight to go back to the playoffs in 2022.

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