First Call: Several storylines emerge about the safety status of the Steelers

Tuesday’s “first call” sees some potential movements in the safety position for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and moving ahead of them on the draft board could affect the available quarterbacks. We check the health of the penguins and avalanches before Tuesday night’s game.

There was plenty of activity on Monday night’s playoff film at the Eastern Conference.

Security first … and maybe second and third

NFL Network reporter Aditi Kinkopwala dropped many details about the Steelers’ security level during the weekly appearance on 93.7 The Fan.

He said the contract extension for Minkah Fitzpatrick was “very, very close to completion”. When asked by presenter Andrew Filipponi if ​​the deal would create him the highest paid defense in the league, Kinkopwala said, “I look forward to it.”

“I was told a week ago by Honey Badger that I would not need as much money as I was told,” he said at the signing ceremony for former Kansas City security tycoon Matthew. Kinkopwala said Matthew believes the idea of ​​playing for Mike Tomlin is “very attractive” and that “perhaps monetary beliefs and demands are not the same as before.”

• Regarding current Steelers free agent protection Terrell Edmunds, Kinkhabwala says he has “one more offer”. But he said he was considering and that the Steelers may not be interested in the project financially and that he still has a number of offers from other teams.

According to, the Steelers still have a salary cap of more than $ 13 million. This is the 18th place in the league.

Fitzpatrick’s extension to me of his contract is that the Steelers front office is given in any equation for its secondary. Instead of extending the Fitzpatrick – or as a barrier – there will be no signing of available securities. However, how much money they give to Fitzpatrick and how it can be spread can affect their ability to sweeten their chances of getting Matthew or retaining Edmonds.

With deep concerns over the wide receiver, the running back and the defensive line already staring me in the face, I expect the Steelers to sign on to some senior reputation senior protection, no matter how close Fitzpatrick’s wallet is before the draft weekend. Of the month.

And what about quarterbacks?

No Steelers can end a conversation without mentioning the quarterback situation, right?

Kinkopwala tweeted the schedule for the Steelers’ arrival with some draft-worthy quarterbacks.

If the Steelers are interested in drawing a quarterback as they appear, it could affect who gets an NFL trade yesterday. The New Orleans Saints – another group believed to be interested in some of the names listed above – received an additional first-round selection.

New Orleans is now number one. Will make it to the 16th and 19th (and was selected in the sixth round for 194th overall).

As compensation, the Saints numbered their opening 2022 first-rounder. Knocked out at 18, as well as compensating third-round picks (No. 101) and their seventh-rounders (No. 237). The Saints traded their 2023 first-round pick and their 2024 second-rounder. This is a big shake-up not only for this year’s draft, but for the next two cycles.

So, the Saints now have at least two choices in the 20th place ahead of the Steelers, or if they feel one of the quarterbacks is on the verge of being picked up, they can pack something to move the board up.

Atlantic activity

As post-season venues in the Atlantic Division continue to change, three potential Eastern Conference playoff teams went into action on Monday.

The two teams were playing against each other as the Toronto Maple Leafs were in Tampa Bay to play Lightning. Both clubs entered the game with 93 points, finishing second behind the Florida Panthers. Aston Mathews’ hat-trick trailed Toronto 6-2.

Matthews has scored 54 goals this season. It guides the NHL. He equaled Leafs owner record for goals in the season set by Rick Vive in 1981-82.

So the Panthers (102 points) now have a seven-point edge on the leaves. Meanwhile, the Boston Bruins finished third with 93 points at Tampa Bay Lightning (and the Bruins actually won with 44). This is because they beat the Columbus Blue Jackets 3-2 in extra time thanks to a Jake Diprusk goal.

It’s the 24th season of Dibrask.

Two way street

The Penguins are not the only ones worried about health and injuries in Tuesday night’s rematch with the Colorado avalanche.

Avs defender Bo Byram was recalled by Avs and Photo taken as the team joins the plane To Pittsburgh. The 20-year-old former suffered a concussion on November 11 in the first round selection and has not played in the NHL since January 10. He was in a conditioning job at the AHL Colorado Eagles.

The avalanche is still without injured defender Samuel Girard. According to the Colorado Hockey Now, he has been in the snow in a jersey with no red contact. And by The Athletic’s Peter Bach, “Naseem Kadri is out, but coach Jared Bedner expects him to return to the playoffs. Coach Gabriel Landescock is expected to return before the playoffs begin, and defensive midfielder Ryan Murray could also be ready.

Avalanche has the NHL’s best score with 104. They beat the Penguins 3-2 in Denver on Saturday. Jason Zucker is still missing due to Penguin injury. He He skated in a tracksuit after training Monday. Anthony Angelo, Tandon Heinen and Caspari Cabanen missed the Penguins’ training due to an undisclosed illness.

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