Game-defining match between ‘Elton Ring’ and ‘Horizon Forbidden West’

There has been a huge split in the development of open world video games. Very daily to come.

A good old-fashioned sales war is currently going on between the two top topics: Horizon Forbidden WestThe sequel Horizon Zero DawnReleased February 18, and Elton RingHidetaka Miyazaki and the long-awaited collaboration Game of Thrones Writer George R. R. Martin arrives a week later, on February 25th. Forbidden West Sold well in pre-orders and during its launch week — the third-largest release for the PlayStation 5. But sales and hype Forbidden West The runway suddenly came to a standstill against victory Elton RingThe best-selling game of the year right now is Developer From Software’s best-selling game to date, one of the first best-reviewed games of all time. Red Dead Redemption 2And the most influential game since 2017 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Forbidden West And Elton Ring Share some overhead similarities. They are both big budget, open world, action adventure RPGs set in ruined terrain. They are very different topics at the molecular level. Forbidden West, Created by Dutch studio Guerrilla Games, is a character play for all ages in which sociable characters work together to save a postcolonial civilization. Hero Alloy leads mankind’s war against mechanized dinosaurs, high-tech humans and rogue AI. He was an avid but reluctant leader, and Forbidden West A story about her quest to save humanity from a second catastrophe, it is a story about her self-empowerment and self-discovery.

On the contrary, Elton Ring A terrible, difficult and incomprehensible test. The protagonist is only known to be the silent neglected. Darnish collects runs to become the next Elton Lord and kills the angels, thereby restoring order in a strange medieval field called Lands Between. No introspection Elton Ring, Struggle only. For more than a decade, Miyazaki has earned a reputation as the director of software for exceptional difficulty in his games. ‘S greatest popularity Elton RingWith bosses breaking its controller, the system comes as a shock.

Once, the software guides a discourse on something other than easy modes and accessibility features. On the contrary, Elton Ring And Forbidden West Now represents a major conflict between the user interface (UI) and the user experience (UX). These terms include various components: Heads-up display (HUD) in the player’s main view, in-game menus, world map with its legend and various markers, and exercises for various dynamics. These systems mediate the player’s interactions with characters and terrain.

In Forbidden West, The alloy may stand in the middle of a settlement, and will lead the player to various places of interest by several lighthouses: here is a merchant selling weapons, here is a merchant selling clothes, here is the current target for the side, here is the current target for the main search. She also wears an earpiece called Focus, which illuminates curious things like the undoubted mechanical monster in her view. Aloy speaks to himself — with the player — in fact — about the clues, sources, paths, and threats in his immediate environment. In Elton Ring, No tools like Turnishth. Speed ​​travel checkpoints have a map with markers, known as the “grace sites” you’ve found so far. But about that. You leave it to your own intuition to explore the lands in between.

Different games use different tools for different effects. In the best cases – I would say Wild breath Does this well — these triggers and markers distract the player while preserving the sense of open exploration. In the worst cases – tell me, Cyberpunk 2077The “system” produces a noisy HUD, invasive stimuli, excessive exercises and countless markers. This latter approach dominates big-budget RPGs as the worlds get bigger and the sub-systems — balancing, crafting, sidelining — become more complex. It ends in general frustration with the UI and UX in modern open-world games. Forbidden WestIndicates the current state, with its dense interface and its non-stop excitation. Elton RingWith its rare interface and its stopping direction, it represents a unique challenge.

About a month ago, I worked with video game developer Ahmed Salama Horizon Zero Dawn Now working at Ubisoft, he expressed his disappointment Elton Ring. Salama tweeted (later deleted) that “#ELDENRING’s a 97 metacritic score is proof that critics did not give burning shit about Game UX”. A few industry colleagues joined him and tweeted additional complaints about search design Elton Ring And the technical performance of the game on the computer. Salamah and his colleagues soon met a hostile online force Elton Ring When denigrating other topics, mainly Horizon, But Assassin’s Creed, SkyrimAnd The Witcher. The setback generated headlines. The developers have locked up their Twitter accounts. The pile-on was ugly, but the meaning of the disagreement is still interesting to consider. I saw a truly devastating review in the form of a viral screenshot Elton Ring He tended to redesign the game with a cluttered, regular interface full of nasty game references.

But this has been a very bad and immoral discourse. Yes, it was disgusting to see a few video game developers completely unfamiliar with the general, consistent reviews of open world games. It was frustrating to see such a high-profile setback to the scattered reviews of a game that had received worldwide acclaim. Elton Ring Actually has a fair share of invasive stimuli, and Forbidden West It actually allows players to change some of the tracking features of the game; No game is the pure caricature you see in discourse. In fact, these arguments are not about the confusing graph button Elton Ring Or numerous search markers Forbidden West, Rather in the last decade usually in single player gaming.

It’s a matter of storytelling but also a matter of hope. in the beginning, Elton Ring He drops the Tornists into a remote church and trusts the player to go into the world only in the most obvious direction from the other characters. It works because the lands in between are designed to promote this open exploration style. This has nothing to do with the HUD. Rather, the interface is a reflection of the level design and story structure Elton Ring. On the other hand, Forbidden West He drops the alloy in the midst of a civilized conflict with complex political dynamics. The world is not designed for pure invention. It is designed to hold a group play about humanity recovering from its self-destruction. The world — and interfaces — are designed to emphasize these social needs.

Forbidden West With UI and UX Elton Ring I feel a bit ridiculous for the same reason Elton Ring Absurd when you exaggerate the HUD The Witcher III. So really, these arguments seem to be based on basic styles. Are we tired of blockbuster stories? Are we more open to environmental storytelling than ever before? The success of both games, both commercially and critically, suggests a bright future for both approaches – but only as long as we are honest about the merits and demerits of each.

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