Hollow Infinite Nerfs Mangler After Complaints From Pro Players

A Spartan uses a mangler and runs fast through the streets on Hollow Infinite.

Screenshot: 343 industries

Do you hear that sound? That low noise, that incessant crying? This is an Elegy The halo is infinite Fans around the world. Developer 343 Industries will soon develop the best weapon in its multiplayer shooter, fulfilling the long-standing demand of top aviators – and tying the nose to the hoi pollo’s desires.

Missing persons, New to the series Infinite, Is arguably one of the best PvP weapons in the game. The Mangler is not only a powerful gun (two body shots and one head shot gets a kill). A small blade is fitted to the barrel, aggravating its melee damage; Shoot before smashing someone, you will get a murder and you will turn that thing into an honest gun at close range. In addition, Mangler shares a response point with a relatively weak plasma pistol that reappears on the map every 30 seconds or so, making sure to play basically always.

To be continued The halo is infiniteAmazing release, Mangler sparked a heated debate. Pros hated it with a vengeance, calling on some players and teams to increase a straight nerf or at least its cooldown time. The regular players, however, lagged behind. Mangler, they said, was as fun as hell to use, wasn’t it? Mark memes (and average tweets).

“I may be in the minority here when it comes to saying I like Mangler. However, at its current level, it’s very high. Jennifer “Echidna” HallA pro Halo Player and content creator eUnitedSaid கொட்டகு. “It encourages camping and easy trade with a Shot Beat Down Mechanic, has generous ammunition, and often takes reincarnation.”

“Something has to be given,” he said Alexander “Shive” HopeA Halo Sports host and content creator. “Either they raise it to the middle tier level to turn it into a power weapon, or reduce its ammunition and availability, or they crush it.”

The developers went with the latter type. To The halo is infiniteThe second season, which will add new maps and game changes early next month, plans to reduce melee damage by 10 percent across the 343 board. A long blog post Banks and government agencies, which are timely publications, tend to issue press releases whenever they want to bury the major OBC (Friday at 6pm). Effectively, this cancels Mangler’s best offer. Right now, you can grab a mangler and kill him with a shot and a punch or something familiar Halo Following Season Two, you will need two shots and one punch – “Two-Shot Beat Down.”

“My biggest catch with the blur is one shot beat down. 343 tuning it is two shot beat down and I’m very satisfied with it being on the map,” Hall added, pointing out. The halo is infiniteOne reason why Mangler’s upcoming Mary Antoinette-ing does not seem like a shellshock.

In The halo is infinite, Dropping a weapon is somewhat, almost incomprehensibly faster, than swapping between two fitted weapons. With two body shots from your mangler you can pop the opponent’s shields, then drop it and immediately switch to your battle rifle. Currently, in high school drama, “grab this” is the meta. Upcoming changes should not elevate that strategy, Hall said. (As someone who recently liked this action: Yes.)

But in the midst of change, one weapon remains: the war gun. Yes, Almost The melee attack of each weapon is reduced by 10 percent. However, the bash of war guns remains the same. In directing the changes of Season Two, it is only explicitly stated that the melee of war guns will be the same in the 343 ranking matches, so it is not clear whether this broad reduction applies to social and non-competitive playlists as well. 343 businesses declined to comment on the story.

So the situation is twofold: the less preferred weapon among pro players gets a significant nerf. Meanwhile, oh, the Pro Player weapon of choice for two decades is as powerful as ever. It all contributes Natural sense Upcoming changes are designed in the lab to satisfy the pros. (The halo is infiniteNext Marquee Professional Event, HCS Major Kansas CityDecreases the weekend before season two begins.)

“Even when adjusting the mangler to a two-shot beat down I would say it still has an advantage in close quarters. [over the battle rifle], ”Hope said, adding that he was not a big fan of any possible change in the combat rifle outside the ranking system. “Globally, BR is in a good place and it’s challenging enough to hit two-shot that it should not be fixed in the community, but I think we can see.”

I have played Your Of The halo is infinite For the past five months, with a little more trepidation, “we’ll see.”

At first, I murmured at the idea of ​​nerfing the mangler. I’m just going to describe you as an “aggressive average” player, and I not only love Mangler, but have relied on it often. Why should a few top players decide on a broader player platform? And if one of the 343 Industries Community Playlists can be modified and left unchanged in ranking mode, why not touch the mangler on non-competitive playlists as well? Let people have their cake!

But for now, I hope 343 makes the right decisions The halo is infiniteSandbox. During a technical flight last summer, a bomb exploded using a commando — an intermediate-purpose shield — an automatic weapon to destroy. This, you have to admit, arose in an absurd manner. But for the November release Infinite, 343 kicked the commando’s kickback, which was so erratic that it could not function effectively in the close quarter battle. (PSA: Fire in controlled eruptions.) From every turn, throughout the first season Anger at expensive cosmetics To Very reasonable anger about a particular disgusting map, 343 Industries has incorporated ideas and established well-received changes. There is no reason to believe that this nerf will be different.

In other words: we will see.

A Spartan uses a rocket launcher at Behimot in Hollow Infinite.

Industries is aware that the splash damage of the 343 rocket launcher is unpredictable, but has not outlined any change.
Screenshot: 343 industries

In addition, the mangler is not the only weapon that sees a change in any way. The Raver — a small cannon that fires fireballs — is going to see an increase in its “basic” damage, though it is not yet clear how much. Throughout the beginning of the season, 343 says it will focus on the performance of three “inefficient” weapons that will look to see if they can benefit from a similar puff following Mangler’s dismissal: Commando, first-fire pulse gun (whose missiles move slowly Jared Leto in the set Morpheus), And the plasma pistol (Dear 343, please turn the subject into a headshot machine In Halo Show)

These are all baby steps The halo is infiniteA decade-long path to achieving perfect balance refers to a careful development studio that wants to make sure that each change, no matter how small, is pitch-perfect before releasing additional changes.

“I do not think this change is unreasonable. I understand some of it Halo However, players want to have fun, and the balance is worry-free, “Hope said.” Unfortunately, I think the lack of game modes, custom game options or a custom game browser is a big issue.

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