More transactions to come, The Roberts Joy, Xia Spring and other cups of bullets

I still admire the moment yesterday when I saw Ethan Roberts form the big league team. You don’t get tons of opportunities for that level of undoubted happiness – everyone can be in it – so I’ve been wearing it for a while yet.

Roberts is thrilled to learn that one of his heroes, Marcus Stroman, is about to join his first big league team:

இறுதி The final wave of pre-season transactions? The Tigers and Race joined forces in the Austin Meadows trade last night, and Johnny Quito finally (with the White Sox) signed early in the morning (which was a minor league deal). Pay him $ 4.2 million If and when in the majors). I now expect many DFA / exemption / small trading bits to relax due to the fall in finalized lists over the last few days. Bruce Levine advises that the area will last this weekend and the puppies will be active:

Cubs need to be active during this period because when most teams do not have the flexibility to create space, many quality players try to snatch them through teams. Puppies are very flexible, capable of accommodating their vision and high-flying flyers over long periods of time. It’s best not to try to add someone new to the list when the season starts, but they will only be available when they are. And some times You are a surprisingly solid multi-year player (for example, when and how did the Cubs get Louis Valpuna).

Iya Seiya Suzuki completed her first MLB Spring workout at a strong .235 / .350 / .588. I’m not referring to it because it proves his skill – it’s not – but if someone is freaking out after a couple (fake) games. None of this really means anything. We need to see how he looks on the big model against big league pitching trying to win games. I look forward to some more intermediate struggles. If the flashes of success in April and May and some basic data points go in the right direction I think it will be a success.

In the meantime, this guy will have a lot of fun:


I wonder if it speaks outside the Peltron method – you can see how the Yankees wait and want to visualize it – or if he thinks wrong.


A.L. I’m not the last to remember that there were so many great opportunities to make a debut (or effectively debut) in the same league at the same time. We already know about Lowe, Spencer Torkelson, Bobby Witt, Julio Rodriguez and Audley Ratchman and Riley Green coming in healthy. Shane Boss still qualifies as a new player. Grayson Rodriguez could reveal his debut game if the O’s didn’t stop him. Gabriel Moreno is a credible introduction to Blue Jazz. That group includes Really Top seven opportunities in the top 100 of the MLB Pipeline. This may be the case anyway, depending on the player’s deadline, but the new CBA rules on in-service (ie, you must assume that a player can net in one day. Will receive annual service time) had an impact on time. Again, I may have been too quick to sort it out.

பல Many more in their attempt to buy the Ricketts family’s Chelsea FC – This interview seems to be with Tom Ricketts, although he is not explicitly named (?), Chelsea have plans to renovate the playing field, so a lot of Rickley Field talk:

I do not understand how this process is going for the Ricketts family after the setback to the leaked racist and Islamophobic Joe Ricketts emails since 2019 or to what extent it is going to affect their chances of being the winner of the quartet. Finalists. It was briefly addressed, and then all the lectures I saw were about whether Rickets would properly spend to support the team (Rickets was not going to be the controlling owner in their group, so I had no idea how much it would actually be for them). Anyway, I’m going to keep an eye on this story, because, at some level, it’s likely to have an impact on the cubs – perhaps positively, negatively, perhaps neutral – if the Rickets team wins this auction.

Iowa Cups Baseball starts today – very soon, since the first pitch is at noon! – This is a planning anomaly associated with lockout. Keep in mind that if Brennan Davis is in a tough first game, it doesn’t matter big; But if he hits two homers, he is definitely ready for promotion and has been detained for no reason.

I missed sharing this yesterday, but it was a moment. Look at the crowd in Cincinnati after that ball:

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