Well-known analyst Ming-Chi Guo said that Apple plans to launch the second generation Airports Pro in the second half of 2022. In a tweet Today.

Although Apple has been available to buy second-generation airports since it launched its third-generation airports last year, Guo said Apple may stop the original Airports Pro when new ones are released later this year. Apple announced the Airports Pro on October 30, 2019, when they were almost two and a half years old.

Guo said demand for third-generation aircraft is “significantly weaker” than second-generation airplanes, as a result of which Apple will reduce orders for third-generation aircraft from suppliers by at least 30% in the second to third quarter of this year. .

Guo previously claimed that the second-generation Airbots Pro would have a “significantly improved” wireless chip than the H1 chip in the original Airbnb Pro. The chip enables audio-related functions such as active noise cancellation, and if this technology is improved, battery life can be improved to the extent that it takes longer to charge on a single charge. Guo also hopes that the new Airports Pro will support seamless audio on Apple Music.

Guo had previously said that the new Airports Pro charging case would emit sound to help users detect it when it goes wrong. The charging case is water resistant just like the third generation airboards charging case.

BloombergMark Kerman and Debbie Woo have previously said that Apple is testing a more compact design for the new Airbnb Pro, which will remove the stems that fall under the earbuds. If it ends up being the final design, the new Airports Pro will be similar to Apple’s Beats Studio Buds released last year.

Kurman and Wu also said that the new Airports Pro will feature motion sensors for fitness tracking capabilities with the Apple Watch.

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