Russians burn swastikas on victims’ bodies: report

Russian soldiers have raped 10-year-old girls and pulled out the tongues of Ukrainians – while at the same time burning swastikas on the bodies of the victims, Ukrainian officials said Tuesday.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has accused the United Nations Security Council of committing “grave war crimes” by the Russians after World War II and of unleashing terrorism on the Ukrainians “for their own pleasure.”

“They killed entire families – adults and children – as they tried to burn their bodies,” Zhelensky said in a video address on Tuesday. “Every day I address you on behalf of the people who cherish the memory of the dead.”

He described how Russian forces targeted civilians in their cars and on the streets and in their own homes.

“Some of them were shot in the streets, others were thrown into wells, so they died in misery. They were killed in their apartments and houses. The public was crushed by tanks while sitting in the middle of their cars in the middle of the road – to their delight,” he said.

Ukraine’s ambassador to the United Kingdom Vadim Pristiko and Ukrainian parliamentarian Lesia Vasilenko left No. 10 Downing Street on March 17, 2022.
REUTERS / Henry Nichols
The bodies of civilians killed by Russian soldiers are found in a mass grave on April 4, 2022.
Bodies of civilians killed by Russian soldiers in a mass grave on April 4, 2022.
REUTERS / Vladyslav Musiienko

He also said that militants had raped and killed Ukrainian women in the presence of their families.

“They cut off their limbs, cut their throats … their tongues were pulled out only because the invader did not listen to what they wanted to hear from them,” he said.

“This is no different from other terrorists like Dash,” Zhelensky said, using an alternative name to ISIS. “Here it is done by a member of the United Nations Security Council.”

Selensky concluded his speech with a graphic video compilation of the bodies of Ukrainian citizens in the suburbs of Kiev, Irbin and Pucha, outside of Chernihiv and the port city of Mariupol.

The chaotic scenes showed some bodies buried in mass graves, while others simply scattered on the street or fell from nearby bicycles. Some had obvious injuries, while others were burned or dismembered.

“Speaking in my national capacity, we are amazed at what we have seen and reaffirm our solidarity with Ukraine,” said Barbara Woodward, the UK’s ambassador to the UN and chair of the Security Council.

Mass grave with the bodies of civilians killed and tortured by Russian forces in Pucha.
Mass grave with bodies of civilians in the city of Pucha, who was killed and tortured by Russian forces.
REUTERS / Vladyslav Musiienko

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According to members of the Ukrainian parliament, he said
According to Ukrainian parliamentarians, “10-year-old girls” were found with “vaginal and rectal tears” after being raped, while dead women were found with “swastika-shaped burns”.
REUTERS / Marco Dijurika

Russian soldiers rape a 10-year-old girl and burn a swastika on her body.

“Russian soldiers rob, rape and kill” Lesia Vasylenko insistedUkrainian parliamentarian accused of genocide against Russia

“The children were handcuffed and shot dead. [Russian] The soldiers killed them because they could! The Kiev-based politician tweeted at the news of the massacre of hundreds in the suburbs of the capital.

Vasilenko said “10-year-old girls” were found with “vaginal and rectal tears” after the rape, and the dead women were found with “swastika-shaped burns”.

According to several sources, the children were raped and killed after the zip was tied.
According to several sources, the children were raped, zip-tied and then killed.
SERGEI SUPINSKY / AFP via Getty Images

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A brand like Swastika was discovered after the torture and murder of several Ukrainian women.
The swastika-like label was discovered after the torture and murder of several Ukrainian women.
Twitter / lesiavasylenko

Officer Shared a picture One such Nazi symbol was a scar on the flesh that emphasizes that it was found “on the tortured body of a woman who was raped and killed.”

“I do not speak. My mind is paralyzed with anger, fear and hatred, ”she said. “Russian men did this. Russian mothers raised them. A land of immoral criminals,” he wrote.

“Good” Russians burn their passports and no longer want to be called Russians. The rest are Putin’s allies. Guilty of genocide in Ukraine ” She wrote.

Evidence suggests that some of the Russian victims were still found running by vehicles after being tortured.
Evidence suggests that some of the Russian victims were found running away by vehicles after being tortured.
AP Photo / Yuri Vasilenko

The dead included another mayor of the suburbs of Kiev, this time in a hostel – the local archbishop told the Times of London that the body had been left in public and had been rigged with explosives.

Archbishop Pyotr Pavlenko said he was in a hurry to retrieve Mayor Yiri Bylikov’s body when a turnkey Russian soldier warned him, “Do not touch the body or it will explode. You will explode it.”

Another Member of Parliament, Oleksandr Yurchenko, told the UK Press that “women were raped, children were shot, and people’s bodies were ransacked.”

“We’m finding bodies,” the MP said, calling it “like a horror movie.”

In neighboring Pucha, confusing images of bodies were released on the street over the weekend, a local priest told the Telegraph, adding that there was no other option but to use mass graves, where the bodies were in black garbage bags.

“We brought people here from the streets because the dogs were trying to eat the bodies,” Father Andre said at Hollow’s store.

“It simply came to our notice then. No space in the morgue. Now a lot of relatives are looking for their family members, but we could not see a lot of faces due to injuries.

The UK newspaper reported seeing at least half a dozen civilian vehicles collided in the heavy gunfire – some soaked in blood and at least one with a large sign reading “baby” in Ukrainian.

The gruesome scenes led many Western leaders, including Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky, to denounce the atrocities as “genocide.”

However, Russia continues to refuse to attack civilians, claiming that the footage was staged by Ukraine as a campaign to intensify opposition to the Kremlin’s bloody war.

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