Tiger Woods will decide today whether to play in the Masters

Augusta National calls for rain on Tuesday as players continue their training rounds in preparation for the start of the Masters on Thursday.

But the sky is clear for this week’s big question: Will Tiger Woods play?

His wonderful answer:

“Now I feel like I’m going to play. I’m going to play nine more [practice] Holes [Wednesday]. My character is fine. ”

Woods was incredibly recovered from a catastrophic car accident in which he lost his right leg in less than 14 months – and his life – was incredibly resilient, and on Monday he attracted a huge crowd when he played nine before with the Fred pair and Justin Thomas.

There is speculation that Woods could play with his 13-year-old son Charlie in Wednesday’s Bar-Three match. If so, Charlie will undoubtedly get his swing too.

Undoubtedly, Woods and his remarkable comeback are once again the buzzword of this layered big championship:

About a month ago, Woods and the couple talked about playing golf for a few days in Florida. Then they could not join together. On Sunday night, Woods texted him: “Dude, we’ll play tomorrow at 3 p.m. See you at tea. ” The couple’s answer? “You bet.”


The couple were careful in pressing about plans for Woods’ return. They are friends, couples do not want to be the guy who always listens. So, when Fred saw a picture taken by someone of Woods walking a round at the Modelist Golf Club in Hope Sound, he did not listen.

“That’s not how we work,” the couple said. “I love him as one of my best friends, I just want to keep it that way and I do not analyze anything he does, but most of the texts are about his kids. Charlie is fit for new clubs. I’m going to Augusta, ‘—- because he loves Jedi [Justin Thomas] He and I like to play these little training rounds. That was his goal.

Then came Monday.

“He didn’t miss a lot of shots,” the couple said after their training round. “He drove it better, he’s right there now. So he’s working.


Brian Harman, who finished 12th last year, told the Tiger Masters: “Well, he’s the most influential man ever to play golf. I think everyone has learned not to count on that guy. He is incredible. We are all very interested in keeping him here.


James Fiat, a Michigan state student who graduated with a U.S. amateur win, has a memorable story about his encounter with Woods this week.

On Sunday, Piot and Aaron Jarvis, who teamed up for victory at the 2022 Latin America Amateur Championships, played nine Sundays before and took the turn. But before they can tee off, the Woods number before them. Slipped in 10.

“We were getting ready to go to 10D, and someone said, ‘Hey, Tiger has done the deed off in front of you.’ Aaron and I were like, ‘No, holy shit.’

The two played 10 as fast as they could, hoping to catch Woods in the green and join him.

“I didn’t have the courage to do that,” Piot said.

But Jarvis did.

“He ran through the trees and said, ‘Mr. Woods, Mr. Woods, do you mind if we join you?’

Woods laughed but refused, politely telling amateurs he wanted to play alone.

Piotr said Jarvis accidentally hit Woods and Katie Joe Lagawa in the green on the 17th.

“They were still green, and [Jarvis] I was down in the valley and did not see them, ”Piot said. “But he went upstairs and talked to them after the round. It was so awesome. I noticed from a little distance. I was a little scared. It was so awesome.”

Jarvis agreed.

“It was so awesome to see him play in front of me,” he said. “After the round I talked with him and Joe for 10 minutes or so and it was incredible.”

And Jarvis did not return to the heart.

“No better ‘no’ from this – or no better rejection from Tiger Woods, right?” he said.


Sunday, Bryson Decombev no. While playing at 3, Woods was walking to 17th when they met eyes, each raising a hand to simulate a long-distance high-five.

“I’m very excited to get him back,” Tsambov said. “Very hype and what creates. Also, from the shooting, driving range, we could hear the loud roar as he came out of the clubhouse until that first tee, it was so much better to see or hear.


When people first see Augusta National in person, especially after watching it on TV for many years, they are always stunned by the height changes. This is a lot more mountainous than what the Masters broadcast shows.

Not all of those waves will be easy for Woods.

“In a better world you would never want to come to this golf course again,” Lee Westwood said. “You have to be a little flattered somewhere, maybe a little shorter. It’s a long, hilly test of endurance now, and if you do not play, it’s a little harder.

“But he’s a decent guy, Tiger, so I can not imagine any problem. In a better world, if you talk to a doctor or a physio or someone who knows what they’ve talking about, they will not go to such a hilly test, but I can imagine he’s playing. .Flat path in Florida. He may have come around to his homework a few times. At some point he should have tested it, right? “


McKenzie Hughes of Canada, playing in his third Masters, when Woods played in the PNC Championship Pro-Am with his son, Woods hoped to try to play in the Masters in December.

“Now, I know he’s riding in a cart, and he wants to walk to the Augusta National, but I thought he might have in mind that it’s a beautiful way to get back,” Hughes said.

But when Hughes attended the World Golf Hall of Fame last month, he admitted he had second thoughts when he saw his new debut slump on the Woods stage.

“I thought this guy wasn’t ready to play,” Hughes said. “But he’s ready, and we’re glad to have him here.”


Other parts of the world may be surprised to see Woods reappear less than 14 months after a devastating rollover car accident.

But not Max Homa. For him, surprise is not a word.

“I wonder who else has ever lived,” said Homa, who won the Genesis Invitational in 2021, shortly before Woods’ demise. “So, no, I’m not surprised. I’m surprised. What he does on the golf course, how hard he works, is a true testament to his work ethic as we all know the stories and legends. But he just sits there and does it all. [physical therapy] Is – it must be very boring, let it be hard.

“It reminds me of the documentary ‘Muse’ with Kobe Bryant after seeing his Achilles. He takes the marble with his toes and puts it inside, he does it better than others do. I imagine the Tiger does just that, like most delegates you might be willing to do. This is really remarkable. ”


Not all of these things are on display.

Three-time big champion Patrick Harrington said, “The Tigers will not play here until they think they can win.” He did not come to shake the crowd. He is trying to win the competition. It looks like he’s going to pass it on, and if he does, he feels he can win, and it’s interesting.


Web Simpson said he has been inspired to see Woods recover from a neck injury after years of recovering from various physical ailments.

“If at any time someone asks me, ‘Can the Tigers compete?’ The answer is yes,” Simpson said. “It’s a wonderful choice within him, whether he’s injured or sick or struggling with his golf swing or whatever. So, it’s great to have the motivation to come back this week after that car accident.

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