Zada Pinkett Smith ‘does not want to get fit with Chris Rock’

Zada Pinkett Smith ‘likes’ Will Smith ‘not feeling well’ with Chris Rock, but says one source is ‘not angry’ with comedian Chris Rock after slapping comedian for joking about himself at the Oscars.

Smith slapped the comedian in the face after mocking his wife’s hair loss. Pinkett Smith spoke openly about his struggle with alopecia, which often causes bald spots.

Hobby Goldberg, governor of the Academy Awards, said yesterday that the couple was openly ‘in agreement’ that Smith was ‘over-behaving’ and ‘all about their family and children’. .

Jada Pinkett Smith ‘likes’ Will Smith ‘not healthy’ with Chris Rock, but one source says comedian ‘is not angry’ with her husband after slapping Chris Rock.

Speaking to Us Weekly, an unnamed insider said: ‘It was in the heat of the moment that he was exaggerating.

‘He knows it, she knows it. They admit that he behaved excessively.

They also accused Pinkett Smith of not being a wolfflower, or ‘one of these women to be protected’.

‘He doesn’t have to do what he did,’ they added.

The US Weekly source added that couples are more protected in their own lives and do their best to protect their loved ones. has approached a representative of Jada Pinkett-Smith for comment.

The bosses of Smith’s talent agency, the Creative Artists Agency (CAA), are divided over what to do with him following the Oscar winner’s shocking platform, according to a report.

The incident is said to have represented CAA leaders Bryan Lourd, Richard Lovett and Kevin Huvane in numerous A-list stars in the media and sports: their banking star, despite receiving the industry’s biggest award.

Smith slapped the comedian in the face as he joked about his wife's hair loss at the awards show.

Smith slapped the comedian in the face as he joked about his wife’s hair loss at the awards show.

Given the aftermath of the incident at The Daily Beast, which was denied by the agency, there was a heated debate within the agency over whether Smith should be dropped.

The debate spread last week as a leadership retreat at the luxury seaport Terrania Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, which saw about 100 agents and talented executives assemble on the property – the industry’s first major meeting since the epidemic.

Affects the agency’s decision, its previous contact with the humiliated producer Harvey Weinstein – executives are actively seeking to exclude themselves.

Lourdes is said to want to remove Smith from the CAA’s list. Lovett, meanwhile, wanted to keep Smith on board – although he appeared ‘scary’ for the entire episode and subsequent fall, insiders told the release.

It looks like Lovett took the top spot and Smith will now be with the agency.

A CAA spokesman denied any divisions in the agency’s rankings and told The Daily Beast: ‘There is no truth in that. It simply never happened. ‘

But as Smith’s future is being questioned, others do not think his life will be affected by this incident, or should be.

Speaking on The View yesterday, Hobby Goldberg said: ‘Some of Will Smith’s future plans are in question. The question is, does he have a path back – yes, of course he does.

‘He’ll be back, no worries.’

Goldberg – was the first African American to receive Academy Award nominations for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress – You must separate art from artist because if you can’t, none of us can be artists. .

Co-host Ana Navarro also weighed in on the issue and said, ‘I’m so tired of talking about it, I just want to slap myself.’

Smith’s life should not be defined by that incident because he had a career of more than 30 years where he had a very positive image, was a positive role model, he was very benevolent, he did all sorts of things. ‘ .

Speaking on The View, Hope Goldberg said: 'Some of Will Smith's future plans are in question.  The question is whether he has a way back - yes, of course he is.

Speaking on The View, Hope Goldberg said: ‘Some of Will Smith’s future plans are in question. The question is whether he has a way back – yes, of course he is.

Navarro added: ‘None of us should underestimate our worst moment. We must be determined to keep our whole lives. ‘

Following the stabbing, Goldberg insisted that Smith’s Oscar could not be snatched from him for violating the Academy’s Code of Conduct.

She defended Will’s actions and justified that ‘sometimes you behave badly’.

Goldberg added: ‘I think it’s probably a lot of things structured. I think he behaved excessively … I think he had one of those moments [God damn] That, Stop.

‘I understand, not everyone will act the way we want them to act under pressure. And he broke …

‘Sometimes you get to a point where you behave badly. I myself behaved badly at times. ‘

Smith – the exception to Rock’s jokes about his wife’s shaved head, also announced his departure from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences as a result of alopecia, saying he had ‘betrayed’ its faith.

The star, who has now won this year’s Best Actor Award for his portrayal of tennis stars Venus and Serena’s father Richard Williams in King Richard, is unlikely to be invited to announce next year’s Best Actress – a work performed in recent years. By the best actor of the previous year.

One of the academy members said: ‘Some members say he jumped the bow before being pushed. Executives are still unsure of what happened. ‘

Smith will not be able to vote for the Oscars in the future or attend special academy events, but he will still be eligible for future Oscars.

“I resign as a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and will accept any consequences that the Board deems appropriate,” he wrote in a statement.

“I have a responsibility to make sure that change takes time and that I never allow violence to precede rationality,” Smith concluded.

The academy said it would ‘continue to progress’ with disciplinary action.

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