Aventador LP 780-4 Ultimae demands your undivided attention

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Lamborghini’s last product, the V12 Pilot, produced by the automaker’s hometown of Sant’Agata Bolognese, was a landmark moment – one of the heaviest in history and responsibility.

(Lamborghini took me on a flight to Bologna, Italy, put me in a hotel, gave me some wonderful food, and freed me with the Aventador LP 780-4 Ultimae fuel in the countryside.)

Many of the supercars that are said to have been designed today were created with the causal or newly wealthy owner in mind (a team Grew exponentially during the Govt-19 period International spread). Brands like McLaren or Porsche spray the racing tradition on their consumer cars, and true enthusiasts can cut money on the most interesting models, most of which are generally safe and easy to operate. Lamborghini does the same – the best seller of the Urus brand – but it also makes the most barbaric, wild vehicles.

Makes Lamborghini cars for Lamborghini fans; For those who are willing to pay more dollars to access its DNA and any other car, the Lamborghini is no better than the automaker’s signature twelve-cylinder engine: the Aventador LP780-4 Ultimate. This is not a half-million-dollar ride for the new rich who really want to drive a car. Ultimate is like having a circus tiger. Sure, it can do amazing tricks under a stable, experienced hand, but for a second it is ready to turn your back and tear the bar from its loving master and serve it for dinner.

And like the tiger, the Ultimate is a dying species. Let’s be honest, 600 or more owners will keep this animal stuffed in their own collection. Although this is a tragedy (we are very supportive of driving dirty cars here) I do not know if I can take it for a walk in public like a regular pet.

what is that?

The Aventador LP 780-4 Ultimae was the last of a decade-old model to first hit the collective subconscious in 2011. Only 350 coupes and 250 roadsters will be created and all are already talked about, although 15 of them are currently below sea level, meeting their water grave Felicity Ace. This is the last Lamborghini to feature the Automaker’s exciting (or, depending on your ketchup) 6.5-liter “Longitudinal Posteriore” V12 combustion engine. From here, the most powerful engine you can buy from Lamborghini is the V10. It produces 780 CV (or about 770 horsepower), 10 more than what the carmaker could squeeze out for the SVJ.

That rolling engine is powered by Lamborghini’s Independent Shifting Rod 7-speed shifting system. Lamborghini claims that the ISR delivers robot gearshifts in 50 milliseconds. However, in our experience, the ISR shifts to that 7th gear at any time, suppressing revs below 4,000 and keeping the real dark gain up to the 6,000 rev mark. If you’re bored enough to avoid using paddle shifters, you probably deserve such a brilliant ride.

Ultimate reduces the weight of all types of carbon fiber bits throughout the body and increases rigidity. It weighs 1,550 kg or 3,417 lbs, and is very good for a 12-cylinder, four-wheel drive animal. It weighs 25 kg less than the Aventador S with the same weight-to-power ratio of the SVJ. It comes at 355 km / h or 222 mph (we could not even flirt with the winding roads and truck-blocked freeways around Parama and Bologna). Stability at high speeds. In addition to the four-wheel steering, the Ultimate four-wheel drive is in a permanent position – Useful on rough, hilly roads throughout the Italian countryside.

Lambo offers you four familiar drive modes – Strada, Sport, Corsa (Track) and Ego, which will be on the nose a bit. Ego mode allows owners to set up the Aventador using their own preferences for steering, suspension and traction controls. I kept it at Strada and Sport and did everything I could to be a responsible operator on the city streets.

Its aggressive styling is not eye-catching – the LP 780-4’s wide front separator and open mouth enhance aerodynamic efficiency and cooling of sensitive bits. According to the automaker, the downforce has increased by 35 percent by reducing traction.

Since it is a car designed for collectors, it should stand out in the crowd. The designers tried to identify the Ultimate a little differently from your average Aventador models. For the first time, the front hood is made of carbon fiber. This engine is displayed with a glass panel, reminiscent of the pulsating heart of the vehicle in the 90s, which is actually Lamborghini’s most famous decade. The whole thing is a little shorter, a little longer and shorter.

Image for the article The Aventador LP 780-4 Ultimae Demands Your Undivided Attention

Photo: Lamborghini

Lamborghini offers buyers 18 standard colors, and over 300 expanded libraries are available in matte and glossy tones. The cars we drove came with a unique two-tone color scheme, with darker shades in the lower half of the car. A pretty cool effect. The details on the leather seats throughout the Lamborghini Signature Y (Epsilon) car are recalled over and over again to the shape of the front end. The roof of the roadster is made of carbon fiber and must be manually removed for proper drilling in the forward facing trunk.

Image for the article The Aventador LP 780-4 Ultimae Demands Your Undivided Attention

Photo: Lamborghini

The Good

It is inaccessible. Like the Aventador before it, it is a car that takes skill, time and dedication. The afternoon I spent behind the wheel, there was not enough time to talk to it. Not just an enthusiastic car, but clean Lamborghini Interested car. You can plug any Tom, Dick or Harry into 720s or 911 and they will have time, but the brand needs geniuses to integrate with the drive style of this vehicle and really make it shine.

This is not a driver babysitting vehicle. When you climb into the driver’s seat of the Aventador, you must come right up. Blind spot is no help (even if the spots outside your window are very blind) and the back-up camera is very basic. It comes with an aged map view, which makes it very confusing to find the next steps in the roundabout. This is a car that demands your full attention in all aspects – full body and mental movement and I really appreciate it. The seat is mechanically adjusted to the millimeter, for perfect driving position, enhancing the combat-pilot feel that the Lamborghini always strives for.

Combining the rear-wheel steering with that tough, carbon fiber-less chassis, the Ultimae actually allows for curved hinges, which allows this wide boi plenty of hinges even in the corners.

The noise of the engine, well, nothing like that. Working paddle shifters provide instantaneous, naturally aspirated power to all four wheels. It’s a scream to drive, it would have been better if I had actually opened it. Ultimate is capable of accelerating from 0 to 125 mph in 9 seconds. To think that it will never sound like that again from a Lamborghini product is enough to curse modernity and embrace tradition even for the green-machine-loving driver in our press pool. If its throat disappears from the forest, we will miss something incomprehensible.

Image for the article The Aventador LP 780-4 Ultimae Demands Your Undivided Attention

Photo: Lamborghini

The Bat

It is inaccessible and you may have noticed that it is in good column. After passing three hours of heavy traffic and making my way through the narrow country roads to the castles at the top of the hill, I was drenched in sweat, trying to keep it straight and narrow (at least, short). It does not want to go through Harbin curves and country roads at 25 mph. It wants to go, go, go, go now. In true Jalopnik style, let me first tell you that I failed to keep the car in a short leash by hitting the carbon fiber splitter on unusually high curb. My drive partner removed the bottom of the front and the stealthy bridge tap. Another journalist threw the whole car into a ditch that earned it a brand new front end and these are the leaks we know of in the final wave of journalists.

It is considered a great shame that these wild animals are locked up in cold collections, often adored but seldom operated. This is not a car that should be behind the windshield … a car to admire on the road. At boogie speeds, the transmission becomes muddy and tries to keep the car in high gear and does not actually move where it should be. But really, this car really does not shine anywhere on your average Joe public roads (not legal anyway.) It’s a job. There is no way around it.

It is difficult to see the car from the outside, as it is long, wide and low, leaving every defect in the sidewalk unique to the driver. While the engine noise is fantastic and instantaneous, the road noise generated while traveling on a fixed freeway at 140 km / h creates a rotating effect that is occasionally felt more.

These are the complaints of a pedestrian driver. Such trivial scores against the Aventador will not diminish the car’s majesty. This is, as I said before, a car for a certain type of owner.


The end of the V12 does not mean that Lamborghini will lose. Fighter-jet-style supercars with hybrids or turbochargers still exist, making bold efforts to fill the remaining gaps with reduced cylinders. In fact I was incredibly blessed to drive a Huracán Evo and, honestly, it was shocking. This is a kind of delightful car that can create fans for a lifetime of the brand. But there is nothing like this car – sound, responsiveness. This kind of sophisticated barbarism is on the verge of extinction. We will not see it like that anymore.

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