Biden News Today: President mocks Obama over ‘good old days’

Obama jokingly called Biden ‘Vice President’ when he returned to the White House

After Barack Obama left his post at the White House on Tuesday, he went on to his first public appearance at the House of Commons. As Joe Biden announced changes to a health plan that would allow 200,000 uninsured Americans to qualify for the new coverage, he took part in the celebration of the Affordable Care Act, Obamacare.

Many Democrats believe the visit will benefit Mr Biden’s even higher recognition of his former employer’s democratic base. Mr Biden has recently struggled to raise his awkward position, and there are serious concerns that apathy and frustration among Democratic voters could give Republicans an opening in this year’s midterm elections. To win the by-election, Democrats have a story, and they have to “say it,” Mr Obama says.

Meanwhile, in Capitol Hill, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted 11-11 yesterday on the appointment of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court. As a result, Ms Jackson’s appointment does not preclude her from going to the Senate; He already seems to have the support of 53 senators, with Republicans Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski and Mitt Romney breaking ranks in support of him.


Secretary of Defense meets with Republican committee on border controls

Home Secretary Alejandro Myorgas held a meeting with members of the House GOP of the “Border Security Committee” on Tuesday, but Republicans were “not satisfied with the answers.”

The Border Security Caucus – after last week’s announcement that the White House would lift all Trump-era Govt restrictions on the border – was fully charged during the meeting.

Darrell Issa, a Republican from California who attended the meeting, said, “This is a tough meeting, and you should give him a lot of credit for choosing the toughest crowd and going in and listening to what they have to say.

“Nothing has really been resolved, except that he promised to provide a lot of information on the follow-up,” he said.

Texas Representative Brian Bobbin, co-chair of the meeting, said of the meeting: “We appreciate his courage in coming in, knowing that we are 100 percent opposed to him. But we were not satisfied with the answers he gave.

Marusha Muzaffar6 April 2022 05:01


Biden Govt extends student loan freeze until August 31

The United States is once again extending its epidemic suspension on federal student loan repayments, postponing the resumption date to at least August 31, the Associated Press reports.

This marks the sixth time that the deadline for payments has been extended as Joe Biden faces pressure and inflation concerns from Congress.

Prior to the extension, the embargo expired on May 1, and more than 43 million Americans will be hooked back on their debt with a total of $ 1.6 trillion in government debt.

Oliver O’Connell6 April 2022 04:45


US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin retaliates against Matt Gaetz

U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin was outraged by Republican Congressman Matt Gates ‘foreign questions, which ended in a scuffle with the Florida delegation at the end of Mr Gates’ five-minute round.

Mr Austin was due to testify at the House Armed Services Commission hearing on Capitol Hill on Tuesday on the Department of Defense’s fiscal year 2023 budget request, but Mr Gates said his time was determined to criticize the former U.S. federal command boss. U.S. security failures were caused by the Pentagon embracing the “awakening.”

In particular, Mr. Gates inquired about a lecture given by Thomas Picketti, a French economist and author at the American National Defense University, entitled “Response to China: The Case for Global Justice and Democratic Socialism.”

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Kinzinger scored against the GOP ‘kids’ in Congress

Illinois Republican Representative Adam Kinsinger called his colleagues in Congress “children” for focusing more on Disney and cultural war issues than on the “genocide” in Ukraine at the hands of Russia.

Mr Kinsinger said the “world order” was being challenged for the first time since World War II, but that his fellow Republicans were acting as a “group of children”.

Oliver O’Connell6 April 2022 03:15


Oklahoma State House voted to outlaw abortion

The Oklahoma State House voted overwhelmingly to pass a bill in the United States that would make abortion a crime punishable by up to 10 years in prison. Option to reduce breeding rights last year.

The law, which imposes a lengthy prison sentence and a fine of up to $ 100,000 on any Oklahoman who performs an abortion, was passed in the state Senate last year by a margin of 70-14 before traveling through the State House on Tuesday.

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Biden appointed the first woman to head a branch of the U.S. Army

If confirmed, she would be the first woman to head a branch of the U.S. military. Admiral Fagan served as the first deputy commander in June last year, becoming the first woman to reach the rank of four-star admiral in the Coast Guard.

Report by Gustav Glander from Washington, DC.

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The mood of Capitol Hill

Representative Dan Guildy summed up Capital Hill’s mood PoliticsSarah Ferris:

There are three types of days here. There are West Wing days, when we do some good things. There are days of the House of Cards, and that place looks like it’s collapsing. Then there are the Weep days. Today is like Weep Day. The fox bites Amy, and Fred[Abston}walksout[அப்ஸ்டன்}வெளியேறுகிறார்இதுவெறும்வயிற்றெரிச்சல்[Upston}’sleavingItjustsucks

Representative Dan Guildy

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Capitol police caught the fox attacking the legislator

U.S. Capitol Police have arrested a fox suspected of biting the leg of a U.S. Congressman.

After warning politicians and employees in Capitol Hill warned that the police had warned the “occupation fox meet”.

Graeme Massey tells one of the most unexpected stories to come out of DC today.

Here is an exclusive look at her outfit from Punchbowl News:

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Obama tells Democrats how to win by-elections

Former President Barack Obama has a simple message for Democrats who will lose a majority in the 2022 midterm elections:

“We’re got a story to tell, we have to tell it,” he told NBC News’ Peter Alexander.

The former president, who is returning to the White House for the first time since leaving the Oval Office in 2017, received applause to mark the 12th anniversary of the passage of his signed Health Care Act, the Affordable Care Act. The name Obamacare in the press.

Eric Garcia Washington, D.C.

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The White House says Russia’s financial system is close to default

Justin Vallejo latest.

Oliver O’Connell5 April 2022 23:30

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