Coachella 2022: Who can fill Kanye West’s headlining slot?

When the 2022 Coachella lineup was announced in early January, it occupied a rare, almost unprecedented place in the hierarchy of all the major official poster of the Swedish House Mafia Festival: the title size is in font, but below the line, and the specific date is not listed.

A few days later, Variety Hundreds of words have not been guessed as to what that means, and one possibility is that the editorial Kanye West – who left the Coachella line earlier in the day just before it was announced – has pulled out again. It happened exactly on Monday.

Within hours of the news that West will not be composing at the festival, which starts in 10 more days, speculation abounds as to who – if any – could fill the Sunday title slot that now opens following Harry Styles and Billy Elish. On Saturday. Variety Has been trying to figure out what’s going on for the last 24 hours (daily double hits) (Representatives for Goldenvoice and AEG Presents promoting the festival and all the artists involved declined to comment)

It is important to note that no one can pull off a title at the largest and most popular music festival in North America. Gold Standard, of course, is Beyonc 2018’s 2018 “Homecoming” collection, a visual and musical electrification that has created waves around the world.

Headliners must bring their A-game or increase bill risk by minimizing actions: In 2006, Taft Punk screened their Pyramid Show on Coachella, one of the major concert shows of the decade, but they were billed in Depeche mode. In 2019, Billy Elish established himself as a superstar on the Coachella stage; She was sixth on the bill that day.

Five realistic key names have been added as a possible alternative to the West – and there is no weekend in it, we will go ahead and remove it from the headliner list. He is immersed in the filming of his HBO series “The Idol” – he co-wrote, co-directed and starred – and his own stadium tour will not begin until July. Half the person called Abel Desfey did nothing, so scratch him off the list as a title – however, as Hits noted, it was entirely possible for him to join the Swedish House Mafia for a song or two. Eyes below …

Justin Bieber: Although he appears to be the opposite of a traditional Coachella artist, Bieber took to the festival stage with fellow Scooter Brown manager Haryana Grande in 2019 – and nothing, a lot of General Z-s grew up with him, so that’s a nostalgic factor growing there. (As General X understands, this is similar to playing headlining sets in Southby Southwest a few years ago.) While Bieber is currently on tour, there is a six-day break with the first trip. Coachella has a show for him on the second weekend, Sunday in Austin, Texas, which may be postponed, but he still has no chance. Also, Bieber’s big stage has to be pulled in half across the country, which will be a challenge for the festival – and should he be in the headlines next year?

Travis Scott: He was one of Cochlear’s leaders who was adjourned four times in 2020, but was dropped from the bill after 10 people were killed when a crowd waved toward the stage during his headline at the AstroWorld ceremony last October. Even though his agents worked to keep him on the bill, there was even a plea from the fans that holding the first concert of Scott after the tragedy at the biggest festival in North America six months later seems like a completely scary idea.

Silk Sonic: The 70s throwback duo Bruno Mars and Anderson .Bock won four Grammy Awards over the weekend and are currently one month away from their popular residence in Las Vegas. The headline was set in Coachella – a few hours drive from Vegas. However, the duo’s album is only half an hour long, and they have to fill their set from Mars or with separate lists on .pok. Villagers. However, it feels like an extension, and expanding the show – music and visuals – from the 5,200-capacity Dolby Theater in Vegas to the 125,000-capacity Coachella Festival will be a daunting task, but not impossible. (Of course, shortly after this article was published, TMZ stated that the group refused because they did not have enough time to put together the appropriate package.)

Tyler, Creator: The best, most likely and most brand option among the new names in the highly imaginative rapper play: He has just finished his North American tour, and he will bring Bill the much-needed hip-hop. Departure from the West. Even if he’s an AEG artist, it certainly doesn’t hurt. However, sources say Variety He has a chance, but wants to save himself for his own camp Flog Gnaw Festival, which traditionally takes place in the fall (in other words, he may be looking for more money).

Swedish House Mafia + Special Guests?: As discussed above, the EDM Titans are already on the bill and they know how to run a big show. However, if the music and visuals are not at the daft punk level, electronic processes like Coachella make it difficult to hold an exclusive dance-music festival – until they bring in some important guests. And what do you know: SHM has collaborated with Weekend, Sting and Die Dola Sign in recent months – and the songs featuring them are on the reformed band’s first official album, “Paradise Again”, which was first released on Coachella Weekend Friday. .

So as long as the above (or another) headliner does not appear in Kanye’s slot, this one seems more likely.

Time will tell! Variety When the situation develops it will be even more

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