Plex’s new global search is already better than Google’s

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Welcome to Plex’s tracking list of the best new beta feature.
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If I want to see something, I do not know where to start. Am I getting off the TV and looking for something using the remote? Or wipe my phone and find it in my apps folder? But what if there is a third way?

Plex hopes you will pick it up System For these important career decisions, especially if you already use the app to maintain a home media server. The company has introduced a beta feature called Discover. This is basically a new landing page that includes a global search tool that complicates the sheer number of streaming services available for viewing. There is also a new watch list and popular feeds that allow you to bookmark things to see later.

After a few minutes with that, I can already say, I’m looking for new offers on Plex. I tried the new Plex Beta Discover feature on my Android mobile It On my Google TV. It reminds me of a similar feature found on Google TV, however it is not compatible with the specification. I’ll leave it at that for a while to see why.

First, let’s chat about using new beta features in Plex.

How to use the new features of Plex

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I searched my favorite TV show on Plex’s global search, which brought up torn DVDs in my personal Plex library and all the places where I could stream it.
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To access the latest beta features in the Android app, make sure your Plex apps are up to date. Once started, you should see a message asking you to select a beta. Then, you will be asked to select your streaming services so that they are in the search results. This area does not even require your login credentials.

When you return to the homepage, sign in Find out You can access the tab in the overflow menu by tapping the three-line and icon in the top left corner. (In the TV app, this is behind the same menu.) This is where you can find trending trailers, your watchlist and trending content on the services you subscribe to. When you are ready to search, tap the icon above to get started.

I was impressed by the number of services in search of Plex. It can be found on any of the big-name apps like Apple TV +, Disney +, HPO Max, Hulu, Netflix, Paramount + and free Pluto TV, providing content as needed. Flex allows you to add search results from a number of major streaming services, including Curiosity Stream and Lifetime Movie Club, which focus on documentaries. . You can also include YouTube in your search results, but not YouTube TV that provides content and DVRs as needed. To see if you have access to the series, you must manually check there.

Plex’s watch list is important for keeping track of your favorites. This feature will appear as a small bookmark icon under each heading, and you can use it to flag shows and movies as they stream on the sites. When you feel nostalgic, you can select a topic from the list to see which services it offers. If it’s already in your home Flex library, Apps will show it first.

Screenshot of tracking list on Plex

Your Flex Watchlist includes all the shows and movies you have tabs across streaming services.
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As I mentioned earlier, Discover Feed incorporates more trending trailers, with recommendations for what’s on the deck in movie trailers and other streaming services above sprinkled in the rest of the feed. The goal is to make Plex your news feed of coming to different places and being popular.

Tap on it to watch the trailer, and when the movie or TV series is finally available, the apps will prompt you to add it to your watchlist to indicate another reason to return to Plex. That’s exactly it Plex’s strategy, these seemingly simple new skills.

Reliable source

Fortunately, the global search and watchlist does not require a $ 5 / month Flex Pass, considering Flex’s premium subscription offer, such as competing applications Pay a little attention Do the same for free.

Since most of my TVs and my smart home are integrated with the Google ecosystem, I have repeatedly tried to use a similar feature of Google TV to control my watchlist. But it does not include search for all services, especially Netflix or some of the key applications I mentioned earlier. It does not include the results of my long-running Flex library, which is full of torn versions of every movie and TV series I’ve ever had on DVD. I am a betting user to follow this feature of Plex precisely.

Flex hopes that these new capabilities will attract more and more people to go into use before they see anything. That’s the same goal that Google has Google TV Watch List, Is to prevent users from leaving the environment. Plex ‘approach includes other services a little more, however it is self-defense.

“You’re going to open Plex every day,” said Jason Williams, Plex ‘senior production and design director. Protocol Company confidence for these new features. “It will be your reliable source.”

Streaming Wars has changed a bit in strategy now, everyone has got a service with unique offers, and it’s about keeping users in one app to maintain engagement. With this new watchlist feature, Plex can retain even the slightest bit of accumulation over the years.

Application Started As manager of a self-maintained home media library, but the company has been making improvements in recent years to branch out into the mainstream. It adds free media and offers to keep watching and listening Live programming Similar to Pluto TV.

Global search and tracking list features are currently in beta. They are available through the Flex app on your smartphone, smart TV, streaming dongle and set-top box. Plex told Protocol that it plans to open up global search and discovery capabilities to developers.

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