Samsung’s 2022 TV series is suitable for everyone

While Samsung has re-announced all of its new 2022 TVs at CES, so far we have not been able to watch them live due to the epidemic. While Samsung has not brought all of its more than 30 new sets to its flagship store in New York, there is a lot I have seen about Samsung’s latest big screen lineup.

At the center of Samsung’s portfolio is undoubtedly the new QN900B, the core of the company’s Neo QLED 8K family. In 2022, Samsung added 14-bit HDR mapping (from 12-bit mapping on last year’s models) to enhance image detail in bright and dark displays. Combined with that sheer 7,680 x 4,320 resolution, the TV looks very sharp.

The QN900B’s high peak brightness and 8K resolution provide super sharp details in virtually any light conditions.

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But the most promising updates could be the changes Samsung has made behind the scenes, including an updated neural quantum processor, the company says, which could analyze the content displayed to further improve image quality. In terms of audio, the QN900B gets the new 90W 6.2.4 channel speaker system with Dolby Atmos Object Tracking Sound Pro. This allows the TV to adjust the sounds and voices based on where it appears on the screen, which adds an extra level of immersion.

As a camera, I’d love to get an HDMI 2.1 port that supports the QN900B (with 4K QN95B and QN90B) upgrades in Samsung’s gaming hub, with enhanced support for game streaming services such as Google Stadia and NVIDIA GeForce Now. Rates up to 144Hz (from 120Hz). Meanwhile, all new Samsung TVs on the Q80B and above will come standard with four HDMI 2.1 ports that support 120Hz input. That means you do not need to constantly mess with your cables to ensure that you get the best picture quality for the gaming PCs you have connected to your Xbox Series X, PS5 or TV. This is a great quality of life compared to my two year old TV which only has a single port that supports 120 Hz inputs.

I would also like to mention the design of the QN900B, which has practically no bezels. Especially with its slim base, the TV really gives the impression that the whole thing is floating in the middle. The sides of Samsung TV’s bezels have been replaced with a brushed metal finish and patterned cut-outs. Unfortunately, the smallest 65-inch model starts at $ 5,000, and Samsung’s latest 8K TVs are not cheap. Fortunately, if you do not care about 8K (which is quite understandable), Samsung’s Neo QLED 4K QN85B 55-inch model starts at just $ 1,500.

The Tee S95B is Samsung's first new OLED TV in almost a decade
The S95B features Quantum Dot technology and is Samsung’s first new OLED TV in almost a decade.

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However, I think the S95B (which starts at $ 2,200 for the 55-inch model) will be Samsung’s most interesting TV for 2022. Not only is it the company’s first new OLED TV in almost a decade, it also features quantum dot technology and new features. The sub-pixel structure offers some truly impressive colors. Unlike traditional OLED displays, Samsung removes the traditional white sub-pixel and uses blue sub-pixels as the main source of light instead. When combined with the same neural quantum processor used in the QN900B, the S95B delivers better brightness without washing out colors or reducing saturation than traditional OLEDs. Honestly, the richness and vibrancy of this scene lowers the jaw, and I stopped in my tracks when I first crossed it.

Now, it’s important to remember that the S95B is not yet as bright as Samsung’s QLED sets, so for those who watch TV in a room with lots of windows or tons of ambient light, the 4K QN90B is just as good. desire. The S95B (which starts at $ 2,199.99 for the 55-inch model) gets four HDMI ports that support 120Hz inputs, sizing at just 65 inches compared to 85 inches on most Samsung QLED sets.

The big upgrade for the 2022 frame is a new matte, anti-reflective finish.
With the new matte finish of the 2022 frame, the Art Mode of the TV will be very much alive.

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Finally, when it comes to Samsung’s frame TVs (which start at $ 1,000 for the 43-inch model), the big change for 2022 is a new matte finish that minimizes reflection. You did not see it. For me, the matte finish gave the brush strokes an extra level of texture, resulting in a more vibrant look. The anti-reflective coating slightly reduces the amount of light coming through the windshield of the TV because there is one drawback. Fortunately, Samsung easily adjusted the overall brightness of the 2022 frame by increasing the Art Mode and content display.

Here is a comparison showing the difference between the anti-reflective coating on last year's model in the 2022 frame (left).
Here is a comparison of the 2022 frame (left) anti-reflective coating showing its effect when it shines (right) with last year’s model (right). Notice how the glare is less in the new frame.

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But, after looking at Samsung’s new TV series, I feel that there is more choice than before when choosing your right package. If you want a super high-res TV with excellent brightness that looks beautiful even in bright rooms with lots of windows, the QN900B is for you. Alternatively, if you prefer brilliant colors and deep ink blacks, the S95B represents a welcome return to the Samsung OLED TV space, a market dominated by its cross-country rival LG in recent years. If you want a TV with a very modest design that blends well with your decor, there is a frame and its enhanced matte finish.

All of Samsung’s new 2022 TVs are available for pre-order today, and devices are expected to begin shipping later this month.

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