‘The Northman’ First Reactions: The Robert Eckers Movie Knorley Epic

Robert Eckers’ $ 90 million Viking revenge epic has officially become an amazing factor, according to initial reactions from journalists.

Robert Ackers has done it again with “The Northman”.

The writer-director’s third film behind “The Witch” and “The Lighthouse” tells the Viking revenge story based on the same Scandinavian folktale that inspired Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”.

The star-studded cast, including Alexander Scorskard, Ethan Hawke, Nicole Kidman, Anya Taylor-Joy, Willem Duffo, Ralph Inesan and Beijing – and the 87-day tough production maneuvered “The Northman”. Before its release.

David Ehlrich is IndieWire’s chief film critic Wrote“What you need to know about The Northman is the $ 90 million Viking revenge movie directed by Robert Ackers. Every moment of it feels like a $ 90 million Viking revenge movie directed by Robert Ackers.”

Kate Erbland, executive director of The Indiewire film, says that the film flips a startling routine between “hell yes” and “oh no”, while Ryan Latancio, the assistant executive editor, felt that the film did not push enough things (“still needed” incest “).

Journalist Jack King, whose work appeared on GQ and Vulture, Noted, “It is a shame that Northman has been mistreated criminally. Formally bold but welcome; Easy to follow but, simply, guided tour. Five big stars. Bezork! “

Unilat Entertainment Editor Cameron Froo said “The Northman” is an “incredible” movie. Tweets, “Like falling on your knees, ‘How did they do this?’ Good. ” The breathtaking blockbuster movie “deserves a big hit.”

Rolling Stone’s senior critic David Fear compared “The Northman” to Frank Frosetta’s painting. “I give it 5/5 Caving Crows,” he said Has tweeted that.

Variety Reporter Domris Laughly Added The film is a “stunning dance set” and “scary in a way I still can not fully believe”. The movie “Not without its setbacks”, “Northman” is still “a kind of movie that still feels like a miracle today”.

Eric Davis of Fondango Wrote, “Robert Ackers’ ‘The Northman’ Provocative Organ & Super Transfixing. You certainly can’t take your eyes off this blood-soaked revenge story. Alexander Scorskard is a beast & a beast. Nicole Kidman has two scenes that inspired me. Brave & the devil. “

Scorskard seems to have endured the “begging and being dragged” settlement for his “hard work”.

Earlier, Academy Award-winning director Alfonso Crohn praised the film as “too complex”, giving audiences an “almost intoxicating feeling”. “You’re there, you breathe with those actors,” Cron told The New Yorker in a profile of Acres’ practical and historically accurate filmmaking techniques.

See below for more critics’ reactions.

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