‘This Is Us’ Recap: Season 6, Episode 11 – ‘Saturday in the Park’

The good news: this week This is us, Little Jack I (maybe you) did not pick up a dumbbell on the fiery backyard smoker as I feared.

The bad news: he Will do An injury can occur Includes excessive screaming, crying and going to the emergency room for stitches. It’s hard to see how his parents ’marriage is going to recover from this incident and everything around it.

Read the highlights of “Saturday Park”.

A trick turns into a flood | The episode begins with little Jack in bed, who hears Kate fighting with his parents about putting his name to a new job at his school. They immediately drop the argument as soon as they realize Jack is awake, and the three of them wear happy faces as they walk into the park. Along the way, Kate sings some very useful alternative lines to Chicago’s “Saturday in the Park,” which helps Jack get to their neighborhood page. When he’s on the swing, Kate and Toby push him away and laugh, everything is (temporarily) fine with the Damon family. (Side note: Um, where’s Hayley?)

But when we see everyone getting ready for Miguel and Rebecca’s 10th anniversary barbecue in place of Toby and Kate, the joy is only a link. Things between Kate and Toby are so tense, and everyone knows what’s going on. When Randall and Beth arrive, Kate hugs her brother and starts crying. After she calms down, she asks him to take Kevin – he’s going to his own house soon, but in the meantime drives Toby crazy – and takes him out of the house for a while so everyone is quiet.

The ceiling in the kitchen starts to leak again, reminding you of what Toby handled a while ago. Miguel goes home to shut off the water. Kate and Toby scold each other. Rebecca, frustrated that no one is allowing her to do anything more important, takes Jack into his bedroom to put on his shoes.

In the boy’s room, Jack tells her he wears his rain shoes to the park on Saturdays. (It’s important information later.) He also says he’s sad because “Mom and Dad are so crazy.” Lord, this kid is a nice little actor! Meanwhile, Beth brought a coconut drink to Toby in the backyard, which for a long distance was hard for him and Randall, but they ended up doing it. “The difference is, you moved for him, Beth,” Toby says, standing up to the smoker. She says he did it for her and her work… and he ends her marriage and she can not deny it.

Madison moves | Kevin and Randall go to pick up the twins, but since they’re two hours early, Madison is going to take the kids to music class. So the guys stick around to talk to Elijah. When Kevin goes looking for him at home, he finds himself wandering around Madison’s jewelry box and holding a ring size: yes, he wants to propose.

The news makes Kevin feel “no good” so Randall tells him that they will wander around until ideas of tremendous romantic gestures disappear from his brain.

Eventually, when Madison finds out he’s excited about the prospect of marrying Elijah (she’s sure he’s going to ask soon), he finds Kevin happy for her. He promises that their relationship as parents of the twins will be very long and that he will be with her as long as he needs her.

this-is-us-recap-season-6-episode-11Jack is not the planned anniversary | Let’s stop here for a moment and go back to the flashback, which is the period when The Big Three was 6 years old. It’s Jack and Rebecca’s anniversary, and they are going to have a fancy dinner while a babysitter stays with the kids. Rebecca is amazed at the idea of ​​dressing up and enjoying elaborate cocktails; Jack is more interested in the sex they make each year when they come home and the kids are asleep.

Alas, Rebecca, before inviting the babysitter to the restaurant, consumes only three drinks that are ridiculously named: because the children do not like it, Kate calls her “Chatty Kathy” and locks them in the bathroom until they are seated. Mom and Dad rush to Pearson’s house; She is drunk and stupid and he is not happy with the behavior of the children. But when Kevin and Randall explain that they guarded the gate, everything is forgiven.

Later, Rebecca relaxes, and when the children fall asleep in bed between her and Jack, she is satisfied. “This is an important moment, Jack,” he whispers, quoting how their children rallied against someone who hurt one of them. “I could not ask for the best gift.”

this-is-us-recap-season-6-episode-11Very close call | Okay, Damon back home. The leak breaks through the ceiling of the bedroom and sends everyone there to minimize damage. In confusion, Toby puts Jack in his room, but is not careful to make sure the grip of his mouth is completely closed – which Kate scolded him for earlier in the episode. When the plumber arrived, Kate did not lock the front door behind him, which would prove to be a big mistake in a moment.

Little Jack pulls up his colossus and picks up his cane and walks out into the park, while the adults are all occupied. He sings to himself “Saturday in the park” as he goes, and he does a great job, but is still lucky to have been able to cross the two-way road without something terrible happening.

Back home, everyone realizes that Jack is gone, and the place is terribly inhabited. Kate, Toby, Miguel, Rebecca and Beth frantically search the neighborhood for space. Eventually, Rebecca realizes that Jake has changed his sneakers for his rain shoes, and screams that he might have headed for the park. When Kate calls the police, Rebecca runs after her grandson.

She got there after Jake fell, which caused an injury to his hair – as his fianc மனைவிe Lucy mentioned in the flash-forward earlier this season. Rebecca comforts the boy by comforting him and sighs with gratitude that he is well.

Do not underestimate the words Kate and Toby | After going to the emergency room, Kate and Toby brought their son home and put him to bed. Then, go outside and fight. She cries when she sees that the cat does not hear the click noise. He confronts her that she has opened the door. The argument turns into big issues over how each of them thinks about Jack’s blindness. “Everything you’ve seen so far is his limitations,” says Kate, and Toby begins to move away from the family as soon as it becomes clear that Jack’s condition is not reversible. Toby, angry, says he can’t see Kate Anything The limitations of their son, it is irresponsible.

“I’m the only parent in this family, period,” Kate spat. “It simply came to our notice then. That’s what you need! ” Toby throws back.

This time, Kevin and Randall are back in the hospital and engaged in front yard operations. Kevin tells his nephew to take a backup of “see how you talk to her”. Randall tells Toby to stop doing what he does. Toby looks at the Big Three and smiles bitterly. “There it is. It’s the right way, as it always has been,” he says.

Fall | Toby goes inside, sits on Jack’s bed, and cries as HAIM’s “Hallelujah” soundtrack. Outside, Kate told Kevin and Randall the reason why Jack just went to the park was “Mom and Dad are happy there”. OOF. “I do not know if Toby and I are going to do that,” Kate admitted, weeping as her brothers held her hands.

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