Total wins predicted for each team

The MLB season starts on Thursday. With just a few days to go before the start of the season, this is the last chance to earn the full amount of season success at BetMGM. oddsmakers have released scheduled winnings for each MLB group, and you can put your money down if you think they are disabled.

How do oddsmakers view this season’s shake-up? What do they expect from your favorite team? Let’s look at the total success planned for each team from the Dodgers to the Orioles.

Their own league

Los Angeles Dodgers (98.5 wins): Last season, the Dodgers did not win their division, but they finished with 106 wins. In the epidemic-brief 2020 season, before winning the World Series, the Dodgers won 43 of the 60 regular season games (116-win pace in the 162-game season). In 2019, the Dodgers won 106 games. Winning games in the regular season is a foretaste of this team.

The Dodgers are predicted to be the best team in the MLB. (Ronald Martinez / Getty Images)

The Dodgers have added Freddie Freeman and Craig Kimble. They have the whole season of Tree Turner. They expect better seasons from Cody Bellinger and Mookie Bets. As a result, Los Angeles has a total of 98.5 wins, six more wins than any other team in baseball.

Other leading teams

Houston Astros (92.5 wins): Last season, the Astros won 95 games. Justin Verlander is back this season, but Carlos Correa is gone.

Toronto Blue Jays (92.5 wins): In 2021, Blue Jays won 91 games. Their young embryo continues to grow. They replace Robbie Ray, Steven Mats and Marcus Semyon with Kevin Cousman, UC Kikuchi and Matt Chapman. Unvaccinated players will not be allowed to go to Toronto, is that good enough to push Toronto over 92.5 wins?

Chicago White Socks (92.5 wins): The White Sox are coming off a 93-win season, and they are just another young team growing up. They lost Carlos Roden to Free-Agency and Lance Lynn fell down with an injury so their spin will be tested early on.

Atlanta Braves (91.5 wins): The Braves are the current champions, but they won just 88 games last year. Ronald Aguna has not started the season yet. Freddie Freeman left, but was replaced by Matt Olson.

New York Yankees (91.5 wins): The Yankees won 92 games last season, but their division is strong and they haven’t done much to improve over the winter. Can the Yankees continue?

Tampa Bay Race (90.5 wins): Tampa Bay won 100 games in 2021, but they have traded some key players like Austin Meadows and Joey Wendt. However, they always seem to find a way to build players who are nowhere to be found and win games.

Playoff rivals

Milwaukee Brewers (89.5 wins): With Corbyn Burns, Brandon Woodruff and Freddie Perralda, Milwaukee has the best spin in baseball. They come from a 95-win season, so 89.5 wins looks impressive.

New York Mets (88.5 wins): Some teams were as active as the Mets in the off-season, but Jacob Dicrom is already injured. Are the Mets rivals or will they be disappointed again?

San Diego Patres (88.5 wins): Expectations were high for the Patrice team in 2021, but they were too low to meet them and missed the playoffs with just 79 wins. Without Fernando Toddis at the start of the year, could they have progressed?

Philadelphia Phyllis (86.5 wins): Nick Castellanos is a great addition, and can do the Billies rack this season. Will their defense and pitch be enough to get 86.5 wins after last year’s 82-win season?

Boston Red Sox (85.5 wins): No one expected much from Boston in 2021, but they won 92 games and advanced beyond the Yankees. Some setback is expected from Boston despite the addition of Trevor Story.

San Francisco Giants (85.5 wins): Speaking of setbacks, no one believed last season that the Giants were the real deal. They finished the season with 107 wins, but the odds are they will miss at least 20 games this season compared to the past.

Los Angeles Angels (84.5 wins): Mike Trout and Shoaib Ohtani are among the MVP favorites, but is this list enough to make a dent in the rest? They won just 77 games last year, but Trout missed most of the season.

Seattle Mariners (84.5 wins): Seattle won 90 games in 2021 and almost entered the playoffs. The Mariners added Robbie Ray, Adam Frasier, Eugenio Suarez and Jesse Winger this winter. Youngsters Jord Kelenick, Julio Rodriguez and Logan Gilbert are also expected to play major roles.

St. Louis Cardinals (84.5 wins): The Cardinals haven’t done much this season, but they come from a 90-win season and play where most people consider the weak NL Central.

Minnesota doubles (81.5 wins): 2021 will be a bad year for the duo as they have won just 73 games on their way to last place at AL Central. They added Sony Gray, Carlos Correa and Gary Sanchez to the off-season. Looks like a good bet for the duo to recover in 2022.

Neutral teams

Detroit Tigers (77.5 wins): Detroit won 20 games in 2021 as a young, upbeat team. The Tigers added Xavi Base and Austin Meadows to the offseason. Spencer Dorkelson, who had the best chance, was named in the squad. Riley Green is also expected to rise when he returns from injury. Can the team continue to grow and progress better than last year?

Cleveland Guardians (76.5 wins): The Guardians are one of the lowest paid people in baseball, but they have a decent cycle and an MVP-candidate in Jose Ramirez. Is this enough to make them compete in a category with question marks?

Miami Marlins (76.5 wins): Miami is quietly one of the best starting cycles in baseball, especially when the Sixth Sanchez returns. However, Marlins’ line-up is not threatening and this year the NL East looks tough. Miami won just 67 games in 2021, which means I need 10-wins more than the total.

Kansas City Royals (74.5 wins): The Royals finished 2021 with 74 wins and had a quiet season. The team and the Royals are hopeful that Bobby Witt Jr. will lead an improved squad in 2022 with Adalberto Montesi’s healthy season.

Chicago Cubs (74.5 wins): Chris Bryant, Xavi Pace and Anthony Risso have all disappeared, and this is a new era in Chicago. Seiya Suzuki, 27, of Japan, was bought and is currently the winner of the NL Rookie of the Year award.

Texas Rangers (74.5 wins): The Rangers spent a lot of money bringing in Corey Caesar and Marcus Semyon, which helped lift their overall tally to 74.5. Texas won 2021 in just 60 games.

Cincinnati Reds (73.5 wins): Cincinnati won 83 games in 2021, but split with Nick Castellanos, Eugenio Suarez, Jesse Winger, Sonny Gray and Tucker Bornhardt.

Planned bad teams

Washington Nationals (70.5 wins): When Tree Turner and Max Scherzer traded to Los Angeles, the Nationals unofficially began their restructuring within the trade deadline. The Nationals have won 65 games in 2021, and although they may not be as bad as some other teams, it could be a struggle in the competitive NL East.

Colorado Rockies (69.5 wins): The Rockies basically replaced Trevor Story with Chris Bryant. Colorado won 74 games in 2021, but odds predict the 2022 season will be even worse for the Rockies.

Auckland Athletics (68.5 wins): The athlete won 86 games in 2022 and then split with Matt Olsen, Matt Chapman, Starling Marte, Chris Posit and Sean Manea. Yes, success is not the goal here.

Arizona Diamondboxes (66.5 wins): In 2021 Arizona won 52 games. Do you expect a 15-game upgrade in this group?

Pittsburgh Pirates (64.5 wins): Pittsburgh won 61 games last year and its fans will have to wait to see the best prospect Onil Cruz. Cruise is +425 to win this year’s NL Rookie, the second best chance, even as he starts the season in Triple-A.

Baltimore Orioles (62.5 wins): Baltimore lost 110 games last year, and AL East is only the best and most competitive. Do we think this team will progress in 11 games?

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