UK basketball and starting rankings forecast for early 2022-23

With the 2021-22 college basketball season coming to an end on Monday night, now the “Way to Early” ranking season, many believe the Kentucky Wild Gates will be in good shape next season.

After appearing to St. Peters and on the list of many uncertainties, the Big Blue Nation needs some positivity.

So, let’s take a look at where some outlets have rated Kentucky and what they have to say, and some predictions in the starting lineup for next season.

Today College Hoops (John Rothstein): no. 1

Scheduled Start 5:

G. Zahveer Wheeler
G. Shadow Sharp
G. Chris Livingston
F Keon Brooks (entry at the beginning of the NBA Draft)
C Oscar Shipway
Scheduled Bench: Jacob Toppin, C.J. Frederick, Timian Collins, Price Hopkins, Lance Wear, Kazan Wallace
Key Losses: Tidy Washington, Glenn Grady, Davian Minds
Top Newcomers: Shadon Sharp, Chris Livingston, Kazan Wallace

The project is a great opportunity for Kentucky to become the best player of the year at the Oscars in Deshipway, No. 1 in the 2023 NBA Draft Exam at Shaden Sharpe, and Sahvir Wheeler, Keion Brooks and the most influential seniors Jacob Toppin, and the most profound if part of Kazan Wallace. .

Sports News: No. 1

If Oscar Shipway, the best sporting news player of the year, does not return for another season, the Wildgates will not be here when this list is released in the fall. He has won enough trophies that he has nothing to prove as a personal college player, but he may want to win the NCAA tournament game before he leaves, and he may have money in the NIL category. And he is unlikely to be selected in the first round.

It would be wise for Tshiebwe to enter the draft to get the best possible information, which seems almost certain, but he may come back. Wildgates has recruited two of the top-10 wings in the 2022 recruitment class, to get the most out of this year’s new students, Price Hopkins and Dimian Collins, and to have point guard Zaheer Wheeler responsible for the offense.

With just a few more opportunities gathered from the transfer portal, there will be enough here to make disgruntled Kentucky fans forget about St. Peter’s.

Game Chart: Number. 2

The biggest looming draft decision, which could realistically go both ways in Lexington, is for Wiz Oscar Shipway to decide whether to revisit after a record-breaking season with the Wild Gates. No matter how good Tshiebwe is, his potential for NBA purposes is limited, and if he stays in Kentucky he will have the potential to make huge money in the name, figure and figure era. Join him as a senior point guard at Sahvir Wheeler and next to the elite recruitment class that looks set to mount to Shadon Sharp and Kentucky 22-23 in the 2022 draft opportunity.

24/7 Game: No. 2

Scheduled Start Sequence: Zaheer Wheeler, Kazan Wallace, Chris Livingston, Keane Brooks, Oscar Shipway

247 Sports Combined Class Rankings: No. 25

The return of this year’s national player, Shipway, is a big key to this ranking, although the Wildgates seem to be in the running for the portal to transfer big men. Brooks has been testing the NBA draft water, and Shadon Sharp, we did not include a talented bracelet because he is a top 10 pick. Wallace and Livingston’s five – star opportunities and commitment to Wallace’s defense are immediately welcome. Is it enough to shoot outside at this time? If it’s an interesting question to insert Jacob Topp in the fourth in that line, it’s too soon to worry about something like that.

CBS Sports: No. 3

The Wildgates rankings are based on CBS Sports returning to school with National Player of the Year Oscar Shipway, along with fellow starters Zaheer Wheeler and Keon Brooks. For now, I suggest that 5-star Guardian Shadon Sharp will enter the NBA draft and he will be a top-10 pick – but if Sharp decides to play in England next season, he could switch to John Calibari’s Wildcats No. 1. .

ESPN: No. 7

If the Oscars return to Shipway or Shadon Sharp Lexington, the Wildgates will advance to the No. 1 spot, but given their current draft status, we leave both players out. But John Calibari will have a talented team next season. Sahvir Wheeler and Keion Brooks Jr. Both return to the starting line-up, and the additions of five-star staffers Kazan Wallace and Chris Livingston will add a few more games to the line-up. There has to be a breakout player from the front, whether it’s the former five-star recruit Dimian Collins, Jacob Topin or anyone else, there are options. Don’t forget about former Iowa transfer CJ Frederick, one of the elite snipers in college basketball who missed last season with a thigh injury.

Scheduled Start Sequence:

Zaheer Wheeler (10.1 PPG)
Kazan Wallace (No. 14 on ESPN 100)
Chris Livingston (No. 12 on ESPN 100)
Keon Brooks Jr. (10.8 ppg)
Timian Collins (2.9 ppg)

There are some notable “early” ranking teams that Kentucky is most likely to face next season, including the Arkansas Racebacks, the Tennessee Volunteers, the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Auburn Tigers’ Southeastern Conference play.

Not to forget the Michigan Wolverines, Michigan State Spartans and possibly UCLA Bruins playing in the CBS Sports Classic in a non-conference game.

That too with a lot of good teams, will be a challenge for next year’s team.

That being said, hundreds of transfers and announcements are yet to be announced, so take it all in stride.

Over the next few weeks, I expect players to begin announcing their results and begin to take list form before setting precise expectations.

That being said, where do you think Kentucky should be in the 2022-23 college basketball rankings? Let us know in the comments section!

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