2022 Masters: Tiger Woods earns two more days in Augusta National with pain and perseverance

Augusta, ca. – Tiger Woods emerges from his esteemed car in the parking lot of the Champion just before lunch time on Friday. He was stopped where he was when he won the tournament in 2019. There are plenty of unwritten rules at Augusta National.

Parking gives the Tigers easy access to the Clubhouse and Champion’s locker room on the second floor. It will always be a little walk to put the green behind the first tea that veterans love.

But what he sought on Friday was not the solitude of the locker room or the welcoming familiarity of the old-fashioned tattoo. Tiger’s first stop is the fitness trailer, which is a long way from the vast competition training area. This is where the magic happens. Or will not happen.

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Check out the third round tea times for the 86th Masters match at Augusta National.

This is evident from the fact that Tiger, who has not historically provided voluntary information, pulled his SUV off a curved road in February 2021, crossed an intersection and fell into a ditch. Good days and bad days will come.

Friday was somewhere in between.

As long as the Tigers’ period as a professional golfer is over, there will be a healthy perspective. Boogie first? At least he was able to walk 18 holes. Boogie third? You can no longer be in a hospital bed. Boogie fourth? You have both legs.

The latter is a particularly sobering thought, and Tiger’s public response every time he hears the extent of damage to his right leg when he loses control of his SUV in Los Angeles. At the time doctors explained that there was a possibility of amputation of the arm, which he prevented because the tiger was a tiger.

The Tigers are playing again, showing future victories

The Tigers are playing again, showing future victories

Fourteen months later, there he went to the fitness trailer with two legs. He calls it implementation.

Some viewers will deliberately call his movements, while others may say it is painful, but it will always be a test of will rather than skill. He can still play golf. Together with his son Charlie at the PNC Championships in December, he proved he would not have tried this week if he had not been inspired by his game. It’s about the right leg that was reconstructed by Tiger’s surgery.

There was pain. That is so clear.

“My team has done a hell of a job of preparing me and getting the body after I break it. They go upstairs and fix it at night,” he said. “I’m good at breaking it. They ‘re good at fixing it.”

Tiger 92nd The Masters Tournament round may not have been the most trying of his life, but it was the most painful to watch.

If 71 was a “scrappy” attempt under Thursday 1, a member of Team Tiger explained, Friday 74 was scored from the depths of the Masters Champion’s physical limits.

The mind is still ready, but the body to an unknown extent. For the second day in a row he did not realize it in that range, and at the beginning of the 2nd day there was no short game of interest in this edition, which was a reason to celebrate Thursday.

He missed the green right at 1, 3 and 4 to start his 3rd day evenly, and made his journey through the trees in the fifth hole of Bar-4 for his fourth bogey.


He was number one with his first bird of the day. Gathered at 8 and refined his attitude at 10Th Hole for another.


He played Amen Corner in 1 over, rebounded at No. 14 with a birdie, and captured a wild and windy day with four bars.


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Just like he did in the 2016 Masters finals, Speed ​​washed two balls at Race Creek while playing in the 12th game.

All of this added up to a total of 1 and weekend tea time. Brooks Koepka, Bryson DeChambeau and Jordan Spieth cannot say the same, only to mention a few of the game’s stars who did not make it to the full 72. Going on a Sunday can always be planned according to the personal physical needs of Augusta National. , And he seemed to suggest as much as the technique.

“I said [caddie Joey LaCava] That said, ‘Hey, there are a lot of holes to play with. It will be hard all day, so we will somehow get it back to normal that day, ”he said. “I thought it would have been a good comeback if I could one day be on par.”

Earlier on Friday, Paul Casey withdrew from the tournament with a sore neck, one day after suffering from a short week of bad back pain. And there was the tiger. There is no point in comparing shopping pain – and note that both Oosthuizen and Casey have been slow with their illnesses for some time – but find out what the tiger lost in that roadside pile early last year that took him somewhere. Remains of the US Open Cup on a broken leg and his fifth Masters victory on a rebuilt back.

Full-field scores of the 86th Masters

“I expected to be hurt and certainly did not realize my best,” Tiger said as if there was no alternative to his current path. “It’s a combination. I can walk on this golf course. I can put on a tennis shoe and go for a walk.

After speaking to reporters, Tiger climbed the stairs to the champion’s locker room. This has not been an easy achievement. There is no alternative to tattooing or training range. Those days are over. Instead, he drove towards his esteemed car, which was parked in its familiar place. Before he could begin the process again on Saturday, he still had to endure treatment and frost and pain, and somehow it felt like a success.

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