Box Office: ‘Sonic the Hedgehog 2’ Opens Large Ambulance Stalls

With the release of two films with high-octane speedsters at the box office this weekend, one has been a clear success. Paramount’s “Sonic the Hedgehog 2” topped the weekend at $ 67 million to $ 69 million, while Universal’s R-rated action “ambulance” failed to clear double digits.

“Sonic” was released at the box office on Thursday for a preview of $ 6.3 million and played at 4,234 locations. The Sega sequel performs better than its 2020 predecessor, which opened at $ 58 million at a time when Covit-19 was still a threat to most North Americans. The fact that “Sonic 2” opens even stronger is not only good news for Paramount’s stable IP hunt, but also shows that family audiences are ready to return to theaters for the perfect movie.

Fun Ben Schwartz plays the voice of the video game character entitled “Sonic the Hedgehog 2”, and Idris Elba joins the series as the voice of the villain Knuckles the Echidna. Colin O’Shaughnessy, who continued to voice Tales the Fox in the video game series, is back as Sonic’s sidekick for the film. The live-action cast includes Jim Carrey as Dr. Robotnick, and Sheriff Tom Wachowski as James Marston, Tika Champer, Natasha Rothwell, Adam Polly, Shemer Moore, Lee Majdoop and Tom Butler.

“Sonic 2” has received mixed reviews, currently 67% of Rotten Tomatoes. VarietyPeter Debruz wrote the film, “The original – in a word, the personality – and in a hurry make it generic.” The second stream of Speed ​​Demon was met with affection by the audience, although the film received an “A” cinemascore rating, which expressed the excitement of the general audience. With a big opening and excellent wordplay under its belt, Paramount has no problem withdrawing the $ 90 million production budget for the film.

While the blue light proves the successful side of the box office recovery after the COVID-19 lockdowns, Universal’s “Ambulance” may eventually emerge as a warning story. Action activist Michael Payne’s R-Rated Demolition Derby, which did not reach double digits at its start, dropped to fourth place in the domestic rankings from 2,374 places, valued at $ 8.1 million. For those who are a little tired of the stereo-typed, this is not a successful start-up with a modest $ 40 million production budget.

The “ambulance” had many factors in favor of its opening. The film features strong reviews of Michael Payne’s career, along with a diverse cast of popular stars Jack Gillenhall, Yahya Abdul-Madin II and Isa Gonzalez. Audiences overwhelmingly endorsed it, giving it an “A-” cinemascore rating, and the film locks IMAX-shaped theaters weekly, opening up the possibility of premium ticket prices. Still, a start of less than $ 10 million indicates that adult audiences are going to be more careful about what releases are released in theaters after the age of epidemic locks.

The “ambulance” follows the adopted siblings (Gillenhall and Abdul-Madin II), who steal the ambulance in an attempt to escape bank robbery. In his review, VarietyOwen Kleeberman disagreed, saying, “The ambulance is not very good. It never stops screaming and simmering to entertain you, but it’s unhappy: the escape story, which is far from a big escape, because it moves for all its movement.

Meanwhile, not everything is perfect in the comic book movie land. Columbia Pictures’ “Morpheus” is on track to earn $ 10 million on its second annual tour. This represents a 75% drop from its previous journey – the basic decline for a potential owner’s start. The studio’s self-titled Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel characters exploded by critics even before entry. Considering the week-by-week fall, it seems that it did not impress the audience either.

“Morbius” is expected to expand its domestic total beyond $ 56 million by Sunday. The Jared Leto vehicle has already surpassed $ 100 million worldwide, which is more than the film’s $ 75 production budget, although long series release delays due to the Covit-19 could increase that number for Sony. With the number of viewers of the Vampire action movie already drying up, one has to wonder if ticket buyers will flock to “Morpheus 2”.

There is still a superhero success story at the box office, whose name is Revenge. The sixth weekend release of Warner Bros. “The Batman” is set to peak at number five at the box office. DC Adaptation raised an additional $ 1.75 million on Friday, expanding its domestic gross to more than $ 354 million. “The Batman” is set to become the highest grossing film of the year 2022, more than anything else released locally. It must return to its status quo before it hits HBO Max at the end of the month.

Paramount’s “The Lost City” will take bronze at the weekend at an estimated $ 9.25 million. Sandra Bullock-Channing Tatum has been doing respectfully since the Do-Hander debut and is expected to expand its domestic gross to more than $ 68 million by Sunday – which fits the film’s reporting production budget. Paramount probably wanted more numbers now, though the film remains one of the biggest romantic comedies of the last few years.

In other news, A24 expanded its Michelle Yeoh sci-fi discompulator “Everything Everywhere Once” this weekend, adding 1,212 theaters two weeks after its limited release. The critically acclaimed independent publication is expected to gross $ 5.6 million by Sunday – the sixth highest in the domestic rankings.

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