GGG Vs. Ryota Murata Full Fight Video Highlights

Expect the full fight video highlights of Janet Kolovkin (Gigi) vs. Riota Murata on Saturday morning, courtesy of DAZN.

GGG Vs. Murata took place on April 9 at the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan. In the main match Janet Kolovkin (42-1-1) clashed with Ryota Murada (16-3). The fight was broadcast live on DAZN.

See more video highlights below.

GGG Vs. To learn more about Murata, check out Bad Left Hook’s live blog below.

GGG vs MURATA: Round 1

Starting with the GGG jab and even landing. Golovkin blocks the right hand from Murata. Good left hook to body from Murada, then right and another hook. With GGG buzzing again, he often takes shots of Muratta, but Muratta also presses, not realizing it. Even better, harder jabs from GGG. Ubercut blows but it is not available.

GGG 10-9

GGG vs MURATA: Round 2

As soon as the bell rings set it slightly to the left of the body from the GGG, with the blocked top. Don’t get sick now! Again, but it has subsided. Muratta admits it was low, and they continue to touch the gloves. GGG’s body was shot again. Jab, uppercut and a hook for the body. Muratta goes right into the body. Right hand above Muratta. It heats up. Rogue with another good body shot. Murada is the guy who is coming forward now, Uppercut lands and GGG is currently stuck in the mud a bit. Murada’s right hand, cuffing kind of shot. Uppercut from GGG, then left hook. உடம்புக்கு முரடா.

Murada 10-9, 19-19

GGG vs MURATA: Round 3

GGG starts fast to start the round and starts blowing with both hands. Muratta may have been a little shaken, but now he stands on the floor and throws pressure back at the body. Both right hands push GGG down slightly. Murada drilling for the sick. Left hook clips GGG to jaw. To the right from Muratta, the GGG is pushed back. Murada expressed his position here without fear. The body was shot from GGG, and Murada fired at him. GGG to the right, rough in the middle with the overlay in response. This is really puzzling. Another excellent body taken from Muratta, GGG felt firm. Uppercut from Golovkin, but Murata continues to throw. More on body from Muratta.

Murada 10-9, 29-28

GGG vs MURATA: Round 4

GGG does not move as before, Muratta takes advantage. He focuses on the body and it works. Muratta bullies him a little. Holding him down. Excessive physical activity. Chris Algeri did not like Gigi’s body language and I did not like it. He’s GGG so we’ll see, but he’s clearly injured in the body. Rogue with another right. More for the body. Golovkin with left hook. Uppercut failed. Right to body from GGG. Muradah continues to support GGG. He is slow. Muratta has taken some good shots, but he has taken them. Gigi with the right hand. GGG is now trying to pour a little into it. Both throw hooks, and then GGG actually lands on the left. A round for GGG, but rarely.

GGG 10-9, 38-38

GGG vs MURATA: Round 5

Body shots from GGG. Murada returned with his own. It was a good, heavy fight. The body is a nice left rug after a chop on the right upper floor. The right arm is again above the muzzle. GGG is actually trying to protect the body now. Left hook from Golovkin! Murada was pushed back for the first time and in fact, he is now exerting his own pressure! Comes rude! உடம்புக்கு முரடா. GGG slightly to the right above the round delay.

GGG 10-9, 48-47

GGG vs MURATA: Round 6

Nice, hard noise again from GGG. Murada tries to get back to work. Murada goes very low again. It did not land squarely and was not for purpose. Right hand, Murada’s mouth piece flies out! The referee is not really waiting to stop the action there. GGG is now building confidence and starting to do some damage. Murada tries to fight back. GGG is moving a little better now, not that hard. Now he’s not like before, and he’s not going to be the 2016 GGG again. Another good shot GGG. Muratta often misses this round. Uppercut from GGG. The round that dominates Genet.

GGG 10-9, 58-56

GGG vs MURATA: Round 7

GGG has started to wear on Muratta, has made some changes, loosened some, and he is doing damage. Left hooks landing, jabs landing, right very close. Right hand around guard. GGG is now pushing Muratta, he is the one who is bullying. Muratta tries to create a position here, but GGG thinks he just took Muratta’s best, and he does not respect it. Another left hook. Muratta is going to break now. GGG took on enough dangerous physical work, and he took up the fight. Muratta is right there, but here’s another GGG round.

GGG 10-9, 68-65

GGG vs MURATA: Round 8

GGG hammer. Muratta breaks down, triggers not pulled, does not respond to shots. Kolovkin puts him on the rope, and he pushes him. Right hands up from GGG. Murada swayed, not throwing back. He was done. The right arm finally turned from the rogue, but he was hit by the gas, and he has very little. There is a right back from Muratta, he is trying to take a stand again, trying to suppress the pace of GGG. But now he comes back on the rope and throws Kolovkin. Murada’s guilt looks and feels hopeless, but he gets down to a few shots and does what he can. Left hook from Golovkin. GGG missed a key right arm late.

GGG 10-9, 78-74

GGG vs MURATA: Round 9

GGG hurts Murad quickly, he’s going for it! Murada’s legs were unstable and he was injured. GGG is going to end here. Murada tries to throw the right pack, but does not land. Another good shot from GGG. Muratta felt it again. Another one is coming on the side. Muratta eats another pair of shots. GGG is the referee who once again sees Muratta throwing against the ropes. He is on the verge of ending. Murada is being beaten now. But he survives, and he comes back with a good shot and GGG retreats, but then big right and Murada goes down! Towel’s, it’s over!


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