Jack White was engaged and later married on stage at a Masonic temple show

Detroit – They came to a concert and ended up at a wedding.

Jack White ended a glorious day in his hometown on Friday.

He brought Jean to the stage for White Stripes’ 2001 hit song “Hotel Yorba”. He introduced Jean to the crowd as his girlfriend and then told her he had a question.

“Yes?” She asked, her voice revealing that it was not a rehearsal bit. “Will you marry me?” He asked, gave her a ring, and as soon as she said yes, he rolled perfectly into the next line of the song: “Let’s get married!”

Olivia Jean performs at the historic Masonic Temple on April 8, 2022, in Detroit, Michigan, before Jack White's New Supply Chain Issues Tour.  (Photo by Dave Reginek - Featured in The Detroit News)

And then they did. Returning to the stage after a quick break, the white man asked the crowd, “Such a good day, is it okay to get married right now?” A small group of White’s bandmates, including White’s mother Theresa Gillis and Jean’s father Brent Markle, gathered on stage, while the official Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy” (“Dear Dears, we’re gathered here today to get this thing”).

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