Jay Hernandez ‘Magnum PI’ drives Thomas / Juliet romance

This week CBS ‘ Magnum PIThomas gets an unexpected outburst from the past, and Nuso, his beloved Butts bud, is caught in a murder after death.

For Magnum, it signifies the possibility of recovery, He could not save Nuso’s life but now he can save his friend’s honor. Airing tonight at 9 / 8c, “This is a very different episode and unlike anything we’ve ever done,” executive producer Eric Kugenheim previously told TVLine. “We think it’s going to be so special, and we’re glad everyone saw it.”

In this episode, the behind-the-scenes cameraman of the series, Jay Hernandez, talks with Devline about the challenges he directed, his thoughts on a “ghost”, “Mickey” and, perhaps most timely, why he did not care. Update of the series.

TVline | I ask, is anyone trying to tarnish Nuso’s good name?
There is someone, but it turns out that it is not so. He was simply trapped in a bad situation. Nuso (played again by Dominic Lombardosi) sent a threatening voicemail to someone’s phone and the person died. Years later, the body is discovered and the message on the phone returns to hunt down Magnum. He then spends the chapter trying to erase his friend’s name.

TVline | What specific challenges did this script give you as a director?
In terms of movement, it was challenging because we had a lot of interesting, great places, but they were all over the island. We had a lot of water work, which always presents challenges and always complicates the days to film logically. We were doing a lot of things on the surface of the water and I had to go down about 50 to 60 feet to get some stuff. It was hard because I had to try to focus on the movement, but I was in every frame of the chapter. I think there may be two smaller scenes that I do not have.

TVline | I guess there are flashback-y elements in the episode?
Yes, it was actually another part of the script, it was very small and very insignificant, but we tried to shoot it out and tried to make it very cool. The idea of ​​that flashback happening in Afghanistan, from a documentary I stumbled upon two years ago called Restrepo, from this outpost in the middle of Afghanistan, was constantly being attacked by the Taliban. The way it was shot and the way these soldiers spent their days was very claustrophobic and monopolistic, and that monopoly was broken by insane gunfights. I tried to do it again as much as I could. It was a challenge, but one of the most exciting aspects of the movement.

Magnum NusoTVline | There are many ways to make flashbacks feel like flashbacks, just like there are directors who direct flashbacks. “Can I filter it? Do I suppress the noise a little? Should I change the rate? “
Yes, they are always good discussions for trying to catch your DP. It was interesting because we had this element that we never did on the show, it was kind of. “Ghost” is not the right word for him, but Nuso’s character is like this, like a mental formation – Nuso says this is an “imaginary friend”. So, we need to find a way to move from reality to the interior of the magnet and remove the camera work, lighting and some background and everything.

TVline | Are there any improvements in Thomas and Juliet (played by Bertida Weeks) in this episode?
To some extent, this creates something that will take place in the final match of the season (airing May 6). We’ve been teasing this relationship for a while, so the audience wants to see what’s going on. So, we’re doing something very interesting in the final. But in the end, at least in my mind, I did not think they should be together.

TVline | I’m going to ask, maybe what excites or excites you about getting together one day, what? Concerns What if that happens to you?
Well, if that happens, my point is that it’s at the end of the show. Not the end of the season, but the end of the whole show. So, I do not think it’s going to happen anytime soon. I think the tension and dynamics between Higgins and Magnum is a big part of why the show works, and if you pick it up and they become a couple, the show loses a lot, and it changes in many ways. So, yeah, I think if we take it too soon we will spoil some big things ourselves.


TVline | The NCIS The kids were recently dropped off at a small crossroads near you NCIS: Hawaii. Who do you want to crossover with next?
I do not know. I mean, we did it Hawaii Five-O [in Season 2] It was so much fun. But it is not clear how these worlds interact [these days]. So, I leave it to the experts. .

TVline | I was curious if you had any friends with any of the other CBS actors you would like to work with.
OK, bow (NCIS‘Wilmer Walterrama) is one of my best friends. I know Will forever, and it would be so much fun to have him attend the show.

TVline | How it looks Magnum PI Season 5?
Oh, we’re fine. We are precious. I think you can bank it.

TVline | The whole Hawaiian thing probably helps. CBS wants one or two shows to go there at any time.
Yes, it is solid. The numbers are excellent, it travels well internationally. Yes, I think we are in good shape. And you know what, they’re happy with the show. They loved this season, a lot of the stories they were actually digging. They loved the episode I directed so much that they already asked me to direct another one next season.

TVline | Finally, a weird question that someone sent to my scoop column. Lauren asks, “How come Magnum doesn’t wear a seat belt while driving?”
I will do! I really like what you heard. Therefore, i Do Wear the seat belt and I put it under my shoulder. It’s up to me, not Magnum, because I’m a paradox and I do not like strange, arbitrary rules. I said, “Why do we carry guns and shoot people, but you make me wear a seat belt whenever I get in the car …?” This is my way of avoiding this, you know what I mean? But technically i Do Wear a seatbelt.

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