10 things we learned from NU’s Spring Game

The white team (defensive) topped the Reds (crime) 43-39 with a score of 43-39 on Saturday afternoon at Nebraska’s annual Red-White Spring Game Memorial Stadium.

Here are our 10 biggest takeaways from the fight …

Among the highlights of Nebraska’s Red-White Spring Game was Anthony Grant’s 60-Yard Touch Down Run. (Tyler Greglow)

1. What was football

Spring Game has always been more of an event and celebration for fans than a serious rating tool for coaching staff, and this year’s edition covers it in its entirety.

For the second year in a row, Nebraska chose to use “that” tackling rules, where players could not cope on the ground and the plays were destroyed at the authorities’ discretion.

As a result, there is not much to take from a straight football standpoint, especially in the Huskies’ two level teams, from offensive and defensive lines.

We still have to see the new quarterback Casey Thompson with his unofficial NU debut and other intriguing new players on both sides of the ball.

But if most of the planned starters do not cope or not cope, it is not possible to measure how well a team really is in these games.

2. The quarterback game went up and down

While this format makes it difficult to assess other levels, fans at least made their first appearance on Nebraska’s quarterback team on Saturday.

As expected, Thompson took the first series with offense, but managed only three drives, ending the day with 31 yards to go 3-for-4. He was on the field for the Reds’ first scoring drive, however it was handed over to Anthony Grant for a 60-yard touchdown run.

Sophomore Logan Smoders was in the next Q of the second series, and he lost six yards on the field and finished 5-off-14 tomorrow for 46 yards.

Redshirt freshman Subba Birdie was next on the fourth drive, and he looked as good as anything in the scholarship quarterbacks, going 5-for-10 for 63 yards.

None of the quarterbacks had much success as Grant scored on the long run and Chase Contreras (led by Birdie) on the 26-yard field.

In total, Crime managed nine first-downs over 12 possessions (57 plays) in the first half, and Burdy counted four of them.

Heinrich Harberg, Matt Musker and Jared Sinek all took photos in the second half and did not wear green no-contact jerseys like the others.

3. Special teams are still working

As a result of the fight against crime, Nebraska’s professionals got a lot of work done during the spring game.

When it was all over, new bowler Brian Buschini hit the ball eight times for 40.2 yards on an attempt. It was a bit confusing with the Montana transfer as he loaded 63-yards and put two within the 20-yard line. But he also had a 14th shank.

Huskies’ new planned opening blazer, Furman transfer Timmy Fleekrod, will not be here until the summer. So Contreras got the bulk of the work on fielding goals and extra points.

Contreras attempted his first field goal from 26 yards but then missed a left-handed 42-half try.

Cape Haynes was the next kicker, and he did not do well because his first PAT was not even close.

Beyond the kicking game, it was hard to read much about how NU’s special teams have progressed this spring because there is no live stream of revenue.

4. The offending line image is slightly clarified

Nebraska’s offensive line is incomplete this spring due to injuries to two key scheduled openers.

But Saturday gave a glimpse of what the Huskers were getting and where the best team was standing at the time.

The first Occupy team of the day were Brand Banks on the left block, Noordeen Nouli on the left, Trent Hickson on the center, Brock Pando on the right and Bryce Benhart on the right.

Several combinations were used throughout the day. As mentioned, the arrival of guys like Turner Corcoran and Teddy Prochazka should be a big idea of ​​what the starting team will look like in the 1st week.

But there seems to be more to that debate going into the first five summers we saw on Saturday.

5. Carrot Nelson closed an impressive spring

While the offense didn’t do much, part of it was related to Nebraska’s defensive play.

In particular, Huskers’ pass rush was as enjoyable as what we saw on Saturday. A lot of it was related to Carrot Nelson’s game, where he had two excuses against the best offense in the first half.

After the collision, Nelson said one of his biggest off-season goals was to boost his speed and explosiveness off the edge altogether.

Nelson appeared to be on the right track on Saturday, adding nearly 10 pounds of muscle and reducing body fat by four percent.

Not only did Nelson shoot the ball, but a few plays he paid for blocks on each other. One of them, the No. 1 Left Tackle (for now) is against banks.

6. Anthony Grant showed some explosion

Again, it was almost impossible to judge anything by the running game in the first half. But courtesy of Grant, the game of the game still took place on the field.

In the first snap of the third series of the game, Grant took a run around the left corner and crossed the defense for a 60-yard touchdown run.

The blogging was almost perfect in the game, but Grant’s ability to hit another gear and the out-run defensive back to the final zone showed a dynamic lack of Huskers running in recent years.

The junior college transfer, with six carries for 69 yards, did nothing else on the final day. But his one big run shows why he received so much praise from coaches and teammates throughout Spring Ball.

7. Cornerback competition is far from over

Replacing Cam Taylor-Britt at Cornerback is one of the biggest vacancies Nebraska has had to fill in its defense this season.

On Saturday, the first two corners to start the Spring Game were Quinton Newsom and, somewhat surprisingly, Froxton Clark.

Arizona State Transfer Tommy Hill played his part in the game, but it is noteworthy that fifth-year senior Clark was first on the field.

Clark finished with a tackle for defeat and a pass break, while Hill posted a tackle.

That competition is still a long way off, but it is clear that Clark is still in controversy for a start-up job.

8. The Maxshift Tight End team has its own

One reason Nebraska chose the form of defense against a crime is that injuries beat certain level groups.

That includes tight ends, as they did not let their first-four players go into the spring game. But despite being limited in number, the group produced some of the best plays of the day.

AJ Rollins led all receivers with four catches for 49 yards, including Birdie’s impressive 27-yard snack. John Goodwin also excelled at 33-yard cropping.

NU’s Tight End team – which includes Nate Porkircher and James Carney – combined for eight receptions for 95 yards on nine goals.

9. Huskers Introduce N-Vest Nebraska Project

As Nebraska continues to be at the forefront of the NIL movement, Director of Athletics Drew Alberts announced Saturday the University’s latest plans with the N-Vest Nebraska program.

Starting in the 2022-23 academic year, Husker scholarships will be used to financially reward athletes for their academic performance. Student-athletes who meet established educational criteria will receive $ 5,980 per year.

During the Spring Game, Alberts clarified that this is not based on personal GPA, but on the overall educational progress rate (APR) of each game.

Nebraska will provide about $ 3 million in additional financial assistance to its athletes.

10. Husker fans are doing their part again

For a project that has not completed more than .500 since 2016, it is noteworthy that 54,357 people showed up for a spring internship.

This year’s spring game didn’t offer much from a football standpoint. But that didn’t stop Nebraska fans from coming as always.

Despite the fact that it was a great showcase of Huskers’ fan support and a good introduction to all of the new coaches and players this season, the crowd was notable to those who came in for the 30 Scholarship offer recruitment.

One of Nebraska’s best-selling points is its fan base, and some things show many more than that in a relatively meaningless fight.

With many audience updates coming soon over the next few days, there is no doubt that the loyalty of Husker fans will be mentioned by almost every recruiter.

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