5 Android Apps You Must Not Miss This Week

Welcome to the 427th edition of Android Apps Weekly. Here are the big headlines from last week:

  • Google is trying to make it easier to find games on your Chromebook. Possible new search service that helps people find games by garnering multiple results at once. Because Chrome OS now supports Steam and is good for some game streaming services, you can search all services at once. Click the link to learn more.
  • Microsoft goes for tight integration with Android. The company recently restructured its Android development teams in hopes of providing better overall integration. Restructuring involves the separation of a dedicated panel that reports solely to Panos Panay, Microsoft’s chief product officer. We do not know what the team will do first, but it’s good.
  • The new Google Play Protect feature removes permissions from apps you no longer use. This feature is already available on all phones running Android 11 and above. However, Google ports this feature for Android 10 and earlier devices via Google Play Protect. Some devices like Samsung phones already have this feature, but it is a pleasure to go to more people.
  • Theft is on the rise again and has been going on since 2018. We asked the audience if they had ever committed theft before. This is not uncommon because theft is so easy and for many years it was widespread. Streaming services seem to have forgotten that their main competitors are piracy sites and not each other. Click on the links to see full details and poll numbers.
  • Google makes it harder to find apps that do not receive standard updates. The company does so in the name of security, as developers may have exploits of older apps that have not yet been integrated. Starting in November 2022, apps that target anything before the two latest versions of Android will be hidden from most.

League of Angels: Chaos

Price: Free to play

League of Angels: Chaos is a new mobile MMORPG. Players form a character and have a choice between three basic classes. Classes Dragon, Wizard and Archer. Each has its own style of play. Some other game features include alliances, cross-server competitions, equipment development (called fraud), trading activity between players, and more. The game has an auto mode that some fans of this genre may not like. Otherwise, this is a pretty standard MMORPG. You go on searches, loot and elevate your character. In addition, progress is a strange combination that is very fast at the beginning and very slow as you go farther in the game.

It certainly has its drawbacks and you can buy your way to the end of various game challenges. Fortunately, PvP is of little importance and you can only get resources if you are patient, so you can only succeed if you want to end quickly. It will be possible if the developers tighten it a little bit, but until then, it will be very average.

Linos Icons (seven colors)

Price: $ 0.99 each

Linos Tosca Screenshot 2022

Developer GomoTheGom II recently released seven icon packs under the Linios name in the Play Store. There are seven packs in total, each of which is basically a different color. Each pack costs $ 0.99 and includes 3,000 icons with matching wallpapers. The developer also accepts requests for new icons to appear in each pack. Click the button below to view the developer’s Google Play page, where you can find all seven packages.

Top Meg refers to a strategy war game with Mex. It plays like many mobile strategy games. You get resources, you build a base, you train troops, you protect yourself from attack. It represents the main Gamble loop and is something we have never seen before in this category. Purchasing in-app is our only problem. You can actually buy puffs for your army with real money and although we do not like the frequent use of the scary pay-to-win phrase, this is a good example. If the developer comes up with the best way to monetize this game, it is a strategy game to build a good city. Otherwise, we think most players will leave very quickly.

Game Social shock

Price: Free

Game Jolt Social is a social site targeted at gamers. It works just like any other social media site. You can post videos of the games you play, fan art and other things. You follow people, others follow you, and you make new friends. There are over 60,000 communities joining the app, you can chat with each other and create your own community with your own review team. It already has a good number of users and honestly this is not a scary place to hang out with other gamers.

Rovio Classics: Angry Birds

Price: $ 0.99

Rovio Classics Angry Birds Screenshot 2022

Rovio Classics: Angry Birds is the first Angry Birds game to be re-released on Android. It includes the original game and the original gameplay, and will update things with some additional components. The original game originally had its own game engine and this variant was built into Unity. So, developers can update it without worry. Anyway, this is actually the original game. There are 390 levels, no in-app purchases, no ads (we saw anyway) and so on. There is a new Mighty Eagle mechanic and it is clean. This is the same family friendly, simple and inexpensive arcade game we saw many years ago. Even if you’ve played it 10 years ago, it’s worth $ 0.99.

If we miss big Android apps or games news or releases, please tell us about it in the comments.
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