Benz / Caps Recap: The Sliding Penguins dropped their fourth straight game, with the Caps winning 6-3.

In the form of regular penguins and capitals, it didn’t take long for the fireworks to explode. Alex Oweschkin’s turnover ended with Evgeny Malkin’s stick, and Pittsburgh opened the scoring in 45 seconds in Saturday’s Matinee game. Guentzel could not finish, but Bryan Rust was able to finish.

After 16 seconds, Washington will respond. Brian Dumoulin gifted Marcus Johansson who played a buck and crossed up and equalized the score again.

After a few minutes the caps take the lead. Dmitry Orlov scored in a hurry, with Netflix taking an inappropriate angle after Tricidon slipped on the glove side.

Before the end of the first period, Ilya Samsonov, Jari’s counter – opponent, saw him have a bad goal and raise two leaked goals. Another Washington bad buck management decision helped, with pioneer Anthony Manda handling it the wrong way and eventually giving it to Evan Rodriguez without using his sales outlets. Rodriguez took the side hard into the net, Samsonov stopped it, but left a rebound, and Jeff Carter stepped inside and flipped a backhand that Samsonov could not seal.

In the generous position of the Washington goalie, senior Brian Boyle finds plenty of space upstairs and Benz is back in the lead. Boyle quickly lifted a shot and sent the game into a 3-2 lead.

After Pittsburgh were stretched too thin by PK penalty issues, the Caps equalized in the second half. The march began to move towards Chris Letong’s interruption. Benz’s PK really dominated the next series, but Carter raised his stick (in the offensive zone!) To give Washington a narrow two-man advantage. When the pens hit the faceoff and Buck Clear flipped over Brian Dumoul’s mirror it turned out to be to the advantage of two very long people.

Play with that amount of fire, the result is burning. With Carter in the box, Rodriguez D-Jon took the face off (and lost). Seconds later, Buck was in the net with a one-time goal from Classic Oweskin from the left side of the ice, which tied the game at 3.

Washington actually took charge in the third period and the pressure increased, forcing the penguins to capture the loving life. Jarry recovered a little from his trembling start, but there was no match for Tom Wilson’s shot in the rush and they would not surrender in the 8:25 game to give Washington a lead back to the glove side.

Pittsburgh made their comeback chances even more difficult by getting stuck with seven skaters in the snow, two for a small penalty. It was destroyed and the pens got their power play when Jake Quenzel stuck too much.

That last, best chance by Evgeni Malkin went to the top of the net with a rocket, but it was too high hair, pinging the cross-bar heavily.

From there, the Caps scored two empty net goals to lift the final score to 6-3, pulling two points closer to Pittsburgh in the standings.

Some thoughts

  • Who would have guessed during the game that the final goal of Samsonov’s surrender was on the ball? He’s not very pretty, but it worked out what happened in the locker room during Caps’ first break. Washington have outscored Pittsburgh 35-18 in the last two seasons.
  • Like last week’s games against COL and NYR, after 20 or 40 minutes (the latter today) it’s just not realizing how the game went. As usual, the chances for the pens did not decrease in two periods (38 scoring chances, 15 high risk). Also, unfortunately they have in common, they have some coats and no luck, either hit the Jake Kundzel post in the power play or not find the target in Malkin’s six shot attempts.
  • Samsonov shuddered at the start, and the pens certainly did not cross many shots. Their 72 shot attempts became season-high. On the contrary, a large percentage of those attempts did not reach the target, were blocked by 20 caps or misused by more / more than 22 pens.
  • On the other side of the coin, Caps scored 45 shots on goal. Only 11 were blocked and only 10 missed the net. Washington’s most effective and accurate shot attempts today made a real difference on the scoreboard at the end of the game.
  • Perhaps relevant from the note above, perhaps an observation: Pittsburgh second or third row forward Jason Zucker with blocked shots only for one block.
  • Jason Zucker has returned, with the exception of a third-round fight with Trevor von Reims. . Now if someone in the pens does not need to fight, it will be a joker after all his illness, but it seems like a warm-up anyway.
  • The pens came in empty, spending 6:00 on the power play in the game. Two posts by Guentzel and Malkin in particular are a reminder of how close it is between success and failure. Between living and dying! (/ Voice of Al Pacino).
  • Looks like some players are reaching points of defeat. That’s a big problem when Brian Dumoulin hits Johan Larson from the wall to give him a mini-breakaway. Zari persisted, but a lot was heard when one of the NHL leaders in the games and the other team threw 45 shots towards him. Chad Ruhvedal did not miss the game or take the body towards the game winning goal.

The Penguins will be back tomorrow afternoon to overcome their series defeat against Nashville.

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