Hollow Infinite Season Two on May 3 on Xbox, PC

In the Xbox Series X, Lone Wolves, Spartans run through the bazaar map in Hollow Infinite during season two.

Screenshot: 343 industries

For a while now, the The story that prevails around The halo is infinite Curiosity about the game, which had once been at the top of the Mount First-Person shooter, fell into a ditch. But when season two of “Lone Wolves” comes out on May 3, it’s ready to change. People, it sounds (and sounds like) AF dope.

The halo is infinite, First released last November for Xbox and PC, is the first game in the series to feature a free-to-play model. Like many similar games, it is built around a seasonal structure. The players were highly praised Infinite‘S basics — guns, movement, high levels of nostalgia — but criticized everything from expensive cosmetics to the lack of new, updated content. (Splash special event of the game, Fracture: SouthRepeat five times throughout The halo is infinite‘S first season, with another event Scheduled for later this month.) For its part, Developer 343 Industries made changes such as lower prices for cosmetics throughout the first season.

Developer 343 Industries tease InfiniteIn the second season, “Lone Wolves,” in An exciting short trailer, The Cecil Reel of new maps, cosmetics and heavy dialogue lines (“We always have room for another wolf.”). That trailer is in addition A series Blog Posts Outlines granular changes from the last few weeks.

There is a lot to like. Also, you can earn $ 10.

not right Technically, But you can, in theory, buy one premium combat pass and not have to buy another. In January, 343 Announced Players can earn credits — spent on the game coin Halo‘S micro-transactions are approximately $ 1 to $ 100 – just by playing but not getting into the weeds. Now, we know how it works.

Buyers of the Premium War Pass for Season Two (War Passes cost 1,000 credits) can receive up to 1,000 credits during the pass. You can think of those 1,000 credits, spend them on a premium battle pass for the third season, get 1,000 credits from that pass, bank them for Season Four and so on. Of course, that assumption depends entirely on three factors. Premium combat passes for future seasons will cost 1,000 credits. You should get 1,000 credits from that premium pass. (Representatives of 343 Industries did not respond to a request for comment at the time of publication.) You must have the time, patience and energy to go through the entire war.

But “free money” is not the only thing worth writing at home Infinite Gets new additions next month, including two new maps.

What a great sticky point for the players The halo is infinite Started with ten maps – the best number on paper enough, until you explore the situation. Behimot, one of the earliest maps, was hated by the community, and eventually 343 businesses Removed it from ranked playlists. Another, publishing site, experts describe as “too bad”. Three of those maps were pushed to the large-scale Big Team battle playlist, which spent several months with minimal activity. Effectively, this means The halo is infinite Players were pushed to five maps, which were really believable fun.

A Spartan holds a rave on the Behimot map in Hollow Infinite.

The long-neglected Rawger will increase its damage in season two.
Screenshot: 343 industries

Arena playlists are available Catalyst, A small-scale map, which is set in a precursor system. Meanwhile, the big team battle-It works now!– Gets a new map of Breaker. The season two trailer shows some volcanic eruptions. However, if 343 adds two extra maps each season, that ratio will be kept The halo is infinite Must contain the same total number of maps as before Halo Games. There is a deep well to paint; This is the first Halo Remake versions under 343 are not yet featured Popular maps from previous games. (My fingers are crosswise Hello 4Heaven.)

The halo is infinite You can also see the set of new playlists. King of the Hill, the long-running mode in which players struggle to control a small space — and I personally have not kept my mouth shut about what I want for the past six months — has been “available on multiple playlists since the start of the season. . “Attrition is like a tense, team-based death match that can be played for a few weeks in January. (Called it.) When it comes back, you will not be frozen for a few seconds after you are revived by a team.

The Lost Spartan standing mode is much less interesting than the King of the Hill (which has been around for many years) or known (actually playable). Infinite Already). The Official tax This is a “free delete mode for everyone”, although no details are available on its release date or solution for how it works. Data-miners believe it will be a turning point in the Big Team battle with 24 players, much like a little Battle Royale.

Capstone Rewards also get the much-needed change. Every week, The halo is infinite Provides players with a unique list of 20 challenges: active tasks such as “Complete two slayer matches” or “Kill 50 players in PVP”. If you get everyone out, you can open up to that week’s Capstone challenge. The Capstone of the Closing Week gives you the reward.

A Wardak game

Why yes, I will grind all the challenges in the world for this lavishly named “Alabaster Cognac” auto finish.
Picture: 343 industries

Currently, capstone rewards are everywhere. On the one hand, when they are unworthy of sinking time — say, a logo is ugly and has emerged as a reward for two in the previous five weeks — so players are not encouraged to finish grinding. But when the rewards are fantastic, players feel too much pressure to play or feel some form for not being able to allocate time. The rewards outlined so far for “Lone Wolves” seem to strike a solid balance: in five details, it is a combination of stands, arm skins and vehicle coatings. John Junisek, HaloSenior Community Manager, Said Boring gifts like icons and backgrounds are not given as capstone rewards. 343 is an important indicator that its player is listening to the bass, absorbing feedback and making really important changes.

These are all in addition to the various balance changes for weapons (The missing, Raver) and equipment (drop wall, overlay). Exciting times, you a Halo Fan.

But “Lone Wolves” are not entirely silver bullets The halo is infinite Requirements, this is going to launch some promised features. Support for the co-op campaign, which can support two players on the splitscreen and four players online, is scheduled to begin with the release of the season. It has been delayed and is currently scheduled for an unspecified date later in the season. (“Lone Wolves” is scheduled to run for about three months.) And Save a significant leak, Forge Creating Tool is nowhere to be found. Although it was always planned InfiniteThird season, 343 has not officially released details.

The big question for Halo Can “Lone Wolves” revive players who have left the game or if it’s too late, players. In my mind, here is a prototype. See 343’s own Hollow: The Master Chief CollectionMight be one of the most devastating releases for a big budget online game … maybe ever? But 343 stuck with itUpgraded servers, added new content, wrapped in attractive targets and seasonal models, and turned the ship around. Hollow: The Master Chief Collection Some time there, One of the best multiplayer shooters.

343 Can the same hat-trick be pulled twice? Only time will tell. But for the first time in a while, I feel optimistic InfiniteThe future of.

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