Ryan Garcia won the toss and elected to field

Ryan Garcia dominates his return

Garcia Def. Taco decided unanimously (119-110, 119-110, 118-109).

How can any judge hit a round for Taco?

Garcia-Taco; Round 12

While Garcia is still fighting when he attaches to a left hook, Taco tries to catch the bell for it. Garcia broke the left hook on Taco’s jaw. How does he stand there? An upper incision in the body from Garcia. This should be an inverted end for Garcia. (10-9 Garcia, 120-107 Garcia)

Garcia-Taco; Round 11

Taco starts the 11th with the left. He did not give up. The top right catches Taco’s attention. Another overhand right for Garcia. Right Uppercut and Garcia’s right cross. Taco offered nothing. He made no threat. (10-9 Garcia, 110-98 Garcia)

Garcia-Taco; Round 10

Who would have thought we would see the 10th round? Makes a left tako stumble. Garcia unleashes a flutter. Taco is embracing a loving life. Garcia misses a wild left. Leaving the body from Garcia. An overhand landing for Garcia. I thought Garcia would have finished things. Give credit to Taco for trying to advance to the 11th round. (10-9 Garcia, 100-89 Garcia)

Garcia-Taco; Round 9

Tagoe with a mix to start the ninth. Another is from Ghana. The referee warns Taco for continuing to hold. Garcia’s four-punch combination. Taco shoots the right cross. Top cut lands to the right of Garcia. Taco lands on a hard left hook. Garcia’s mix to finish the round. The best round of the fight. (10-9 Garcia, 90-80 Garcia)

Garcia-Taco; Round 8

Another top right from Garcia, Taco’s left hook is almost missing. Garcia rarely misses the left side of the body and the left hook. The upper right shows the sign for Garcia. The cut to the right from Garcia is on Taco’s forehead. (10-9 Garcia, 80-71 Garcia)

Garcia-Taco; Round 7

Garcia starts the seventh with another compound in the body. Like Garcia’s game plan. Taco missed the slow overhand right. A right-hand man stuns Togo and moves him backwards. Garcia follows and tries to finish the show. The upper right connects to Garcia. Three rights to Garcia’s body and left. Taco catches the flush straight in the middle. (10-9 Garcia, 70-62 Garcia)

Garcia-Taco; Round 6

Double job for Taco to kick in sixth place. Two places from Taco. The composition for the finished body, with a left hook on the side of Taco’s head, shook him for a moment. Garcia’s quick three-punch mix. Three upper right, Taco is standing somehow. He is as hard as nails. (10-9 Garcia, 60-53 Garcia)

Garcia-Taco; Round 5

The fifth starts right from Garcia. Double left and right from Garcia to body. A quick jab from Garcia. Slow circuit. No more action. Along with the body, Taco stuck his tongue out at Garcia. You know they had their effect. (10-9 Garcia, 50-44 Garcia)

Garcia-Taco; Round 4

In the fourth round, Garcia begins by beating the other left side of the body. There is a commotion from Garcia, but Taco calms it down and tries his own barrage, but Garcia escapes any damage. Along with the body, Taco strikes his chest. One or two makes Taco stumble, but he recovers. Right above the middle again for Garcia. He feels it now. (10-9, 40-35 Garcia)

Garcia-Taco; Round 3

Taco wants to fight while throwing a series of jobs. Garcia goes down to Taco and blasts a right-footed shot that catches Taco’s attention. Digging away from the body from Garcia. Could feel it. Another left hook stuns Taco. (10-9 Garcia, 30-26 Garcia)

Garcia-Taco; Round 2

Garcia starts the second as he did in the first, then drops Taco down and takes his shots. Hard jab from Taco. One-two wobble Taco.

Garcia lowers the top right of the head, retreats, explodes the right hook and knocks down Taco.

Taco grabs the love life and tries to survive around. He does. It will not last long. (10-8 Garcia, 20-17 Garcia)

Garcia-Taco; Round 1

Garcia uses instantaneous pressure and beats to the left of the body. Garcia faints, and Taco misses looping to the right. Slogan “Let’s Go Ryan” inside the alma mater.

A tough claim from Garcia, which makes Taco laugh. Taco’s hard jab pushes Garcia back. Garcia turns the fire straight with his right hand. Leaving hard on the body. Garcia looks sharp at first. (10-9 Garcia)

The main event time is the return of Ryan Garcia

It’s time for the main event where Ryan Garcia (21-0, 18 KOs) fights Emmanuel Taco (32-1, 15 KOs).

Garcia returns for the first time in 15 months. Will the ring rust?

Togo has been saying all week that he will show “Ghana Pepper” to Garcia.

Here we go.

Shane Mosley won the tactical battle over Cape Rosado

Mosley Def. Rosado decided unanimously (98-92, 97-93, 95-95).

The crowd did not like how Mosley fought, but he had a brilliant fight over the bad Rosado. He used his superior boxing to beat Rosado and win the result.

Ryan Garcia and Emmanuel Garcia are involved in the final arrangements

Entertaining meeting

The crowd decided to wander here in the fourth round because Rosado and Mosley were not happy with their presentation in the ring.

The crowd by two was not happy

The crowd was upset as Mosley and Rosado wanted to see as much action as in the previous two matches. Instead, it’s a technical matter so far, and Mosley has the advantage.

Co-main event time

It’s time for Garcia vs. Taco’s co – main event when Gabriel Rosado (26-14-1, 15 goals) faces Shane Mosley Jr. (17-4, 10 goals) in super middleweight action. Rosado had a big fight with Jaime Munguya in November for his sensational defeat.

Marlon Esparza became the Integrated Women’s Flyweight Champion

Esporaza Def. Fujiyoka added the WBA belt to her collection by unanimously deciding to be the WBC Women’s Flyweight title (100-90, 100-90, 97-93).

Since Esparza has no way to win every round, the fight is closer than the scorecards indicated. In fact, he won the match, but not by that amount of scores.

Unexpected is a fun, all-action affair. Curious to see what happens next to the flyweight titleholder for two belt women.

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