Sebastian Fundora comes off the field and stops Eriksen Lubin in the ninth round.

LAS VEGAS – Kevin Cunningham could not see Eriksen sucking any damage to Loop’s face after the ninth round on Saturday night.

Lupine’s esteemed coach, referee Russell Mora Jr., told him that his intense rivalry with Sebastian Fundora had put an end to the entertainment war because Lupine had severe swelling between and around his eyes. Fundora won by technical knockout, remained undefeated and won the vacant WBC 154-pound championship.

Lupine of Orlando, who escaped a brutal knockdown during the second round, was in the lead on both scorecards when their slugfest was stopped.

Judges Dave Moretti and Steve Weissfield put Lupine ahead 85-84 on the same score, and Mora stopped the action. Judge Tim Seetham battled it out 85-85 in the ninth round.

According to unofficial figures from CompuBox, Fundora hit 106 more punches than Lupine (255-of-706 to 149-of-368). CompuBox Fundora (233-of-541 to 116-of-243) and Lubin (33-of-125 to 22-of-165) counted the most power punches.

Nevertheless, with the WBC winning the Interim Super Welderweight title, the 6-foot-6 Fondora (19-0-1, 13 KOs) became a mandatory challenge to the organization allowing the winner of the Jermel Charlo-Brian Castano rematch on May 14th. Houston’s Charlotte (34-1-1, 18 KOs) and Buenos Aires’ Castano (17-0-2, 12 KOs) will battle it out again next month to become the first fully integrated 154-pound champion of four-belt boxing in the Showtime Championship boxing. Main event from Dignity Health Sports Park in

Fandora, 24, made the most impressive win in his five-year, 20-fight pro career. He woke up late from a knockdown in the seventh round, became a competitor again in the eighth round and won in the ninth round, when the swelling on Lupine’s face intensified, not allowing Cunningham to pursue him in good conscience. .

“You could say it was the hardest fight of my life,” Fandora told reporters after his big win. “He pushed me to his knees, you know? He made me think a little bit. But it was a big fight. We both gave Lupine and I the fight we wanted to give everyone. It was an ‘Inferno.’ ”

Lupine, 26, lost his first of seven fights in October 2017 after suffering a devastating defeat to Charlotte. Charlo defeated Lupine (24-2, 17 KOs) in a compelling challenge for the championship. Round that night at Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

Fandora hit Lupine in the ninth round and threw the most effective punches in those three minutes. Both boxers looked tired after that round.

Cunningham did not waste time as he climbed the stairs telling Mora to stop fighting.

After landing Fondora at the end of the seventh round, Lupine started the eighth round despite obvious damage to the middle of his severely swollen face.

Lupine performed well in the eighth round, but he was unable to hurt Fundora again.

Fandora’s right uppercourt fight took less than 40 seconds to advance to the seventh round. Fundora immediately supported Lupine on the rope and unleashed numerous power punches in the middle of Lupine’s significantly damaged face.

Lupine bravely fought back and slammed Fundora with the right-left mix, which pushed Fundora away from him. Realizing Fondora was ready to go, Lupine dropped two more hard left hands, and Fondora fell onto the canvas.

Fandora beat Mora’s number and bought some time to spit his trumpet. The action resumed before Bell hit, but Lupine did not have much time to use the damage he had done.

“I was a little nervous,” Fundora said. “I took that knee because it should have reminded me. By the time I woke up again, I was fine.”

In the sixth round Lupine mounted a hard right hook above Fundora’s body in 30 seconds. Lupine’s right hook went down after a mark in the middle of the sixth round.

Within a minute of going to the sixth round Lupine landed another left-right mix. The right-left mix with Fondora’s body was also attached shortly before the end of the sixth round.

With less than a minute to go in the fifth round, Lupine’s sweeping right hook landed. In the fifth round Lupine landed on Fondora’s body.

Fandora was the aggressor again in the fourth round, but Lupine continued to box effectively from his back foot on both Fondora’s body and head. Lupine’s right arm supported Fundora near the ropes at the end of the fourth round.

Fundora badly injured Lupine and knocked him out late in the second round. Lupine recovered enough to start the third round on strong legs.

The determined Southpaw fought well from the ropes, throwing a variety of power shots at his biggest opponent and making Fundora respect him, even though that critical moment was delayed in the second round.

In the final minute of the second round Lupine slammed Fundora with his left hand. He attacked Fundora and landed on another hard left side, but a flexible Fundora struggled again.

He knocked Lupine onto the canvas and unwrapped the right uppercase. Stunned, Lupine used ropes to reach his feet.

By the time Mora had wiped his gloves, the bell had rung to end the second round, which prevented Fundora from taking advantage of that knockdown.

Fundora landed on the right hook in the opening minute of the second round. Lupine tried to hide, but Fundora immediately penetrated his guard with his left hand, and Lupine retreated on the rope.

Lupine continued to throw jabs in the middle of Fundora during the first round, which helped keep his tall, ranger opponent at a distance he did not want.

Fandora snuck in with his left hand through Lupine’s guard in the middle of the first round. Lupine landed a tough jab in about 30 seconds in the opening round.

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