‘Severns’ Season 1 Final: Brit Lower Explains Big Helly Reveal

The spoilers for the season 1 final of Apple TV + include: Separation.

Talk about a rude awakening.

As Separation The Season 1 final is underway, Dylan inside the Lumon control room triggered an overtime contingency protocol that “alerted” his colleagues, Helly r. Impressed himself at a company exhibition. Because, she and I realized, Helly R. Helena Egan, Daughter of Lumen Industries CEO James Egan and thereby descendant of company founder Keer Egan! What’s more, his speech aims to reduce the great “disconnect” debate by confirming his own first experience.

Now self-aware but hidden, Helly did not shy away from the focus, but instead planned to capture it by expelling Lumon’s torture and captivity. But he did not utter a few angry words before Dylan lost control of the OT protocol, and Innis indirectly returned to “sleep”.

Twilight spoke to Brit Lower (with rhymes) Flower) Helly’s arc, playing Innie-as-Outie, how Season 2 will be, and the ‘Defiant Jazz’ dance experience.

TVline | Audiences had to wait a long week to find out what happened when Dylan flipped the “overtime coincidence” switches. How long did it take You After reading episode 8, do you have to wait to get that final script?
Since filming was set to begin in March 2020, we had all the scripts at the start of filming, and of course we were suspended for seven months due to an epidemic. At that time, the writers were able to finish all nine scripts, so we had a very rare situation on TV, where we set everything up before we even started. It’s a good way to feel ready for the basics, but it’s a lot of time to do the internal work of carving out the character’s inner life, and to do a lot of ugly, in-depth research. [Laughs] I did a lot of research on how memory loss and waking up not knowing who you are affects your behavior. I saw one A lot Documentaries.

TVline | Now, some actors tell you, “If you give me all nine scripts, I will not read them! I will not let the decision affect my curve, I do not know what my character is No.. “But did you fall in the other camp?
Well, we had to do it because we filmed mostly irregularly. We filmed almost like a nine hour movie To some extent An improvement, but to make the basics of knowing your lines, we must have read all nine.

It was a real pleasure for me to imagine Helly’s curve. I’m a visual artist, so I drew all the action scenes of Helly on my wall and it almost looks like a graphic novel. I mean, Helly And so on Will change. She is constantly moving, so it was very helpful to look at that wall and mark where we were in the shoot. “Oh, here she is, throwing the speaker at Mark’s head” and “Here she is breaking through the window” I could see. I could see the progress of her escape attempts and how they increased both visually and emotionally.

TVline | What ended up being the hardest part of playing Helley’s innings out in the final?
It was so much fun – Adam Scott had more experience than Sack [Cherry] And John [Turturro] And I’m still playing in the outside world, so he was our “acting teacher” and we had fun playing. So we were getting closer to filming [the finale]He will give us fake lessons on how to do it. [Laughs]

TVline | Helly keeps her interesting ish Together she “wakes up” at Lumon Gala. Some may go a little too far, “he said.What Is going on, Where Nana? ”But she was a cold cucumber and took the situation.
Helly has a crush on her, but I can tell you, internally, she was more than letting go!

TVline | In your eyes, we saw the wheels spinning and there was one A lot Processing going on.
Yes, because she’s awake surrounded by people, she can not say who to trust or not to trust. I think Helly has a poker face throughout this season, but of course he has a strong face in this episode

TVline | If you happen to watch the previous eight episodes again, will you find traces of Helly’s identity and her family relationships?
Hmmm. There are two Easter eggs in it. I want fans to find them rather than point them out. In writing there are of course Easter eggs. I would love to hear from anyone other than myself.

TVline | Were you surprised that at the end of the season, we still did not know what the macro data processing industry was doing by removing the floating number screens?
You know, I’m deliberately keeping it dark about it. Of course [series creator] Writer Dan Erickson knew all the answers in his head, but I asked him not to tell them because it was nice for me to have Helly inside being in the dark.

Best TV QuotesTVline | Were those working CRT monitors in front of you or were the screens dropped on the latter product?
That was awesome – the technical team designed all the computer animations. They were all practical. We learned how to “tune” these numbers, and it’s been as much fun as learning this awesome little video game. Zack Cherry, who plays Dylan, I think is the smartest of us in “refining”. He came up with these wonderful ways to move numbers that none of us can find. He is amazing.

TVline | Have we seen what happens in the finals – especially Helle’s explosion and Goebbels’ knowledge that Mark “got up” – the last place in the macro data warehouse? Can these people ever go back to the office?
This is a big question … I totally have No. Answer. I’m looking forward to Season 2 to find it myself! what to do You Do you think

TVline | To “reset” everyone, I guessed for a hot second that Lumon might have a separate “mind wipe” product – but knowing that they were wildcards, would they really send them back to the company? So Season 2 could be a road trip movie, you’re all running!
You will never know!

Disconnected jazz danceTVline | Give me the “Different Jazz” dance story because that sequence was so much fun.
Oh my God, it was Awesome Fun.

TVline | Trammel Tillman, who starred for Milci. WowHe all went inside.
Trammel is the opposite of his character in real life because he is incredibly hot and cute and not scary. All. I wanted him to step into this dancer style because he is so talented in dance.

TVline | Each of you asks, “How good is the character of a dancer?” Want to decide that? Because we all saw what Adam Scott was doing.
In that scene Adam and I have a “Junior High Dance” moment, looking at each other from across the room. We were doing a whole comedy part like “Well, Helly and Mark are puberty now”.

Separation kissTVline | What did you think of the scene where Helly put that kiss on him? “What if we don’t come back … and we do?”
Helly is an impulsive person, and I like that she went to the kiss after controlling herself for an episode, otherwise you would not see a lot of control from her. I think it tells how much she cared about Mark and how much she cared about others. You see her say goodbye to Irving and instead she comes forward to stay behind Dylan. The most bitter thing in that whole line was that Helly had been thinking in unison about escaping and expelling herself until then, but as she began to think of the other purifiers as a family, it complicated her desire to escape.

Disconnect Remember your own childhood quote

TVline | I think I’ll want to see the team’s visit to the Beauty Wing again, because it’s about Hellie’s brilliance / idols – now we know they’re her ancestors.
Mmmmmm. It is still creepy.

TVline | She had some great lines, which were featured in our quotes for at least two weeks.
God, writing on this show is a real pleasure to talk about. This is so worth quoting!

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