Sunday, April 10, 2022 is the love horoscope for each zodiac sign

For the Sunday love horoscope based on the zodiac, the resident astrologer Area gimmick April 10, 2022 shares how current astrological events affect you.

At midnight, the Moon enters the zodiac sign of Leo, bringing loyalty and intense guardian vibrations to the surface of our emotions. Mercury enters Pisces at 10:09 pm EST and your communication skills will improve and you will have the patience to say clearly what was on your mind at that time.

Read what love horoscope has for your zodiac sign on Sunday, April 10, 2022.


You have a reputation for putting the cart in front of the horse in matters of the heart.

You may be carrying a gun today, Aries, because you are anxious not to miss what you think of as a lifelong relationship.

Slow down, little ram, especially if you are recovering. Take things in stride. Looking forward to this time is not a bad thing.

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