UFC 273 – Who’s next to Khamzat Chimaev, Alexander Volkanovski and Aljamain Sterling?

Jacksonville, Ph.D. – Kamsat Simeov, as expected, unanimously decided on Gilbert Burns on Saturday night at UFC 273, in which Dana White was considered one of the best fights she had ever seen. Featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovsky showed his own game by stopping San Chung Jung in the fourth round. Although Aljamin Sterling did not calm down all of his critics, the split-decision on Peter Yan to defend his Phantomweight belt would divert his attention to another enemy.

So who is next to Sim? White had said that if Simeov won, Golby would be on the field in Govindon. Is this the right fight?

Will the UFC be interested in the trilogy when it believes Yan wants a third match against title-winning Sterling on March 6, 2021, when he was disqualified due to an illegal knee injury?

And what about Volkanovski?

Who should be next here – a wild card – is the split decision between those winners, as well as McKenzie Tern, who defeated Dacia Torres.



Alexander Volkanovsky won the match by a technical knockout, keeping Chan Chung Jung guessing throughout their fight.

Alexander Volkanovsky, featherweight champion

Who should be next: Max Holloway

This is not a bar. In this event a trilogy fight between these two was to take place, but Hollow had to deal with a prolonged injury. He was actually allowed to fight on Saturday, but the UFC had already moved in with Jung to replace him. Volkanovsky’s champ – nothing to discuss. But no matter how close his two wins over Holloway were, there was always a demand that they finish the trilogy. Holloway comes from a thorn in the side of the player. Volkanovsky could not pass him. The third win will allow him to do that. If Volkonovsky makes a relatively quick turn, I hope it will happen in August.

Wild Card: Henry Sejudo

I almost make fun of it. That will not happen. Volkonovsky had no other fight. There is no other feather weight competitor that qualifies. For whatever reason he has no place to go up to lightweight. This is the Hollow trilogy and nothing else.

But if Sejudo suddenly wanted to retire (in his old contract, UFC did not seem to want to pay him more), this fight would be fun.

Chan Chung Jung, feather weight

Who should be next: Giga Chicatse

Jung is 35 years old and says he has a little more left in the tank. No path to another title shot seems possible, but he is still in the top rankings. He certainly has the ability to type one more card.

Cicadas comes from a pretty dominant loss to Calvin Katari. Before that fight in January, he was a very formal title challenge. With the win against Jung, Chikatze will return to the mix in the first six or seven of the division. Stylistically, this is a fantastic fight – to be honest, many of these have feather weights.

This is the most dynamic section right now. I would not bother to see this as a strong fight, a major event with five rounds.

Wild Card: Arnold Allen

This is not the right way for Allen to win. But Allen is still looking to build his profile, and the fight against junk will do just that. It’s a fun fight too. Although Jung came from a loss, he is still in the highest position.

The UFC looks to return to the UK this summer. Allen will be in a big fight against Jung in London for a number of reasons.

Kamsat Simeov, Welderweight

Who should be next: Colby Govinding

Alas, what a fight. We wanted to see Simeov being tested, and we got it. I tell you, this is one of the best situations for Simeo, because failure was watching over him. I think he made some mistakes in this fight. I think he probably took Burns lightly. He learned valuable lessons, and he did not have to lose. Thus he will be very dangerous. Govindon obviously the next fight. Part of me hates to see them fight because one has to lose and then you miss a potential title challenge. But in this fight Simeov appeared to be a man, and Govindon was one of the best in the world. This is a good fit. Let’s go.

Wild Card: Kamaru Usman Vs. Leon Edwards is the winner

That’s the next title fight. If Govindon does not fight Sime, if he is not interested, he can do nothing but wait. Simeov hates waiting, and while he waits his turn he may want to go into a middleweight fight, but it was a tough fight for him with Burns. Maybe leisure time won’t be too bad. Let Edwards sit him in a cage against Usman and bring him into the cage to mingle with the winner. Views. Welderweight is a great way to end the year.

Gilbert Burns, Welderweight

Who should be next: George Masvidal

We’ll reward Burns, won’t we? This guy will fight with anyone. He will do it whenever the UFC asks. He was ready to take on a fight that the other factions in Sime did not like, and he pulled it off as a significant backslider. He accepted it all and showed the best performance of his career even at a loss. He deserves another big fight, from which it comes. Fans like him just like that. Burns will come to fight, he is entertaining, he is humble, he never leaves. Masvidal has not won in his last three fights, but he has a bigger name than anyone in the division and he is still ranked. This is one thing.

Perfect call! But what the heck Fight Boys !!! Kacimev And Gilbert Turinho Take the bow guys!

– Daniel Carmier (dc_mma) April 10, 2022

Wild card: Defeat of Leon Edwards against Kamaru Usman

If Edwards loses to Usman, it makes a ton of sense – I mean, I think UFC will stare at Edwards vs. Massvidal, which will leave Burns out. If Usman loses, he may or may not get an immediate rematch with all the good options in Welderweight. There are a lot of moving areas in all of this, and I don’t know if Burns and Usman will fight again, unless there is a title on the line. Probably not. But from a ranking point of view, it would make more sense if it were not Massvidal.



Aljamin Sterling won the long-awaited rematch with Peter Yan by a split result at UFC 273.

Aljamin Sterling, Phantomweight Champion

Who should be next: DJ Dillasha

Whether you accept Saturday’s scorecards or not, you can go beyond the Sterling-Yan match. Because UFC will do. Sterling already exists. It’s a close fight, it could have gone either way, but the UFC is not going to run it again. Dillasha has been waiting for the title shot since he came back last July and knocked down Cory Chandakan. Wait is not the right word and he is recovering from the injuries he sustained in that fight. Sterling wants to fight him. This is the biggest title fight the UFC can do right now in Phantomweight. That will be next. Dillasha told me he wanted to do it in Abu Dhabi on October 22, but Sterling would do it anywhere.

Wild Card: Peter Yan

If UFC does not Dillashaw for any reason, it only makes sense to run it again. A third meeting will probably be booked if the outrage over the decision is high. But I do not see that happening.

Peter Yan, Phantom Weight

Who should be next: Merap Twalishvili

It may seem dark to Yan now after losing to the same opponent twice in title fights in a heart-breaking style. At their first meeting he met an illegal knee, for which he paid a lot. Then, losing this, was hard by the split decision. But really, he’s not far from the belt. This fight makes all sense to me. Teammate and close friend of Duvalishvili Sterling. There is already a built-in story behind this fight. I do not mind Yan looking against someone who attacks him, but I think it should be made because of the story.

Wild card: Dominic Cruz

Cruise is one of the biggest names in the category and, in my opinion, the biggest Phantomweight of all time. Cruz is not in his prime now, but he deserves a big fight that will get him one last shot at the UFC title. Yan applies to that law. Yan is a terrible enemy, and Cruise has to be perfect. Does Cruise have the ability to pull off a game plan like Sterling did? Absolutely. Yan fights with the legend of the division. Cruz fights with someone who can get him on a belt. Success, success.

McKenzie Tern, Straw weight

Who should be next: Jessica Andrade vs. Amanda Lemos winner on April 23rd

Tern means fights. Her constant pressure pushes enemies into the fight, and Tern relies on her cheek. She is ready to fight in a phone booth. And it leads to confusion, which benefits her. She has a lot of careers and it will be interesting before everything is said and done because she is constantly advancing between each match. Android is back in the division from Flyweight, and he faces a real up-and-coming in Lemos. In a perfect world, Tern is active. No hurry. In 2022 she does not need to come to the title fight. Continue to build. This match will be a real test.

Wild card: Amanda Ribas

This may seem weird as Ribas moves up to flyweight. She fights Caitlin Sookajian on May 14th. If she decides to reconsider 115 after losing that fight, I think this matchup will make a ton of sense. Ribas has won against Tern since 2019. If Ribas drops Sukajian, apparently he will be at 125. And even if he loses that match, he can stay in the flyweight. But I could see the world where this fight was taking place, and again, it was about keeping Tern active. And those who are more advanced than her in the category now have not many options.

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