3 Russell Westbrook Business Lockers can do this summer

Finding out what the future holds for Russell Westbrook will be the biggest – and most obvious – obstacle the Lakers are going to clarify for the upcoming season. Although it may seem like an option, considering how devastating this season has been, it’s not an easy thing for him to sign a $ 47 million deal next year to avoid playing in Los Angeles again.

But it is not as impossible as it may seem. While the Lockers marginalize themselves when moving to Westbrook and need some flexibility and pain to do so, it’s in a corner with few options to get out. In the last week alone, there have been a number of reports about potential Westbrook shooters, showing some of the options the lockers have.

With this in mind, here are three possible shooters and trades that the Lockers could make to split with Westbrook.

Charlotte Hornets

Gordon struggled to stay on the ground for the Howard Hornets, which will be available to him this summer.
Photo by Chris Ellis / NBAE via Getty Images

One of the first teams to emerge as a potential Westbrook shooter is the relationship between owner Michael Jordan and Westbrook, who owns a signature shoe with the Jordan brand. But there are other reasons why the Hornets might be interested in signing with Los Angeles.

Led by Lamelo Paul and Miles Bridges, the Hornets have moved a fantastic young center forward. But starting bridges and milking soon this summer, that young center should pay off soon. The problem is, the big Gordon Howard deal is already in the payroll.

The massive four-year, $ 120 million deal he signed in 2020 has not been perfect, especially since he has dealt injuries for the past two years. Charlotte may want to pull out of that deal in exchange for Westbrook’s expiration, which will allow for more flexibility to pass the ball in the future. While healthy, Howard is still a talented player, but he has only played 44 and 49 games in the last two seasons, and there is no insurance against injuries for LeBron James and Anthony Davis, who the team has been looking to add to Westbrook.

A Howard-to-Westbrook business would not work financially because the Hornets would have to cut another $ 8 million salary. Kelly O’Brien – who is unlikely to consider his age and productivity this year – or a deal and trade with Montreal Harrell – is unlikely to end up with him last time in Los Angeles – the other possible option could go after PJ Washington.

A pioneer with some versatility, who struggled to find a consistent role in Charlotte, Washington still has the limit and defensive ability that will spark his interest in pairing him with Anthony Davis. While Bridges & Paul is set to rise and get bigger pay, BJ Washington, who cannot position himself as Bridges, may be the odd man out.

Washington is in the final year of its new deal and is poised for a major deal in the summer of 2023. As part of a deal to help Howard’s offline, the Hornets could take the matter further this coming season. And contract. It’s up to the lockers to decide whether to pay Washington or trade him next season.

To finance the deal financially, the Hornets would have to add one more player to a smaller contract, while the Lockers would have to add some sort of draft big compensation considering their ability to return. But when sending Westbrook out, it’s a way to bring back the Lockers’ skills, with caution.

Indiana crack bowlers

Orlando Magic against Indiana Pacers

The diversified Buddy Hield business may finally pay off this summer.
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While most of the talk about going to the Westbrook Pacers is highly speculative, there is a framework for a deal that could work for both sides. Unlike the Hornets, the Pacers are blatant tanking and, as a result, a Westbrook shooter.

They also have some great deals that make sense to trade, and one of them is our hilarious old friend Patti Hild. Malcolm Procton is another player in a big deal that the Lockers have been interested in at past breaks before.

Like the Hornets deal, the Pacers will turn a pair of long-term contracts into a big short-term cap win. However, this was not considered helpful enough and the Lakers would have to attach a property to the Pacers to sweeten the deal. Eventually the teams will know that the Lockers have backed themselves up in a corner and will press them for every possible asset.

Adding Dylan Horton-Tucker to the business would work even more financially. It may also work with Horton-Tucker to add some of the group’s limited choices with or without. Westbrook & Tucker packaging for Hylt and Procton saves Lakers $ 13.5 million in the short term.

C twice in this deal. For one, Procton has a number of injuries and has played only 150 of the possible 231 games in the last three years. Still, Procton signed on for the 2024-25 season, while Healt signed on for the 2023-24 season. The deal will severely restrict the lockers’ future spending, but will give them two productive – while healthy – players on the list. Perhaps following Howard for lockers is the most desirable risk, but it presents such a negative side if it goes wrong.

New York Knicks

Los Angeles Lakers vs Portland Trail Blazers

We made this jersey swap of Julius Randall in purple and gold and hope you like it.
Photo by Chris Ellis / NBAE via Getty Images

The Knicks are always responsible for doing something barbaric, and trading for Westbrook could be that move. For one, they have agreements that match it. For two, unlike Indiana or Charlotte – he will definitely buy Westbrook’s contract – the Knicks may actually be crazy enough to play him.

Merging businesses is relatively simple. Choose from a mix of Julius Rand ($ 26.1 million in 2022-23), Evan Farnier ($ 18 million), Derrick Rose ($ 14.5 million) and Alec Burkes ($ 10 million), which will get you $ 47 million at Westbrook’s Balpark. More or less set.

The Lockers chased Rose for a long time, and despite being a 33-year-old point guard he was able to see the inclusion of not being able to shoot. Randall’s acquisition comes after some awkward apologies and / or “forgive and forget” approvals considering how things ended during his first term in LA (see a trend here?). Fournier and Burkes will have fewer wickets for the team this season, though they will come on a longer contract than before.

In fact, it’s only a matter of time before the two teams change sides. The Lockers and Knicks held some sort of talks during the trading deadline, although they certainly did not include Westbrook or the many players who should be included in the deal to operate financially. But there is an established relationship.

For lockers, this turns a bad deal into a lot of bad deals, which can easily lead to higher production or move smaller deals from purchased players if the landscape changes. For the Nix, the motivations are the same: trade players who have not worked for someone under contract for only one year and allow some reset next summer while placing some paddles in the interim seats.

None of these trades are ideal, frankly, because another NBA group agrees Westbrook’s best lockers are not trading. In a way, if the Lockers are going to get out of Westbrook they are going to win, it’s one thing to estimate which hit hurts less, and will help the team win more in the final year that James can get. And Davis together.

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