6 winners and 5 losers at the Australian Grand Prix – Who stopped the crowd in Melbourne?

Melbourne’s highly revised Albert Park Circuit presented the exciting Grand Prix, marking the return of Formula 1 racing to Australia for the first time since 2019. We have selected six winners and five losers from the Australian Grand Prix

Winner: Charles Lecklerk

On paper, Charles Lecklerk did not think it would fit his Ferrari F1-75 on Melbourne’s Albert Park circuit, but the reality is very different.

The 24-year-old has polarized by the biggest difference so far this year and dominated the Grand Prix with his second win of the season and the fourth of his career.

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For the past 18 years a Ferrari driver has won a Grand Slam – victory, pole vault, fast lap, leading in every lap – and he has a 34-point lead in the championship. Year.

Leclerc and his Ferrari are going from strength to strength this year

Loser: Max Verstappen

It was a challenging weekend for Max Verstappen as he never felt happy on his Red Bull at any time of the weekend and always chased balance and organization.

Nevertheless, the current world champion was running comfortably second in the RB18 race when his RB18 engine malfunction, which the team suspected was an external fuel leak.

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Retired is second in three races and still 46 points behind Leklerk, with 20 races remaining.


Verstappen’s afternoon ended in disappointing style

Winner: George Russell

Even George Russell was surprised when he was told he was second in the drivers’ rankings after the race, believing that Britain now had only the fifth fastest car on its struggling Mercedes team.

Despite the lack of performance, Mercedes – and especially Russell – are relentlessly capable of getting the most out of what they have.

Although the safety car’s timing was lucky, Russell used his chances to the fullest to secure his first platform for Mercedes and beat Lewis Hamilton in the second consecutive race.

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Losers: Aston Martin

Mike Crock’s tenure as Aston Martin team principal got off to a challenging start – and as Crock put it, it continued to be a ‘memorable weekend’ for Melbourne billionaire Lawrence Stroll’s performance.

2022 Australian Grand Prix: Vettel crashes at Melbourne Grand Prix circuit

The team ended up with a significant damage bill as both Lance Stroll and Sebastian Vettel crashed on Saturday. The team did a great job of rebuilding the cars, but the cut-off, which began its season in Australia after missing the first two races with the Covid 19, stalled again on Sunday.

With Williams scoring, they are now bottom of the championship and the only team yet to score a goal this season.

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Winner: Alex Alban

Alex Alban faced an uphill battle in Melbourne and then his Williams did not have enough fuel to provide a sample for testing.

But he perfected a risky technique, maneuvered 57 of 58 rounds on a hard tire, managed the decomposition of the compound impressively and pulled out enough space to stop the softness in the final lap and was in the top 10.

This will be his first point for Williams, the team’s first point of the year and their first point in Australia since 2017.


Alphonse scored the hardest winning point in Melbourne with aggressive strategy

Loser: Carlos Science

This is the most challenging weekend of the few months for Carlos Science, the Spaniards’ struggle to stay comfortable with the car due to a series of problems with the steering wheel.

He finished ninth, missing his first Q3 run with a red flag for not having enough time to prepare the tires for his second run, and then the team changed his steering wheel just minutes before Sunday’s formation lab.

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The car went to the anti-stall, where he went to 14th, then made a mistake while trying to overtake Joe Guanyu in the cold tires. This ended his 17-run racing and 31 Grand Prix run without rest – both of the longest active lines ever.

Winners: McLaren

It’s a tough start to the season for McLaren, who have been paying the price for encountering print issues before the Bahrain test.


Double points for McLaren were the best weekend for the papaya team

However, the British team improved from weekend to weekend, and the combination of car refinement and track characteristics was competitive enough to get both cars in the top six in Melbourne, not finishing seventh in the first two races. 2022.

They finished fourth above the Alpine at the Constructors Championship, with Daniel Ricciardo smiling as he scored his first points of the year in his own race.

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Loser: Fernando Alonso

This weekend Fernando was very promising for Alonso, but eventually delivered his second point-less bet consecutively.

Due to damage to an oil ring, the car cut the middle corner and pushed against the wall.

He was set to save solid points on Sunday, with Alonso believing a sixth possibility, but his strategy was hampered by a defensive car. The alpine driver was forced to stop a second time because his middle tires were in bad condition, and he pulled out of the points controversy.


After a fantastic start to the weekend, things got worse for Alonso

Winner: Sergio Perez

Sergio Perez was very unlucky in the security car in Saudi Arabia, and when he got it back in Australia, he struggled interestingly to finish second.

This is the first time the Mexican has finished in the top six in Melbourne in nine previous visits, and it is the first stage of the season.

The second consecutive points after retiring in the opening game of the season helped them move up to fourth in the drivers’ rankings, ahead of teammate Verstappen.

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Losers: Haas

Haas left the Grand Prix without points for the first time this season because a poor qualifier eventually had to do more for them in the race.

Mick Schumacher lost two places in the off-track excursion and eventually finished 13th, while teammate Kevin Magnusson’s strategy was destroyed by a defensive car and he finished 14th.


Haas had no points, but they were eager to take the positives

Saw good piece performance from Friday to Saturday – and showed good racing speed so it wasn’t bad. Also, they finished seventh in the Constructors Championship.

Winner: Australian Grand Prix

The organizers of the Australian Grand Prix have always held an exciting event – but they took their game to another level in order to win the F1 race for the first time in 1,121 days.

420,000 fans flocked to Albert Park to witness Australia’s biggest sports weekend visit.

The atmosphere was incredible, the fan zone was rocking and the packed racing table provided a feast of entertainment along the way, with many changes to the corners, and it reappeared for the first time in 25 years.

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