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It has been a while since we did the bloody and courageous war revelry, with warriors dressed in sackcloth and animal skins carrying swords and flaming torches, shields, chicks and lanterns and talking in battle. It’s often called “RAAARRRGGGGHHH!” That starts and ends. There is a lot in it NorthernerA Brave Fever Dream, which creates the bizarre artisan horror that puts director Robert Ackers on the map – The sorceress And Lighthouse – Looks like Disney movies. To use a word from Alexander Scorskard’s omelette is a ritual firesight slogan that blurs the line between man and beast, which is the unbridled “pursuer” of Norse mythology.

Focus features led to this massive $ 90 million bloodbath from previous instant-cult films made on his mediocre budget, and Eggers is nothing short of fearless. Benefiting from the meticulous detailed work of product designer Craig Lathrop and costumer Linda Muir, the director creates a deep, intensely inspiring atmosphere that inspires us into the early 10th century. Is something supernatural.



Outrageous base, energetic and seamless.

Carey Connie co-wrote the Eggers script with Icelandic novelist and poet Sjan (Lamb) Scandinavian accents from the mouths of actors like Nicole Kidman, Anya Taylor-Joy and Ethan Hawke often provoke laughter. Gucci’s house Traumatic rebirth. It’s a brave bangers movie that threatens to focus on a land devoid of weird humans. Game of Thrones Meets Monty Python and the Holy Grail. That too before Bijork became a witch, adorned with evil work, seashells and bells.

But NorthernerThe Predatory Energy holds you hostage, Prince Amlet, the hunky-hearted, heroic revenge-killing machine born to play Scorscart. Longtime fans will get him by tapping into his ancient cultural roots Real blood Vampire, Eric Northman, too.

The screenplay is based on both Norse mythology and Icelandic family stories, based on the Scandinavian mythology of Amlet, who inspired Shakespeare. Homelet. The preface takes place in the fictional North Atlantic island kingdom of Hroffensi, where King Aurvand (Hawk), or Bor-Raven, comes home with much fanfare. Despite the objections of Queen Gudrun (Kidman), the injury to his courage by an adversary in battle to put 10-year-old Amlet (Oscar Novak) on the throne prompts him that their son is a boy. Omelette’s transcendental initiation involves crawling on all fours underground with his father and howling like wolves. Also, beeping, sighing, jumping and accessing confusing views through the wound of aura.

After Amlet vows to avenge his father if he dies by the enemy’s sword, he finds the boy murdered by his uncle Fizolnir (Glaze Bang), and his activity with the Queen is already ridiculed by shamanistic court fools. Heimir (William Tufo).

Fijolnir commands his men to “bring me the boy’s head” with the screaming strings and beating drums of Robin Caroline and Sebastian Gainsborough’s hard-driving score. But Amlet escapes in a boat with male villagers being massacred, women abducted, and the queen leaning on Fijolnir’s shoulder and screaming. He vows to save his mother and avenge his father by killing his uncle.

Two decades later, Amlet became a muscle-bound man who used the spirit of both the wolf and the bear. He was furious and traveled the Land of the Rus with a crowd of Viking rowdies who had never encountered a Slavic settlement that they could not plunder. But Bjர்க்கrk’s earth-mother Sears recognizes him as a lost prince and recalls his fate. Upon learning that Fjölnir had been expelled from the land he had plundered, he fled to a distant farming community in Iceland and boarded a slave ship bound there to deliver amlet workers.

Anya Taylor-Joy plays a fellow traveler who knows good hook-up when she sees someone. “I am Olga of the Birch Forest,” he says through the introduction, although she has the strength to break men’s bones, she has the trick of breaking their minds. The two are taken to Fjölnir’s farm, where Olga gradually gains Amlet’s trust, and he reveals his plan to kill his uncle and save his mother, believing that he will only show love to his young son (Elliott Rose) who kidnapped him.

Eggers’ movies shared a fascination with the magical properties of animals – a goat The sorceress (Love You, Black Philip), a cursed seagull Lighthouse. At this time the psychic beasts were wolf cubs and crows, which led to the discovery of the massive sword of the undead, formerly known as the Amlet, the Knight Blade; The latter gets busy with their hooks when they are tortured and tied up late in the game.

As Amlet approaches his goal, the storytelling accelerates as he unleashes massacres among his uncle’s men and provokes fear of a “corrupt spirit” among them. The plot turns out to be very frantic, though clear, and one or two curve moments made me howl like a wolf.

Reunion with the son who had long believed Gudrun was dead must have been a high drama. But Kidman, it’s hard not to laugh when Daryl wears Hannah’s old twisted hair. Splash Natasha Fadell greets a strong silver knife in her throat with the accent, “Your sword is long,” and engages in some inappropriate flirtation. Fjölnir suffered a terrible loss and asked, “What the hell is this ?!” Gudrun stared at him with wide eyes and said, “Walk!” She’s like a Nordic Austin Powers.

The romance between Amlet and Olga, with John Burman’s out-of-the-forest post-apocalyptic period, is the flowering time during all of this. Excalibur. There is also an interlude on a flying horse riding a Valkyrie (Inetta Sliusite) with fiery eyes. But even though Amlet confirms the continuity of his bloodstream, his death appointment is with Uncle Fjolnir at the “gates of hell”.

It will be the mouth of an active volcano where they will fight naked with any self-respecting medieval warrior, yet their digitally destroyed penises will distract attention like ken toys. I may be wrong, but their soft hips in the lava light seem to be the result of studio interference rather than the honesty of the actors or a director, presenting the world suspended between life and legend in all its awful glory.

The film was filmed by Acres’ regular DP Jarin Blaschke, with a restless impulse and a harsh sense of dramatic terrain, struck by rain, wind, snow and ice, or covered in mud and ash. The dance arrangement of the fight scenes – both staging and shooting, takes a long, unbroken take – captivating. With dense Viking Age musical instruments such as the birch horn and bone flute, which can be heard with the thunder elements and the chaos of fighting, the dense sound design is also fully encircled.

Northerner Of course there is A lot The film and its frantic intensity sometimes turn into exaggerated nonsense, which is pathetic and pleasurable in depicting a culture ruled by cycles of violence. Acres’ co-ordination of vision is as commendable as the dedication of his collaborators before and after the camera.

Scorskard, who has been working for more than a decade to create a film project rooted in his childhood love of Viking mythology and sciences, has never been severely or physically imposed. Taylor-Joy, she got her start The sorceress, Olga weaves baskets and plots destruction. (Her parents, Kate Tiki and Ralph Inesan, also appeared from the previous film.) Kidman is a dancer who manages to enjoy fire and snow. Unless anyone is volunteering to come up with a pretty template? Well, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first.

Whether you buy Acres’ crazy epic, exaggerate its bloody sorcery, or roll your eyes at its excesses, the film makes you appreciate how rarely we see a big, noisy, fighting scene these days. -Book superheroes and villains but in culturally specific history. In other words, the work of the bold imagination is not just another branch of a familiar IP. That alone is respectable.

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