All Evergaol Locations & Employers

First attempt at a real open world of firmware Souls Like Game has many amazing bosses. Here are the locations of eleven elite enemies, each trapped in one of the magical Evergol prisons. Elton Ring.

As you travel between the lands, you will encounter countless terrible enemies for your blood.

These range from the ordinary (the lords who look at you and wander) to the terrifyingly wonderful, like the many dragons that call each region home.

But sometimes, you do not know what kind of enemy you will face. Each of the ten evergreens dotted around the Elton Ring map is like that.

That’s where we come in. This is where you can find ten prisons, each with a brief run-down of the boss stuffed into them. Be careful … some of them are difficult but very effective.

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The Elton Ring release trailer teases dragons, bosses, weapons and more

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Everybody in the Elton Ring

Evergaols on this list are categorized based on their location in the game, starting with the areas most players first visit.

Notice the unusual stone clusters, the rock-shining worms that stand at their ends. They are visible from a little distance, and are always around the evergreen!


  • Forerunner Hound Evergol – This Evergol is located just south of Limgrave Lake, just before the Sacrifice Bridge to the Weeping Peninsula.
  • Storm Evergol – Take your first Legacy Dungeon, head up Stormhill Castle toward Stammhill and turn left into the open meadow area. This Evergol is located here.
    • Crucible Night – Another brutal introduction to the world of the Elton Ring, Crucible Knight must have caused many players to exit before it actually started. Insane attack range and damage inflicted. He gives you a powerful magic and a feeling of true satisfaction. Here is our guide to making him better in battle.
Elton Ring Crucible Night Tail

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Crying Peninsula

  • Cry Evergol (x1 Stonesward key required) – Go to the western part of the Weeping Peninsula. This Evergreen is just north of the majestic walking tomb.
    • Zamorin’s ancient hero – Much easier than previous fighters, this boss uses Frostbite damage. However, he copes slowly and easily. Take advantage of his weak influences like Fire, Lightning & Magic. He drops Radacon’s Scorsese, one of the amulets that transforms many powerful attributes.

Liurnia of the lakes

  • Malfactors Evergol – Embrace the cliff on the west side of the lake as you make your way northwest. Once you see a Springspring, jump to the top of the cliff and ride yourself again. Evergol is near where you entered the area.
  • Cuckoo’s Evergol – Continue north from Malfactors Evercall without going back into the water. You will soon come to this magic prison with another boss.
    • Poles, Church Knight – Poles is a giant troll in Knight Armor, he looks like many trolls you have already fought at this point. He’s big, so hit hard but moves slowly. Be under him as much as possible and aim the individual legs that knocked him down for a crucial victory! He drops the Great Plate Phalanx witch, which can be paired with some very strong crew for the best magic structure.
  • Royal Cemetery Evergol – Again, continue north. At this point, you must advance through Caria Manor, then leave the boss room and head east after reaching the three sisters.
    • Lord Alabaster – In the appearance of Zamorin’s ancient hero, the Lord uses the force of gravity against those who enter his prison. Pay attention to the part of the effect attack, but be sure to use it as the animation is long and punishable. This boss drops another spell: Meteor.

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Liurnia Quest Area

Can only be achieved by following the following Everglobe Runny The Witch’s Quest Line provides access to the highlands of Liurnia. Here is our guide to complete the quest and get the famous sword!

  • Evergol of the Ringleader – Once you have access to the Moonlight Alter Plateau, head northwest (avoid or kill the dragons). At the edge of the ground, you can see this evergreen.
Elton Ring Gallit

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  • Cellia Evergol – The only evergol in Gailide is on a cliff south of where you collect the map of the region.
    • Formage Hughes – As his name implies, Hughes often relies on magical attacks, however he can attack you with his clown. Your biggest threat in this fight is Heima’s canon, which can cause double damage if AoE witchcraft attacks you directly. By killing him, you will be given the Spirit Ashes that summon himself.

Altas Plateau

  • Golden Lineage Evergol (x1 Stonesword key required) – The Altas Plateau holds only one prisoner, but this is of little importance. Once you exit Dectus’ Grand Lift, you must cross a natural bridge. Get down on it and head east. In front of you is this evergreen.

Mountains of giants

  • Lord Contenter’s Evergol – This prison is found on the southwest shore of a frozen lake.
    • Round Table Night Wig – The ultimate Evercol boss is by far the most human. According to legend, Wyke Elton was close to becoming Lord before the madman pushed him out of the way of mercy. He often uses lightning strikes, but can interrupt, so do not hesitate. He must be healed once. Fingerprint Collection and Wig’s Dragonbold Magic. Be sure to get the best sacred seals to use with your arsenal of growing spells.

Here is a map for those who want to see locations in that category.

Eldon Ring Evergaol Map

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That’s all. You found and defeated every Evergol boss in the Elton Ring. The world is the best place for you. That is, they must have been imprisoned for some crime WorseRight?

Is there One Evergol is more in the lands in between, but it works a little differently. Spoiler Warning: It is located on the mountain top of the Giants region and is connected to the main plot.

If you are itching for more boss fights, check out our guide for every quest in the Elton Ring and slay some key enemies.

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