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“It’s really an honor to officially join the Kraken organization, and I can not wait to get started,” Benears said. “Even though we haven’t reached our destination, I’m really looking forward to my time with Michigan and looking forward to the next phase of my journey. Made last summer very realistic. I’m glad to be going to Seattle.”

Adding the team’s first draft selection marks another franchise in the opening season of the first tournament. Kraken GM Ron Francis praised the Benares’ skating, playmaking skills and determination in the defensive zone, but the manager, who became a Hall of Fame player, was still impressed by the charm of his new player. For example, it says a lot that the only non-senior who was on Michigan’s captaincy team this season was Benears.

“We are delighted to officially welcome Matty to our company,” said Craigon GM Ron Francis. “He completed a manufacturing career with the Frozen Four tour in Michigan and has impressed our staff with his leadership and strong two-way game over the past two years. The next step in his growth.”

New or long-time hockey fans recognize the speed and skill of each player at the NHL level, as well as the physical and mental stress of the 82-game schedule. As Francis puts it, “the next step in development” is a good reminder to all viewers that even the best amateur players need the time and experience of the NHL game to discover their greatest potential.

“A lot of people said they play hockey [NHL] Games at the end of the season will be useful [for NCAA players]”Beniers said in an exclusive interview on Sunday.

“It’s very important for me to know them and learn from them. I’m very lucky to do that.”

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Live the Hockey Dream

According to Beniers, this week’s presentation in full technique is a big moment in his hockey dream career: he will make his NHL debut, imagining hundreds of winter days in the frozen pool behind his family’s home in Hingham, MA.

Beniurs may have thought about scoring a lot in the NHL in the 11 years he has played on teams where his father was coach. And, no doubt, he had the NHL in mind at the age of 15 when he announced to his mom and dad that he wanted to play for the US Hockey National Team Development Program as a 16-year-old. He was promoted to U18 in midfield.

With two strong seasons in Michigan, three international appearances (Men’s Worlds, World Juniors, Olympics) ending Thursday, with a long overtime defeat to final champion Denver The 12-month hurricane chronology of the Pioneers All interesting preparation and personal environment for the two-way center to face NHL opponents in the coming days.

“It was a tough decision for me,” Benierz said, considering his future in the snow a few days after the frozen four appearances. “I love my team, I love my team, I love Michigan. It’s not easy. I did my research and talked to a lot of people.”

Benears is close to his parents and older siblings, Bobby and Gianna. His father, Bob, coached him at the youth level for a decade. His mother, Christine, a Broadway actress and now a lawyer, moved with the Beniers when it was decided that the new Kraken contractor would play for the USA Hockey Team Development Project.

“I think it’s a four-way tie that makes a family member so excited,” Benears laughed. “My family will be happy and supportive of whatever decision I make. There is so much excitement.

“They all want to go to Seattle soon to see the city and see what I’m playing.”

Video: Mattie Beniers agrees to the terms

The entry level explains the NHL agreement

All NHL rookies under the age of 25 will sign the entry level agreement or ELC. This agreement is a two-way agreement involving players competing at the NHL and AHL / ECHL levels. The length of the contract depends on age: three years for 18 to 21 year olds, two years for 22 and 23 year olds and one year for 24 year olds.

There are rules for what a season is, but in the case of the Beniors, any game he plays during the Cragan regular-season schedule will be counted as the season he played, which in turn would end his rookie for the next two seasons. Contract.

When met with the media in early March, Francis did not specifically discuss Benierz’s contract status, respecting Michigan’s run for the title (Wolverines won the big convention match). But Cragan GM acknowledged the possibility of what is commonly referred to as the “burn” of the contract year.

“The team certainly wants not to burn it, but it’s part of doing business with more draft choices in today’s world.” Francis said.

Among the latest examples are Beniors ‘Michigan teammates Owen Power, Buffalo’s 2021 best pick and Kent Johnson, Columbus’ 2021 first-rounder, who signed on Friday. Two: Former Michigan defenseman and now Vancouver defenseman Quinn Hughes and former Yumas de-Man now Colorado star Gale McCarthy.

Kraken will have first-right options to re-sign the Pioneers for his next NHL deal. Entry-level deals include performance bonuses, the only time a player qualifies for a bonus worth up to 35 years.

‘Hello Player, Better DJ’

Benigns ‘mother, Christine, went to Ann Arbor to support her son’s aspirations, while Bob Benears, a sales representative, stayed in Hingham with Benears’ s siblings. Although Benears progressed year after year, her lawyer mother worked far and wide, and the two continued to share a love of music that began in Christine’s first life as a Broadway actress.

Christine Beniers Matty, senior siblings Bobby and Kiana directed school concerts while growing up. In a music city like Seattle, Kraken fans will be delighted to learn that Benears appeared on two concerts in his youth, “Jersey Boys” and “The Sound of Music”.

When Benears first joined the Team USA development program, his coaches asked all new players to tell team players an interesting fact about themselves. The coaches, of course, asked Beniers to sing something for the group. Benears chose Frankie Valli’s Can’t Take My Eyes of You “from” Jersey Boys “.

At the Winter Olympics in Beijing, Beniurs was the youngest member of a team of 15 NCAA players and 10 old teammates. Not only did Beniers earn the most ice time on all USA forwards, but he also put together a list of songs with all the band and coaching staff led by former New York Rangers and Boston University coach David Quinn.

“I think everyone likes old tunes,” Beniers told Stephen Vino, an Associated Press reporter. “It’s a pretty common ground because a lot of older people don’t like hard rap, and younger people generally like old music, so this is good.”

The Foundation’s “Built Me Up Buttercup”, Hall & Oats’ “Rich Girl”, Kansas’ “Carry on Ward Sun” and Bob Marley and the Wailers’ “Three Little Birds” songs. Do you like Beniers? Marvin Gaye and Tammy Terrell duet, “Int No Mountain High Enough.”

“This is the best playlist I’ve ever heard of in hockey,” said Quinn, 55. “I said to Matty, ‘You’re a great player, but you’re a great DJ.’ ”

Learning curve

Benears’ many sporting experiences over the past 12 months have proven themselves more than once. At the NHL level this can be a challenge, even if a young opportunity starts from any draft slot.

On Draft Day, Ron Francis talked about how Matty was a smart young man determined in his studies, which came as no surprise to both parents who graduated from Cornell University (his father played football at the Ivy League school).

“Mattie is a winner and a great character with great potential,” Francis said. “We think he’s a big improvement. You do not have many times to interview a player, and he’s graduating from pre – med. [freshman year]. He’s obviously a bright kid. ”

Benierz College coach, Mel Pearson, saw growth in his alternate captain’s game over two seasons with the Wolverines at the Craigslist center, which may have been more important and interesting this season when Benears was unable to build a scoresheet. Francis, too, often talks about how a player behaves when he is not walking his way.

Pearson recalled that “he was not the same Matty Beniers” as the coach suggested that “be true to yourself and have fun” and that goals and help would come. Pearson provided an article on Toronto star forward Mitch Marner’s confidence after an assist in last season’s Supper playoffs and the first seven games of the 2021-22 season (Marner currently has 31 goals and 59 assists in 63 games).

Benears told The Hockey News reporter Ryan Kennedy, “I’m not as focused on external pressure as I personally expect.”

“Probably I was a little hard on myself. After looking at the article and talking to my parents, I took a step back and played hockey without worrying about anything else. That was a change in my thinking.”

The Beniors-led Michigan have scored on a team this season (20 goals in 37 games, 23 assists) with seven first-round draft selections and a total of 13 NHL drafts.

“He’s always been a mature kid, but he’s taken another step,” Pearson said. “Wherever you are going to fight, it’s only about embracing it. You have to fight to grow. He hung there, worked hard and did other things for the success of our team. A lone young man.”

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