BTS has dropped the military issue and hopes the villagers will continue to compete

BTS posed for pictures before hosting a concert in Las Vegas on Saturday. (Big hit music)

The K-pop event BTS held a brief meeting with the Korean media in Las Vegas on Saturday ahead of the band’s concert.

Seven members of the group – RM, V, Jin, Jimin, J-Hope, Jungkook and Suga – greeted reporters at the Alligator Stadium where the concert was taking place, wearing their white and red stage attire and giving short responses. Questions.

“We’re glad to see you again. A few weeks after the Seoul edition of last month’s concert series “Permission to Dance on Stage”, the band’s leader, R.M. Today we are hosting another solo concert.

Suka said, “Although it would have been nice to have had this meeting after winning the Grammy Awards, we’re still in Las Vegas to hold our concerts, and we’re still proud to meet you like this.”

In Las Vegas on April 3, he attended the September 64th Grammy Awards as nominees for Best Pop Double or Team Performance, although they eventually lost to Doja Gate and SZA. The team left the awards blank for the second year in a row.

Regarding how they felt about the decision, V called the decision “clean”, but I could not stop crying. It was something I could not control. That fact must be taken into account. “

Jimin continued, “I think we want to get even worse this time around because we wanted to know how far the Koreans could go with our music, and wanted to give back to all the military (the official fan of BTS). Rooted so hard for us.”

Jin eased the mood by saying, “This year will not be our last chance, we can try anytime in the future, so we will continue to do what we can.”

Band members were careful about sharing details of a new song or album release.

RM said, “Of course we are doing it now and I know you will always be very interested in it. We can’t share exactly when it will come out, but we will continue to work on it.

Suka continued, “It would be nice if we could say it out loud, but I hope a better day comes soon, right? Please wait as we are working on various things including personal works.

At the end of the session, V said, “It’s so hot, isn’t it? I also have a hard time bringing in the wrong clothes. Have fun despite the heat! ”

“Even if I had an actor around my arm now, I would still do what I could on stage,” Jin said, sitting out of certain parts of the show due to a finger injury and entering the tube.

Jung said, “Thank you for coming so far for us. If you want to make a little noise today, please join us and have fun! “

Hybe's press conference on BTS`

A hype about BTS ‘”The City” project takes place on April 9 at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas. (Hype)

Earlier in the day, executives of the band’s company Hybe held a press conference at the MGM Grand Hotel, where CEO Lee Jin-hyong and CEO Kim Dae-ho answered questions about the concert and band. “The problem of military recruitment.

“We are very careful in talking about the issue of military recruitment because we know how important it is in South Korea,” CCO Lee said. “One thing we want to say is that the artists have now left everything about the issue in the hands of the company.”

“It simply came to our notice then that we had not changed our minds. But since 2020, the coercion system has been changing, changing in a way that members did not expect. Since the amendment to the Military Service Act was proposed earlier this year, all decisions involving artists have been left in the hands of the company, ”Lee continued.

Under current law, all physically fit South Korean men are required to serve in the military for approximately two years. South Korean compulsory law allows exceptions for international award-winning medalists and classical musicians, and calls are growing among BTS fans for such exemptions to be applied to a wide range of artists.

Last November, several South Korean lawmakers proposed bills to amend the Military Service Act, also known as the BTS Act, which would allow K-pop artists, who have made significant contributions to raising the country’s global standing. The Minister of Culture is required to serve 34 months in their field under the Alternative Program and extend their enrollment to 30 years. The bill is currently pending in the National Assembly.

Jin, a senior member of the Septet, who should have been listed last December, applied for the exemption and has now postponed his admission until the end of this year.

“Because the exact point of inclusion is unpredictable, it is difficult for members to deal with the problem themselves and it bothers them when they try to create projects. The company and the artists follow the issue very closely and we will do everything we can to end up in a direction that benefits the artists and our community.

Lee urged lawmakers to make decisions. “Since international attention is an issue, we believe that this debate has progressed well enough within the community and in the National Assembly. We hope that this will be decided within this period of the National Assembly, and if it is passed next, this endless debate will continue, and such uncertainty must be honest. We hope this issue is resolved soon.

Adding to the company’s position on the issue of military recruitment, Lee said, “The company wants to see how far PDS artists can grow and stay with them to the end. We expect BTS and company to improve further musically and in terms of our influence. We hope we can see with our own eyes where that result is.

BTS kicked off the Las Vegas hand on Friday with the “Permission to Dance on Stage” concert series. Following a short break, the four-day show will continue next Friday and Saturday. The tour kicked off with a livestream show in Seoul last October, before being live in Los Angeles in November and December, and again in Seoul in March.

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