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BTS ARMY became known as “BTS Permission to Dance the City”, with two nights of partying at MGM’s Grand Garden Arena at Allied Stadium, hotel rooms decorated with business, a Korean food cafe and exclusive pop-ups. Dance party vibes, light “bombs,” piece with TinyTan and teardrop buckets (happiness).



See the latest videos, charts and news

See the latest videos, charts and news

When BTS performed “allowed to dance” multiple choice concerts in both Seoul and Los Angeles, their fans knew Las Vegas would be different. Shining like “Dynamite”, Las Vegas led the weekend shows on April 8th and 9th with the acquisition of never-before-seen events. Lyrics and intense dance. If you haven’t seen BTS live, it’s an unforgettable, unparalleled experience that adds new people to every song.

“Tonight is a very special night,” said BTS member R.M. Addressed the crowd during the night of April 9 in Angkor. “Of course, we’re doing a BTS concert with 50,000 soldiers … I made my first trip to the US at the age of 15. It was 2009 and the last stop was Las Vegas. After growing up, earning a little money, I would definitely come back and enjoy Las Vegas.

He continued, “It feels so weird because at the age of 15 I was thinking about quitting music and studying again. I never thought I would come back. [have] These wonderful stays with all of my dear friends. Thank you for coming back to Las Vegas – I did this so well tonight. I want to tell little RM from the age of 15 that your life and your next Las Vegas will be amazing.

The teenage dream came true and BTS granted the crowd “permission to dance” – a relentless license to listen to music for two and a half hours. Although most of the flow and content did not seem to differ from previous editions of “Permission for Dance”, the experience was changeable and new to the audience, accumulating from all over the world. Beginning at 7:30 pm, videos for the hit songs “Dynamite” and “Butter” were played with a sea of ​​Army bombs or light sticks, turning purple on the chorus. Following them is a video vignette called “VCR”, which shows BTS being held captive in the interrogation room and freed from their clutches – allowed to dance? Presumably, so.

BTS first appeared on stage for a high-energy act with red and white tracksuits, with songs such as “On,” “Fire,” “Top” and “DNA”. With dozens of dancers in white, the light sticks throughout the stadium turned red for the “fire”.

During the “VCR 2” video, a group of seven members pools, dances and hangs out. Act Two feels like the real start of the “Permission to Dance” statement, with the dazzling, screaming, applause of a growing number of fans on every chord.

A large group of black and beautiful “black swan” dancers, now dressed in black, filled the stage wearing bloom sleeves. As the movement around the band members was exaggerated, the remains of feathers floated in the air, each with a chain accent on their black clothes. The stunning debut of “fake love” set in the middle of a lush sculpture with arms outstretched turning into a lotus flower, closed the set.

In “VCR 3”, we see BTS in a hotel room, preparing for an epic feast and then discovering the magical. With a touch of video, Rainbow Confetti’s shower covers the audience, combining what we see on screen with the joy of real life.

Act Three brings BTS’s biggest hits in the US, including “Dynamite” and “Butter”. Titled Glam Chic of the 70s, it is reminiscent of the band’s stylized dance moves adorned on Easter Egg pastels. Saturday night fever And matched with carefree lyrics, pausing for all the important moments like pyro and fireworks. J-Hope’s Pink Fedora stole the show.

Fans got a close-up of footage of Suka, Jay-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, Jin and Jangook, circling the audience in two orange construction lifts that were on top of covered purple balloons. During “Wings”, flowers, stuffed animals and other tokens of praise rained down from the crowd.

In the extended encore, BTS closed their main set with thriller, brutal “idle” with ecstatic dance moves.

In the 30-minute slice of Angkor, each BTS member had the opportunity to address the crowd. The most notable difference between Saturday’s show and the night before came during Angkor. Friday night close time “Home,” “Flight Pt. 2,” “Silver Spoon” and “Sickness-Simplicity.” On Saturday, before large glowing bullets floated across the field for the song titled “Permission to Dance”, the military treated the unmistakable “Anbanman” and “Ko Ko”.

V’s notes on Jungkook’s stomach flashes, J-Hope’s memorable “wow”, Jim’s new haircut, Jin’s injured arm and Johnny Depp. Cry-baby The dissatisfied army was rarely satisfied.

“BTS Permission to Dance” proved that Rainbow Confetti’s supply chain was not broken or that their fans were not hungry for band-related content.

On the business side, “The City” changes the paradigm of the concert business model – extending an artist’s IP to new territories beyond business and meeting and greetings.

The concept of “urban concert playpark” creates a comprehensive and exponential fan experience with entertaining activities for fans before and after concerts. Las Vegas is the perfect testing ground for such an event.

Through this partnership with HYBE, the management behind BTS offers MGM Resorts BTS-themed rooms at 11 hotels across the Las Vegas Strip and BTS-preferred Korean food at CAFÉ in the city. Bellagio Springs features BTS ‘”butter” and “dynamite” in the new water scene.

In Area 15, part 15 of the Arts and Entertainment feature, ARMY approached “BTS Pop-up: Permission for Dance” until April 17, with high-speed travel with free tickets through the band’s history, music videos, and exclusive sales moments. . Also, the $ 25 ticket for “Behind the Stage” includes behind-the-scenes photography for the “Permission for Dance” production.

When the Rainbow streamers settle down, it’s time to do it again next weekend, as BTS returns with a livestream show on the last night of the concert on April 15th and 16th.

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