Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan is expected to be re-elected.

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan – Pakistanis who rose on Sunday were left reeling from a political crisis. Although they are relieved by the peaceful end of the tumultuous struggle over the removal of their prime minister, they continue to pursue further discriminatory conflict and the fall of economic independence.

The reign of a high but flawed personality came to an abrupt end with the humiliating but legitimate ouster of Prime Minister Imran Khan by a no-confidence vote in parliament. Khan won the change and reforms, but never delivered them, and then sought anti-American accusations in an eleven-hour attempt to avoid defeat.

Rifat Hussain, a professor of political and policy studies at the National University of Science and Technology in Pakistan, said: “I feel a tragic loss.

Imran felt he was above the law and the constitution. He was a famous athlete, but he politely refused to accept defeat, ”Hussein said, referring to Khan’s cricket star about 35 years ago. “He talked about creating a true democracy and a better society, but instead his main legacy was to divide the community and ruin the economy, which is deeply disappointing.

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan was ousted in a no-confidence vote in parliament on April 10. (Video: Reuters, Photo: Reuters)

Khan rose to national prominence on the promise of the power and corruption of Pakistan’s rich political elite, which garnered strong support for his election in 2018 from younger, educated and middle class Pakistanis.

That support was even more evident on Sunday night when Khan, the glamorous former captain of the Pakistan national cricket team, called for rallies after being sacked. At 10 pm, large, enthusiastic crowds gathered in three major cities, Lahore, Rawalpindi and Karachi, and small towns across the country. On television, thousands of people gathered in city plazas, danced and clapped, “Who will save Pakistan? Imran Khan, Imran Khan.

Khan did not appear in person at any of the rallies, but as they continued to spread he sent exciting tweets. “Rejecting the imported government led by the traitors, people like this have never come out spontaneously and in such numbers in our history,” he tweeted after midnight.

Nonetheless, Khan’s relentless attacks on the elite backfired, uniting rival parties to overthrow him. By attracting disgruntled Khan allies, his opponents collected enough votes in parliament to overthrow him.

Imran Khan became the Prime Minister of Pakistan, marking the beginning of a new era

“The credit for defeating the dynastic political forces should go to Imran Khan,” said Ayas Ameer, an analyst and former legislator. This is a reference to two families, the Sharifs and the Bhutto, who have wielded political power since its establishment in Pakistan. 1947. Now, he said, “they must share power with an unbridled line of former enemies who have nothing but common opposition to Khan. It will be very difficult for them to take on these economic problems.”

Work on appointing new leaders is already underway. Shebaz Sharif, a 70-year-old leader of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, is expected to take over as caretaker prime minister in an assembly vote on Monday. Sharif, the brother of three-time former prime minister Nawaz Sharif, was convicted and jailed in a 2018 corruption case.

Shebaz Sharif is expected to be the prime ministerial candidate in this fall’s election, although Khan’s key aide, Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, has also filed his candidacy.

Khan has also made it clear that he wants to run for office again. While his weak traits – impatience, poor management skills and reluctance to cultivate allies – diminished his ability to govern, some observers commented that he was always at the top of his game when challenged by power from the outside as a persuasive and passionate speaker.

Hasan Askari Rizvi, a political analyst in Lahore, said, “The fall of Khan will continue to haunt the new government.” Successful management is another. Sheriff has tough times.

Now that Khan is out of power, no one has underestimated his ability to come back.

Pakistan cricket legend Imran Khan becomes a politician

“Khan proved to be a negotiator and he did little to resolve serious issues,” Aamir said. “In the months leading up to the election, it’s time for him to introspect, learn from his mistakes, reorganize his party and act as a vibrant opposition.”

Another outcry that Khan is increasingly taking advantage of is anti-Americanism, which is already emerging as a key theme in his potential efforts for political re-entry. In recent weeks, as he struggled to stay in power, he accused US officials of colluding with his domestic rivals in a plot against his government.

The indictment, based on what Khan described as a secret diplomatic document proving an American conspiracy, was a key factor in his efforts to stay in power. First, he was able to cancel a no-confidence parliamentary vote, accusing rival legislators of backing him through a “foreign conspiracy.”

Later, facing defeat after the Supreme Court ordered a referendum, he condemned the imposition of an “imported government” in Pakistan. On Saturday night, still trying to stop voting, he demanded that the document be shown to senior officials, including judges in the Supreme Court, which is open to receiving urgent petitions as the crisis deepens.

U.S. officials have repeatedly denied the allegations. But US intervention has long been a political struggle in Pakistan. On Sunday night, several pro-Khan protesters chanted “Friends of the United States are traitors”, referring to Pakistani politicians who opposed Khan.

“The conspiracy has given another reason for Khan’s supporters to gain strength,” said Iqram Katana, a 32-year-old activist for Khan’s Justice Party, during a tumultuous rally in the northwestern city of Peshawar. “We are here to support him, and more and more people are joining us now. We know he will come back stronger with re-election.

Sheikh Hussein in Islamabad and Haq Nawaz Khan in Peshawar contributed to the report.

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