Horoscope for the week of April 10, 2022, weekly horoscope

Overview: A wish! On Tuesday, we would like to remember that a rare alignment between Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces — indeed once in a lifetime! Jupiter rules our imagination / vision, while Neptune rules our spirituality / belief. The coming together of these two planets helps to select images that can be expressed in our lives. So you want to express hope, optimism and vision!

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Have faith, Aries! As your Jupiter-Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in the Pisces ruling spiritual realm, you want to cultivate hope, optimism and vision in the unknown. You do not receive once in a lifetime birthday greetings every year, so be specific, courageous and honest about the consequences of your ideal situation. May all your dreams for new beginnings and exciting second opportunities come true!


Put the commune in the community, Taurus! The Jupiter-Neptune merger on Tuesday will transform your Platonic relationship into your Pisces ruling friendship and cooperation zone. You will be even more connected and supported by your Ride-R-Dice. Exciting new friendships, mentorships and opportunities coming from members of a community will be yours at any given time.

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Get up Gemini! Joining Jupiter Jupiter-Neptune in your Pisces-ruling career zone requires your very specific and confident vision of your work, life purpose and all the ways you want to share your gifts and talents with others. Don’t worry about how it will happen. Focus on what you want to be and who you want to be!


Expand your thinking, cancer! Tuesday Jupiter-Neptune Admission You would like to consider the possibilities of many more possibilities in your Pisces-ruling wisdom and education zone. That way, your passion will lead you to exciting new opportunities, campuses and countries that will give you the knowledge you need to change anything you want to see in your life changing!

The lion

Reveal, do not hide, Leo! As Jupiter-Neptune merges on Tuesday, and Neptune merges into your Pisces, you will want to practice calling relationship therapist Esther Perrell “see me.” It is important to share your innermost beliefs, fears, longings and desires with people who really need them. Listen to it, you get self-expression when you express yourself. You will be reborn with this courageous act of telling the truth!

The sign of Virgo

Enemies really attract, Virgo! As your Pisces joins Mars Jupiter-Neptune in the ruling love zone, it helps you discover gravity, relationship potential and commitment to people who are very different from you but can expand your world. This is the moment to tell the universe of the love, affection and affection you want to receive and give.


It’s little things, Libra! You want to start with a small behavioral change in your Pisces ruling welfare zone on Thursday Jupiter-Neptune combination. Whether it involves a memory routine, limiting notifications on your phone or drinking water every morning, this connection will change your life. Small things can add big results!


Stand in your Holy Land, Scorpio! Mars-Jupiter-Neptune fusion in your Pisces ruling faith and courage zone is what you want – as fellow Scorpio zodiac sign Dr. Brown Brown says, “Do not stand on your holy earth”. Engage in behavioral strategies that will help you to remain faithful and to control perfectionism, comparisons, and shame.


Come home, Sagittarius! Tuesday Jupiter-Neptune You should turn to the people and places that keep your heart safe in your Pisces ruling home, family and emotional security field. If you are thinking about moving and / or healing your relationship with your family, it is time to go along with caring for ancestral wounds.


Expand your language, expand your world, Capricorn! You want to use language as a way to open up new possibilities and second opportunities in your Pisces ruling communication zone on Tuesday Jupiter-Neptune. Review your relationship with communication and see how it helps or hinders your progress. Be open to the universe showing you how to expand your world through communication!


What does “security” mean to you, Aquarius? As Jupiter-Neptune merges on Tuesday your Pisces-ruled security, financial and metaphorical zone wants you to be clear on the new version of security. From a financial standpoint, to putting your values ​​into practice, this wonderful transportation helps you anchor and provide the security gift you need.


You are a miracle worker, Pisces! Tuesday Jupiter-Neptune conjunction is in your zodiac. This once in a lifetime transportation wants to make your dreams come true. With love, hope, vision and hope in your heart, tell the universe exactly who you want to be, what you want to do, and what kind of decisions you want in your life. All their wishes are truly my congratulations!

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