Is Hulu’s ‘The Kardashians’ the same old show?

Their 14-year reality-TV empire E! Nine months after the end of, the Kardashians returned. This week, the family will be out of their micro-pension after being offered a “massive 9-figure salary” to star in Hulu’s. Kardashians, A redesigned version of their old show. Will switching to streaming be enough to undermine this ideal American right? OK.

The first teaser for the Hulu show (which was changed to private for some reason) released last December promised fans this time around that “all the walls will be demolished” – a startling announcement at first, but the second thought really meant nothing. The first footage of the show, which was released last month, proves to be identical. Despite the promises that this “updated” series will show the Kardashians “their most intimate” side when they “form a family”, in review, we see The same The millionaires team is playing The same Serious delay in using tabloid headlines The same Elliptical editing techniques and The same Cliffhangers attached together from facial expressions and eye contact. The Kardashians missed “getting paid for each other” and took a six-month break before resuming filming. Nothing about it.

Car-Jenner Matriarch Chris Jenner goes on to mention Continuing with the Kardashians As they shine from the “foundation” and “motherhood” of their family, these women will feel a little rude after the sudden loss of the self-propagating branch of their regime. When KUWTK Introduced in E! In 2007, Instagram’s invention was three years away. The most famous person on the show is Kim Kardashian, and your average American can still only identify as “that girl with the sex tape”. Collectively using nearly 1.3 billion followers on Instagram or about 16 percent of the world’s population, today, they are the highest documented women in the world. Nevertheless, despite the rapid growth of their personal and professional brands, the family has failed to develop their audience, over time, not to mention the fact that they can reach more people directly on social media than any other streaming site. Their own megastartum.

When you consider that the ratings of the original show have also suffered a steady decline since 2015, this commitment to the formula that made them popular seems particularly absurd. According to New York Daily NewsLess than 1 million people have tuned in KUWTKThe final episode of Season 18, April 30, 2020, is the last episode to air before they announce that the show is over. That season was just six episodes long, dropped from series 21, and shifted from its traditional Sunday-night slot to Thursdays.

Part of that decline was due to the screenwriting system of the Kardashians, which began to fall long before they decided to stop it properly. Family has always used KUWTK As a way to mediate their own scandals and brand image. They first proved the use of the show through Kim’s sex tape as a media spinmaster, shyly dismissing it as something she did in a controversial pilot episode because she “horned and felt it”. The fury that comes to define her life.

They completed their PR strategy with the release of Courtney’s amazing first pregnancy in 2009, confirming the news just days before the first screening of her spinoff show. Courtney & Close Tag Miami. After teasing her father’s identity for months, she revealed to 2.6 million viewers during the season finale that it was her ex-boyfriend Scott Dixie. The news was also sold in the package contract Life Magazine for $ 300,000, per Hollywood ReporterProvides exclusive rights to notice of pregnancy, gender of child, notice of birth, photos of first child and disclosure of body of child.

The family could have played a little faster and more relaxed at Kim’s very short second marriage with Chris Humphries, as E! To document every moment of the wedding! Cameras were on hand, but the Kardashians also found other ways. To monetize the ceremony. According to Hollywood Reporter, People The magazine bought the exclusive rights to the wedding photos for $ 1.5 million earlier that year, after paying an additional $ 300,000 for the couple’s engagement announcement pictures. OK! The magazine paid $ 100,000 for exclusive rights to the photos of the wedding shower. But even though their relationship lasted only 72 days, the two-part wedding special brought in 10.5 million viewers, with over $ 2 million in tabloid revenue.

Thanks to the continued success of these types of well-organized press cycles, the popularity of the Kardashians began to rise. Their popularity has grown beyond the limits of reality TV to product collaborations, fashion-magazine cards, personalized apps, video games and more high-quality relationships. This era they formally introduced their two younger siblings Kendall and Kylie as the next generation of “incompetent” breakout stars. But thanks to this high-profile media review, the Debloy-to-TV-Show pipeline began to break down their success quickly. Beginning with Kim’s relationship with Kanye West, the media coverage of their lives began at the time of the 2016 Paris looting. For the first time, instead of sowing storylines in family magazines, eventually their results can be seen as big ratings success on screen, and stories about Kardashians have been breaking down online for a long time. Before They will weigh the situation for the cameras.

In Kim’s Paris robbery case, the family immediately began talking to the media, and Klose was on the run. Ellen His sister passed away the following week to address the “incredibly traumatic” test. But even with the constant stream of source citations for newspapers between actual robbery and theft. KUWTK The special, which aired six months later, was not good enough to keep their audience engaged. Despite a three-month social media hiatus and the refusal to discuss any details of the incident with the press, by the time Kim appeared on screen, she had revealed that she was begging for her life and was “mentally prepared to be shot in the head”. ”The fans have already moved on to the next sensational news. The number of their viewers reflected that only 1.58 million people were tuned in to the episode. ForbesSlightly more than 1.48 million viewers that season’s premiere – the smallest premiere audience of the show since 2008.

In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres in a September 2021 interview, Kim seems to want to talk about their new Hulu show. Kardashians Have a very quick turn compared KUWTKIt was six to nine months late, and he hoped the first episode of their new show would air that fall. In a recent conversation with Variety, Called the late chronology of the original show “like our death.” In another interview on EllenKlose confirmed his sister’s assessment Kardashians 2022 will launch soon in January or February. Now, Seven Months After they first started filming this series, let’s see if the family (or not) found a way to stay (or not) one step ahead of the press.

So far, the positive outcome seems skeptical as Courtney and Travis Parker’s gothic love affair and the traumatic connection between Kim and Pete Davidson, as well as Tristan Thompson’s trailer review of every story we’ve already seen online in recent months. Groundhawk DayThe betrayals he caused as a father to a child with a woman who was not close this time. But as with many in the Kardashian world, the most notable in this perspective are real-life storylines that are not mysterious – for example, Travis Scott’s involvement in the Astrowworld, the Houston music festival, the killing of ten viewers, or West’s relentless social media bullying and many other public manipulation tactics by his ex – wife. Aimed at withdrawing within the confines of the persecution. These events can feel so dark and legitimate that their fans can’t reconsider the screen, and even these PR mavens can’t figure out how to spin in their favor.

So far, the only real significant change seems to be in allowing the Kardashians to re-invade their Galapagos mansions on cameras. In 2017, Family E! Signed a final agreement with, renewing the series for less than $ 100 million by 2020. Variety. When announcing their reasons for ending the show, Chris said he wants his kids to take time off from the cameras. Still, three months later they announced the result KUWTK, Confirmed that the Hulu family has already signed on to “create new global content under a multi-year agreement,” significantly more than their previous network offer. Close insists that despite the multi-million dollar pay rise, the move has nothing to do with money. “It had to be a good fit, and Hulu was a perfect fit for us. It could not just be for monetary gain,” he said. VarietyAs trendsetters, cable was simply “not branded” and they wanted to cut the rope that “with someone who is ahead in technology, we’re on time”.

By covering up this money move in the guise of personal evolution and rapidly advancing through the show’s final life cycle, Kardashians can actually put the final nail in the coffin-TV coffin. With the finale of the show last June, the family developed many good intentions and favorite flashbacks, but by re-shooting too quickly, their Hulu series was just another cynical flip rather than a real rediscovery. The public was not given a chance to know how it felt not to see a Kardashian on their television screens before the press cycle began for the massive withdrawal of Kardashian. When we look at this owner’s zombie-like resurrection shortly after we praise him, it makes the audience feel as angry as if they have found someone tapping their own funeral – this funeral has made the recently deceased even more foreign rich.

The ubiquity of Kardashian media, grassroots greed, and the ability to completely waterboard ourselves with content on every site are the things that took them to the highest heights of celebrity. Now that they’ve done it, it’s ready to take them back down.

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