Is UFC playing with fire with Kamsat Simeov? – Nine unanswered questions from UFC 273

Why did get the bonus voted by fans an hour before the event?

When I looked at the UFC website at 5:20 pm on Saturday night I noticed that there was a link to vote for the fan bonus. My curiosity was piqued and I clicked on it. The link was opened to a page that allowed me to vote for three fighters, so I did. I submitted my vote and was asked to verify my email address. I did. Then, “Your vote is there!” That got me notice. Again, it was more than an hour before the event started. Maybe this will only be an issue for the first time, but the idea that fans can vote on a bonus before the event starts does not inspire confidence in the entire fan-bonus system.

Is the UFC still paying $ 10,000 for the fighters’ first fight?

Following the success of Mickey Call, Mike Malot announced that he would donate $ 10,000 to GoFundMe for his show, which was set up to contribute to the cost of maintaining the daughter of one of his allies on Team Alpha while fighting on stage. 3 Lymphoma. Malot’s contribution is commendable and his appeal is heartfelt. The emergence from the MMA community since he asked for help has been overwhelming and positive.

However, I would not fail if I did not point out the fact that the UFC has boasted of raising wages for veterans over the past several years, while keeping the basic pay for veterans at $ 10,000. As long as the UFC starting salary provides a living wage for these professional athletes, there is no room for promotion. No.

For what next K. Hansen?

Kay Hanson did not turn 23 until August. She is a talented, but green fighter, and she tries to do it very quickly. Hansen is learning to work on promoting the world’s finest mixed martial arts. It was unfair to her. For her growth, self-confidence and future as a fighter – she is on a three-match losing streak after UFC 273 – promotion should send her a level playing field and allow her to work on her skills, her confidence, her weight. Cut itself for a few years. The UFC did this in 2016 for four fights with Angela Hill. The same should be advertised for Hansen.

What was Aspen Lot And what does his team think?

If you’re wondering why Aspen Lot did not pursue a relegation with any interest until the third round of his confrontation with Raguel Pennington, you are not alone. Lot and his crew fought Pennington’s strength for the first 10 minutes of the fight. Lot lost in those rounds. When the parking lot went up after being eliminated in the third round – defending it – she won the round.

Ladd’s Corner has been charged before and deserves further criticism for how they handled this fight. Lot allowed Pennington to command and lead the first two rounds, and it missed his chance to win.

Lot is now 1-3 on his last four tours and he could do well by changing some of the teams behind him.

There is Ian Carey Worthy of exaggeration?

The jury is out on Ian Gary – and should be. I do not know how much hope the exaggeration in the background of the young Irish fighter is based on and how much reversal is possible. Now, I would say the bulk of the motivation he receives at 24 is built on the belief that he will become the next Irish star for promotion.

Gary has talent and confidence, but he also has a job. There are holes in his game, he is still growing (again, just 24) and there is nothing wrong with that.

Carrie’s post-fight talk with UFC commentator John Anik stood out to me. During that conversation, Gary said, “It was an experience, but like I said before, I’m not complete yet, I’m getting there. No one is walking right in this angle. It’s work, work, work. We’re good at every fight, that’s what I’m going to do, and now I’m 9-0 ”

Gary seems to have a good mix of self-confidence and self-confidence, and that convinces me that the future is bright for this young fighter.

What McKenzie TernUpside down?

McKenzie Turn, 29, bounced back from a October defeat to Marina Rodriguez in a split-end victory over Dacia Torres at UFC 273. Where Tern was once known for his cropping skills, he grew into a true mixed martial artist. Artist. Tern seems to be better and more confident on every tour, in fact that’s all one can ask of a fighter.

Tern’s strike has progressed by leaps and bounds. If she has one thing she needs to work on more, she uses that strike to set up her crouching attacks. Tern seems to be striking or catching up. She needs to reach through the muscle memory to beat and catch and do it. Jason Barillo has a fantastic coach for Tern, and I doubt we will see any further improvement from him on his next trip.

Why is “wild and successful” one more thing?

Well, I know the answer to this question, because the UFC has convinced the blurred and deceived that fighters will try harder if they get more money for victory. I also know, that this is a lie and that it is a lie. No one stood in the locked cage and said, “Turn around, I have a full payday, and I’m going to speak out against this person who thinks he can do great physical damage to my body and brain. “While the UFC wants us to believe that this will happen during every fight, it’s not always going to happen.

In addition, some pride was heaped on him when UFC President Dana White announced that he was going to present his show to Gilbert Burns and that he would win the money for his fight against Kamsat Sime – in a failed attempt. That praise is unworthy, but rather reprehensible for the way the white and UFC exploited the UFC workforce. The UFC pay system is a mockery built on a lie.

Is UFC playing with fire with Kamsat Simeov?

If pre-fight talk becomes post-fight reality, UFC will be Colby Govindan vs. What I consider to be Kamsat Simeov will be the Welderweight title elimination match at ABC. This sounds like a risky proposition.

Simeov may have been a big deal in MMA, but now he is still a big deal in MMA. If the UFC makes him a major event in a major network, it will become UFC, ESPN’s and Disney’s public relations dream if some major non – MMA media players begin to dig into Simeo’s seemingly comfortable relationship with Ramzan Kadyrov.

Ready Aljamine SterlingIn the lap of success?

I feel that Aljamin Sterling’s post-fight interview with Joe Rogan was the beginning of what was going to be a very loud victory for Aljamin Sterling.

Sterling gave his suspicions a dirty ear after the fight. Sterling has endured a year-long BS of fans and fellow fighters since winning the title by disqualification in 2021. On Saturday night, Sterling won the split decision over interim champion Peter Yan and consolidated the Phantomweight titles. In doing so, Sterling earned the right to call himself the undisputed champion, and from the sounds of things he knew most of the little things against him before Saturday night.

Sterling leaned into his frustrations between DQ’s victory at UFC 259 and his final victory at UFC 273 – why not, he’s not going to provoke those people by being good – I expect he will continue to do so, but after his victory with extra vigor.

UFC 273 Held at the VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Florida. The main card was streamed ESPN + Following prelims and early prelims on ESPN ESPN +.

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