JoJo Siva reposts tweets inviting Nickelodeon not to invite her to the Kids Choice Awards

“Only one year ட்ஸ் Itzjojoshiva The kids weren’t invited to the awards for the exam, when she came out and cut her hair ?????? Suss Nickelodeon. “

After revealing that he was not invited to its annual Kids Choice Awards this year, JoJo Siva publicly airs his grievances against Nickelodeon.

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If you missed it, JoJo – who was nominated as a favorite social music star on the show – shared a video on Sunday, informing his followers that he was not invited.

“Many of you are asking me why I’m not at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards tonight. The answer is very simple – I was not invited. I do not know why, but I did not get a call,” he said in a clip posted on his Instagram page.

He captioned the video, “Nobody wants to think it’s my choice not to go. I simply did not get the call :(, “Before following her story:” Someone tagged me with something – ‘a chance’ used my song. My song cut, but I did not. “

Due to his many years of association with Nickelodeon, fans were surprised to learn that JoJo had not been invited to the awards show. After signing a major talent deal with them in 2017, he became closely associated with the brand, transforming her – as his website reads – into part of the “Nickelodeon family”.

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He especially started worldwide in the production of Nickelodeon Dream The tour in 2019 – which only ended earlier this year – and has attended the Kids Choice Awards on a number of occasions in the past, receiving a ton of memorable nominations and success.

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With this in mind, supporters of JoJo’s latest Instagram comments were overwhelmed with words of praise and encouragement after learning that he had not been invited to the KCAs this year.

“You are a class act. It is not a problem for you that they have completely lost itsjojosiwa. ” Dancing with the stars’ Emma Slater wrote. Youtube Olivia Jade echoed, “Their loss is sweet.”

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One user commented, “Your brand is with Nickelodeon, have you been recommended ??? No sense in telling you now – I don’t wanna ruin the suprise. “Another wrote:” You made Nickelodeon what it is today … what a joke! “

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When expressing their disappointment at Nickelodeon, many users noted that this was the first year that JoJo had not been invited to their event, questioning whether his change in public image had played a role in their decision.

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Last January, JoJo shared a captivating video confirming he was coming out. Shortly afterwards, he revealed his relationship with athlete Kylie Brew – even though the two had split up less than a year after dating – and used his platform to openly advocate for young LGBTQ + people.

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In fact, last year alone, JoJo made history as part of the first gay couple Dancing with the stars And Nickelodeon has openly mentioned his influence on audiences, mostly young people.

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A lot of people ask me, “Your population is so young, and you’re worried about what your homosexuals are telling children.” Honestly, I feel placed on this earth to be a role model for children, and let all children in the world know that loving them, no matter who they are, is something I will always believe and always share. Earlier this year he wrote in an Instagram post.

A few days ago, JoJo cut off his signature ponytail, introducing a major change in his body shape, now a short ‘too rocking. “HAPPPPPY,” he wrote with a selfie showing off his new style.

In light of all this, many users made the assumption that Nickelodeon did not invite JoJo to the awards show in an attempt to deliberately exclude him from his new image.

“Something about Nickelodeon not inviting JoJo Siva to this year’s Kids’ Choice Awards is that he came out and cut his hair short, which really rubs me the wrong way,” one user wrote.

Nickelodeon did not invite JoJo Siva to this year’s Kids Choice Awards, after he came out and cut his hair short, which really rubbed me wrong.

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“You really took the best representation and role model you could for LGBT + youth, and threw her to the side to reveal who she was. Shame NickelodeonAnother Has tweeted that.

But the setback took another turn after JoJo jumped online to re-post tweets from users calling Nickelodeon.

He first shared a fan Tweet It read: “One year ட்ஸ் Itzjojoshiva The kids weren’t invited to the awards for the exam, when she came out and cut her hair ?????? Suss Nickelodeon. “

JoJo retweeted another shortly after, showing his approval to the follower Wrote: “Their work is frantic on teenage female celebrities who do not take shit from the network and refuse to be anything other than themselves. Just because kids are connected to the channel doesn’t mean you have to stop being yourself.

JoJo retweeted a few reports from various sales outlets highlighting the lack of invitation to the awards show, before liking the many tweets from users expressing their disappointment at Nickelodeon.

The Dance moms Alum first liked a fan tweet “IgnoreThroughout the Kids’ Choice Awards, Nickelodeon was invited to perform a model before pressing the heart button.Brand. “

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“She is a person, she is not a brand … just treat her like that. ட்ஸ் Itzjojoshiva Coming out and cutting her hair does not change who she is [and] What she has [done] For your company … do better Nickelodeon”Read another.

JoJo feels like he was previously considered a “brand” by Nickelodeon, who invited them on his tour last September not letting him do any of his new original songs.

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“I’m going on tour in January. My music movie (with 6 new original songs) was just released … Nickelodeon told me today that I’m not allowed to play / add any song from the film to my show. These are my songs, my voice, my writing. Does it appear ??? ” She tweeted.

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“Working as a real man in a company is only considered a brand and is fun as long as it doesn’t exist,” he added.

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