Levante 2-3 Five speaking points from Barcelona

Barcelona’s winning streak continued in Levante, with Xavi conceding three penalties and ready to throw everything at the Catalans against a home team.

A week after Real Madrid received a hat-trick of spot-kicks against Zelda Vigo in La Liga, three penalties in a game went unheard, but took place in Lovande. Conspiracy theorists will bang with it.

Barca could not really have more complaints about the spot-kick, but they took all three points even better on a field they have struggled with in the past. Again the men of the service came from behind, dug in, and showed some real fighting attitude, and again they raised troops.

Of course this is not Barca’s most beautiful performance, but those three points will be even better after such a roller coaster match. Barca are now unbeaten in 15 games, the first team to win a game in La Liga, conceding three spot-kicks, according to Mr Chip.

Xavi wanted to retire to Petrie and Kavi and started with two teenagers on the bench in Lavender. This was an understandable decision in light of Barca’s current workload, but the coach called both of them early in the second half as his team lagged behind.

Nico Gonzalez was handed his first Barcelona start since January, but never really took advantage of that opportunity. Barca’s game was very slow and luxurious in the first half, but not serious enough to match even a furious Levante.

It only took a few minutes for Petrie and Kavi to highlight Barca for the first time in the match with a superb goal. The poet’s flow and pass were very nice to watch and allowed Petri to equalize with a swipe of his right shoe.

Barca still had a long way to go to win the game, but the introduction of the two young men was no doubt important. Xavi insisted after the game that Barca was not dependent on Petrie, but the statistics suggest otherwise.

Choose The kick-off foreshadows how Barca won 80% of his games when Petrie was in the opening XI of La Liga this season. That ratio drops to just 42.1% when the midfielder is not on the team. Says.

David S. Photo by Fustamonde / Socrates / Getty Images

Five minutes after Lovande took the lead through a spot-kick by Jose Luis Morales, Lovande was awarded a second penalty, one of the highlights of the match.

Eric Garcia, otherwise once again had a very impressive game, was guilty this time around and was the goodnight for Barcelona, ​​with Levante leading 2-0.

Yet Marc-Andre der Stegen had other ideas and saved Roger Marty’s effort, which seemed to breathe new life into Barca. Three minutes later Barca equalized and suddenly the whole color of the game changed.

The Barca goalkeeper has had a lot of criticism this season and is right at times, but he was definitely advancing this time around and was key to Sunday’s win.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Ousmane Dembele were also key to the victory as the two again balanced Barca. Striker Levante was almost anonymous until he was hit in the head with a tasty ball from the Tempelay home.

Gabon is now 10th in 14 games for International since joining Barcelona in a free transfer in January. Abameyang has already equaled Memphis DeBay as the team’s top scorer in 15 fewer games in 2021-22.

ஔBamayang again told Tempel to stay after the game, you can not be surprised if the striker’s presence at the club will help keep the Frenchman going.

Dembele is fit and is already at the top of the Assists rankings with Real Madrid’s Karim Benzema on the 11th in La Liga. Happy celebrations When Luuk de Jong scored the winner certainly did not give the appearance of a man who did not care about the club.

De Zhang clutch again to give Barcelona three points as he returned to the team after a positive test for Covid-19. The Dutchman is a very effective option from the bench and proved once again why in Lavender.

Bar கோa looked to be heading for a draw after Gonzalo Melaro’s penalty kick was drawn 2-2. That’s what he did with the header in the dying seconds.

De Jong has now scored six league goals for Barcelona, ​​with only Memphis and Abba scoring more goals, and it is worth pointing out how important his goals are to the learners.

Xavi described De Jong after the match as a “great choice” and “an example to all”, but the goalkeeper did it best.

“Scoring goals is always a wonderful feeling” he said. “But winning by three points in the last minute is a very special thing. I have done it twice in my life and it does not get this feeling normally. That’s amazing. “

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