Masters 2022 – Tiger Woods adds elements of joy to his game for the final act of his career

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

It is not possible if you evaluate it practically. He’s 46 years old, he’s walking with significant relaxation from his rebuilt right leg, he has a surgically attached spine, and at times he can not resist using a club like a cane, he dares himself when he goes randomly. The landscape of a golf course.

But after watching the 15-time big champion at the Masters last weekend, it is clear whether he is going to keep trying. Whatever the pain in the future, he is ready to keep trying. While no one is sure what really motivated him at this point in his life, the end of Tiger Woods’ life has little to do with ambition or legacy. Instead, he continues to act because he has avoided him for the rest of his life, for a final act.

He’s having fun at last.

Writing about the most ruthless competitor the game has ever seen feels like a strange thing. At the height of Woods’ powers, he went to a great place for a whole week and felt like he had no eye contact with anyone. He lived in his own universe, driven by the singular and determined not to show even a hint of vulnerability. But after escaping a car crash a year ago and losing almost his right leg, Woods seems to have been tempted to look at any other light in the golf he left behind.

“Thank you,” Woods said Sunday night, smiling when asked what a great reception he would receive from his week. “I keep saying, but I am. I really am. I’m true.”

There were plenty of times he frowned last week, even when he cursed a few times and twice when it seemed like he wanted to catch a club. The fire to compete is still burning, and always burning. It was – in its own way – comforting. He is not satisfied with presenting himself as a formal golfer and hopes he has a chance to teach him some more magic.

One of Woods’ closest friends, Fred Couples, said, “He does not like to play games. He can play at home, he can enjoy his children, he can play with them every day and spend the rest of his life.”

But when Tiger chased down a big championship he did things he had never done before: a week ago he played in the training round with his son Charlie. He cheated on a group talk with Justin Thomas and couples. He acknowledged the crowd between the holes. He lovingly chatted with his playing partners. He laughed as he answered questions from reporters after each round. Icy glare, no thousand yards of views. Even in the heat of the match he could not suppress a smile.

“It’s a difficult path, and I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity to grind through it,” Woods said. “Different things may have happened, but at 14 months, I was able to hug it and play in the Masters. … This match made a lot of sense to me and my family.”

When he went 16th green on Sunday, he brought the 2019 Masters under his control with a frantic bird, you can not tell from his face that he went 47th. Masters pro. Woods began to laugh, and the hosts showered him with love, and he and John Rahm took their time to turn green. CBS has coded Woods’ dramatic chip-in replay since 2005, but for the first time, a brief diversion to the past, while looking at Woods at best, felt less interesting than it is today.

Woods could not stop laughing as the roar began to grow. He tilted his hat several times and looked almost like a sheep as he adjusted the identity of his ball. When he passed his birdie pussy hole, he responded not with disgust but with shyness, he shook the crowd again after he knocked evenly. This is a version of Tiger Woods’ 16th hole Augusta National never seen before, and there was something special about it.

“It’s so awesome,” Rahm said. “It was great because no one cared about me, so I just watched him play. It’s still a spectator.”

When Woods and Rahm finished their final round, Scotty Scheffler left for his coronation. Woods’ influence over Scheffler cannot be overstated, even if he is running with the competition.

“I played Tiger’s irons, wore his shoes, wore his shirt this week,” the 25-year-old first-time big winner said. “The Tiger on the golf course is ridiculous. He’s done a lot for the game of golf. We’re so happy to have him back here.”

Anyone, not even Tiger Woods, knows what kind of golf we can see from the way he moves forward. He said after his round that he plans to play in The Open Championship in July at The Old Course in St Andrews.

“It was something close and dear to my heart,” Woods said. “I’ve won two openings there. It’s a golf course and it’s my favorite stadium in the world. I’ll be there for it.”

Beyond that, he made no promises other than vowing to strengthen his leg. He is going to approach his golf future one ice bath at a time. He seems to know now more than ever that he will always be the object of the trust of many and that every time he catches a golf ball in a big championship he represents something bigger than himself. But it is fair to say that Tiger Woods is more at ease with that burden than he has ever been.

He doesn’t have to dominate the golf world just to be happy or to feel full. Not anymore. Yet he wants to continue playing. He wants to taste everything he’s left out, and watching him stumble across Augusta this weekend, designing shots and smiling subtly at the pudding, as if grateful for what happened again, you can not help but like it.

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