My Draft Opportunities for the Golds: Choices # 73 & # 122 (Part 1)

I always thought fake drafts (albeit very entertaining and fun) were just dumb. The NFL draft is so unpredictable and full of randomness that it is almost impossible to try to predict exactly which player your team is going to pick. That’s why, instead of making a full mock draft, I want to identify the many players the Golds want to draft. This is my personal opinion, not the players I believe the Golds will take, but the players I personally want to take the Golds.

Get a cup of coffee, tea or any infusion you can enjoy too, and sit for a long ride through the 10th / 3rd round of the NFL Draft with 10 of my favorite opportunities. Part II comes next week with 10 more opportunities.

# 1 John Metzi III, Wide Receiver, Alabama

If there are no ACL tears in the SEC Championship game, Messi is a lock to go into the top 50. He is one of the best root runners in this class, he has the best tape, he has the numbers to prove he can produce against top resistance, and has improved every season in Alabama. Although he is not ready for training camp or the start of the season, Ballard has repeatedly shown that he is not afraid to take players with long-term injuries (Julian Blackmon, Theo Odingo). The Metsi III would be a great complement to the MPJ, and Matt Ryan would love a guy who is just as open-minded as he is. The biggest impact for Mets was not only his ACL injury, but also when he was in Alabama, scoring 8 runs in his final season when he struggled a bit with drops and did not bring safe hands to the table.

# 2 Kate Otton, Tight End, Washington

I honestly don’t think it’s a perfect alternative to Jack Doyle yet. Like Doyle, Otten is a big guy (6’5 ”), he’s very reliable in short / medium passing games, with safe hands and polished tracks, and at the same time offers excellent value as a blocker. Otten is a dream come true because I can not think of an adequate alternative to Jack if Otten is in third place when choosing the Golds. Now I have no confidence in the tight end room for the Golds, and I hope they need another guy there. The two options listed below are more compact compared to Otten, he can come in immediately and take the TE1 spot, however he offers a very limited ceiling, in my opinion, due to his ability to be defined as a deep threat (not deep). Catches in his senior year, the average depth of goal is only 6.4).

# 3 Pitarian Mathis, Defensive Player, Alabama

I have to acknowledge that I am a strong, vicious, sucker for defensive fights, and Mathis is definitely one. Given the versatility of playing in 3-technique or 1-technology, he can come in and instantly become part of the interior defensive line. Last season, Taylor Stallworth, Tycoon Lewis, who was sidelined with an injury at the end of the season, and the unexpected retirement of Robert Windsor proved just how valuable the Interior Defensive line players are. With a run-stop rate of 9.3% and a pass rush success rate of 11.2%, Mathis brings value as a run defender.

# 4 Isaiah Opportunity, Tight End, Coastal Carolina

Very different from Otten. Coast Carolina’s tight end is almost as strong and not as powerful, but what he lacks in strength is what he builds up in fluidity and playing ability. Is likely to be a better receiver, but the problem with him is that his body is stuck between a slightly tighter tip and an enlarged wide receiver. If Likley is able to maintain his athletic ability with the extra 20 pounds, he will most likely do well in the NFL, otherwise he could get caught up in that tray burden type character that is not much used in today’s NFL. May have had 7 deep receptions, was good for 6th in all tight corners in the country, and had only one drop in 77 goals.

# 5 Geolani Woods, Tight End, Virginia

Imagine the tight duo of 6’5 ” Mo Allie-Cox and 6’7 ” Gelanie Woods in the Red Zone. Ryan will have some Great Throw the ball guys. Not only is Woods great, he brings a lot of athletics to the table, and he is also a talented blocker. Woods’ problem is that he could have two seasons to take on a bigger role on the team. Since the team needs some weapons to be able to play immediately, Woods can be a luxury that the Colts can’t take now.

# 6 JoJo Doman, Linebacker, Nebraska

Doman plans to be a Swiss-military knife in the NFL because he can line up in the box and coverage. He does everything a little, but nothing is good. Domann is a high energy player who never gives up a game and whistles. That and his explosiveness at least he’s going to be a special teams starter. Considering how thin the Golds’ linebacking core is now, they could actually use a guy with Doman’s versatility. Doman suffered two ACL injuries during his college career and will be 25 years old when the NFL season begins, which is two years older than Julian Blackmon. Doman’s coping is a bit dubious because he recorded a dropout rate of 10% in his final season in college.

# 7 Rashid Walker, offensive defense, Ben State

Walker has a solid tackle chance that could start right now in the right tackle on many teams, but he could make good use of the Redshirt rookie season before starting on the left tackle for the Golds. I like him a lot in the third round, and sitting behind Pryor for a season, he finishes his technique and grabs the starting left tackle. In his new year he could be Bradon Smith’s backup in the right block, so he’s still some sort of value.

# 8 Tyrus Robinson, Guardian, Oklahoma

Robinson is my draft crush this season. With the departure of Chris Reid and Mark Klowinski I hope he can start coming right away in the right defensive position. Robinson started three seasons for the Suners, and he was rated the team’s best pass producer (stat DTN credit). Robinson also played a little perfect tackle so the extra diversity he provides would come in handy for the Golds.

# 9 Matthew Butler, Defensive Player, Tennessee

Butler is like Mathis’ case. As a loophole within the defensive linemen he will immediately come to the supply value. Butler offers diversity to take photos of both Buckner and Stewart, but he’s a little smaller than Mathis, so I totally do not know if he can fill Stewart as well. Again, the Golds need bodies on the defensive line, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they progress and use a high draft selection on defensive defense.

# 10 Calvin Austin III, Wide Receiver, Memphis

Austin is one of the most explosive players in this draft, but despite his small 5’8 ”s, 170 pound frame, he is not only a speedster one-trick-pony, he also brings a lot to the table as a wide receiver. , Do not ask him to go get the jump ball. Think of him as a great gadget player, he can run very smooth paths and bring the vertical element to crime. Austin III can take on the role that Paris Campbell has to fill, the guy finally gets around, jet sweep and return punt, while delivering occasional deep shots here and there.

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